Nursing & Maternity Giveaway from The Modest Mom

A few months ago, I shared with you an elegant, long skirt from The Modest Mom. I’m looking forward to upcoming festive events this winter to wear it. I was really impressed with the workmanship and the design of my custom-made, ruffle skirt.

The Modest Mom specializes in modest apparel for women, during all stages of life – pregnancy, nursing, and beyond. They create skirts made to order in a number of styles as well as nursing covers in a range of fabrics.

One of the beautiful aspects of this company is that it is family-run. Sisters Caroline and Jennifer produce quality products.

As this is Baby Week, The Modest Mom is offering, not one, but two prizes for LifeasMOM readers.

One reader will receive a maternity skirt (of $45 or less ) while another reader will receive a nursing cover.

To enter:

Pick and choose your mode of entering this giveaway.

1. Leave a comment on this post, sharing your biggest wardrobe challenge during pregnancy and nursing.

2. Follow @FishMama and @TheModestMom on twitter. Tweet about this giveaway, such as “It’s Baby Week at Enter this great giveaway from @FishMama & @TheModestMom:” Then, leave a second comment on this post telling us you did so.

3. “Like” LifeasMOM and The Modest Mom on Facebook. Then come back and leave another comment, telling us you did so.

Giveaway will be open until Sunday, October 31 at 8 pm, PST. Winners will be chosen at random and notified via email. Please respond within 48 hours to claim your prize. Congrats to Skirt winner -musicalmaestro@ and Nursing Cover winner – jane.hamel@

Disclosure: The Modest Mom is providing these prizes free of charge. I was not compensated to post positive comments. For more information, see my disclosure policy.

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  1. Pregnancy the biggest challenge is finding skirts (that’s all I wear) that have a wide comfortable waistband. As for nursing, I don’t really have any challenges. I just always wear an undershirt and top shirt. Works great. I can’t wait to see who wins!

  2. I think the biggest challenge is finding pants that fit well during pregnancy. It also can be difficult to find dresses that work with nursing.

  3. Pants! Ugh! I can’t for the life of me find comfortable pants. Maybe I should switch to skirts for 9 months πŸ™‚

  4. My biggest challenge is finding bottoms (skirts/pants) that will stay up… I tend to carry very small BUT I am, of course, larger than normal size.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    My biggest challenge is finding maternity clothes that are modest and affordable. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  6. My biggest challenge would be finding clothes for petite sizes. I am on the short side. Also nursing wear that really works the way it should.

  7. Michelle T says:

    My biggest challenge is finding nursing scrubs to wear to work as a nurse. They are soooo ugly πŸ˜›

  8. I actually did OK finding skirts/pants that worked during pregnancy – though more stylish options are always welcomed! My biggest challenge was actually tops – with a larger chest, those fashionable empire styles sadly haven’t worked for me. I usually just tried to layer as much as I could!

  9. Annette Holbrook says:

    My biggest challenge is a lot of my maternity clothes don’t fit anymore. I’ve put on 5-10 pounds with each kids and now that I’m on my fifth pregnancy, a lot of the old stuff is simply too tight and uncomfortable.

  10. Biggest challenge while pregnant and nursing….finding close that fit! I am only 4′ 11″. So that makes things tough to begin with. Then I start showing pretty early (no where for baby to go except out). By the time I get towards the end of the pregnancy, the clothes I bought are tight because I look like I am having a baby elephant. But honestly….I LOVE BEING PREGNANT!!!!

    Only 6 weeks and 2 days to go. A nursing cover-up would be great since I have some older boys.

  11. My biggest challenge is keeping pants up. Big belly and no butt= saggy pants

  12. Finding clothes that are long enough is my biggest challenge by far. I am 5′ 11” with a bit longer waist. Even the “long” nursing cami that I just purchased is made with a shorter girl in mind. They lengthened the top a couple inches but left the chest in the same spot so it does not fit. AUGH.

  13. My biggest challenge was to feel good in my clothes after the baby was here. You didn’t want to wear your maternity wear, but I also just didn’t feel great in my old clothes (nor did the bottoms fit, and the tops ugh…lets say that nursing makes your clothes fit differently everywhere πŸ™‚ )

  14. One of my biggest challenges has been finding nursing bras that are inexpensive and hold their shape (since I do not have much form of my own). All my cotton nursing bras have gotten disfigured in the laundry and look lumpy under my shirt.

  15. BRAS! I had a terrible time finding bras for both pregnancy and nursing. I literally wore the same bra during the entire year I nursed, just making sure to wash in the evening when I returned home from work so it was dry by the morning. What a pain!

  16. A good, yet affordable nursing bra. Baby #2 is 8 months old and i’m still using the ONE bra that is decent. I can’t bring myself to spend money on another one that is just going to end up in a drawer with the others. If only you could “test-drive” those things!! Any suggestions?

  17. My biggest struggle with nursing wardrobe is finding shirts that don’t get all stretched out and sloppy looking after lifting them up and down all day long.

  18. Wow, the biggest challenge would have to be either pants always fall down. Or that shirts aren’t long enough. Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. When I was pregnant with my son, the hardest part of maternity clothing was finding tops that were long enough to cover my belly. I found the stretchy panels on skirts and capris too binding to wear over my stomach. As a result I wore waistbands under my belly (drawstrings are wonderful!) and it took a lot of work to find shirts and blouses that had enough length to them. Especially by month eight!

    We recently found out that there will be a new addition to our family in June. Thank you for bringing The Modest Mom to my attention. It looks like a great resource for this pregnancy.

  20. I think it’s challenging to find clothes that fit in early pregnancy and post-partum. I’m 17 weeks pregnant with #3 and not big enough for my maternity clothes yet, but too big for most everything else in my closet!

    Nursing bras that aren’t hugely expensive are a challenge too.

  21. Rebecca Scott says:

    My biggest challenge is finding petite clothes, as I am only five feet.

  22. usually maternity clothes make me look huge instead of shapely. I feel like they are either too tight or like a tent πŸ™

  23. My biggest maternity challenge has been finding jeans in the right length. Normally, I can find some that are long enough without being too long. But long maternity jeans are very expensive and a little too long, while regular length jeans are way too short! Oh well, hopefully I’ll be able to find some soon. I am starting to bust out of my regular jeans.

  24. I always have a tough time finding maternity shirts that are long enough to cover the oh-so unattractive maternity waistbands.

  25. The challenge with this pregnancy is I donated all my maternity clothes because I thought we were done having children. Even though this blessing was not a surprise I no longer have any maternity clothes.

  26. Definitely a decent, affordable nursing bra. My 18month old is still going strong and it’s been so difficult to find ones that look ok under my clothes and still offer enough flexibility that I can nurse her when needed. Thankfully that isn’t nearly as often as it was a year ago!

  27. My biggest challenge was finding tops that I could nurse in without exposing my stomach! I also didn’t have a nursing cover which would have helped…

  28. I like you both on facebook!

  29. My biggest problem when I was pregnant was finding shirts long enough to cover my GIGANTIC belly/ ugly maternity waist band! And a new nursing cover would be great! Mine is looking well loved!

  30. My biggest challange is finding anything that actually looks cute on my now 8-months-along belly. Especially now that it’s getting cold. As far as nursing, my biggest challange has always been finding a good bra.

  31. I think my biggest challenge has been to find shirts that are “tall” enough on top (as in not low-cut) to allow me to chase my toddlers without being exposed and long enough overall since I’m a little on the taller side. And not to mention being comfortable and HIP!

  32. Kimberly Graesser says:

    I have to agree with the others than mentioned nursing bras! I’m normally a 32DD WITHOUT being pregnant or nursing and it’s near impossible to find a NORMAL bra for me.

    I can’t wear any of the fitted (cupped) nursing bras and can only wear the sleep bras (which give NO support) which also means that the straps are really think and I can’t wear many shirts without part of the bra showing. It’s very frustrating. πŸ™

  33. Jessica C says:

    I’ve struggled with finding pants that stay up. It’s frustrating to always have to pull my pants up as I walk.

  34. I would have to say dresses and skirts were the hardest fit. My mom would usually sew some for me!

  35. I never really had trouble with my first two pregnancies, but I got so huge with my third that I couldn’t wear anything except 1 or 2 maternity skirts and a couple of shirts…nothing would cover that big belly! (My son was born at 41 weeks, 2 days and weighed 8 pounds 14 ounces…and I’m only 5′ tall!)

  36. My biggest challenge IS finding modest clothing during pregnancy…ones that don’t have a plunging neckline. Also, finding things to wear when you have a summer pregnancy is hard (such as swimsuits).

  37. Finding skirts – first pregnancy so I don’t know much about nursing. I don’t plan on wearing skirts a whole lot since I’ll be pregnant through the cold winter anyway, but it’d be nice to have a few!

  38. My biggest problem is finding bottoms that stay up! I have big baby bellies, and smaller hips, so pants have never stayed up. We recently started dressing in more modest skirts and dresses, so hopefully it will be easier to STAY dressed with the next baby!

  39. I just “liked” LifeasMOM on facebook, already “like” The Modest Mom. Thanks so much!

  40. Being comfortable in any clothing while pregnant is a challenge. I’m still nursing and I’m used to it so I’m not too challenged right now thankfully.

  41. I think the hardest challenge is finding affordable maternity skirts. I have been searching and searching at yard sales and thrift stores and they hardly ever have maternity skirts (let alone denim maternity skirts)

  42. I follow both on twitter and tweeted about this giveaway.


  43. I like both on Facebook.

  44. Since I never wear pants, my biggest challenge is being able to find maternity skirts/dresses. I can’t even find maternity patterns in the pattern books anymore! Thanks for this great giveaway!

  45. I gained so much weight with my 1st pregnancy, it was hard to find clothes that would work throughout the whole time. It wasn’t fun having to go back to the stores to get bigger clothes- several times.

  46. My biggest challenge clothing-wise during pregnancy was finding cute shoes! Once I started showing, my feet seemed to jump up a whole size. This wouldn’t be a problem for most, but when you start off with a women’s size 11.5/W it ends up being a real struggle to find anything besides men’s flip-flops. Especially when you’re pregnant during the winter!

  47. My biggest challenge has been finding a nursing cover that my 3 month old can’t pull off in public! There is a weight in it that is suppose to keep it over my shoulder, and my baby can still pull it off, he even hit himself in the head with it once πŸ™

  48. My biggest challenge is finding something modest and long-lasting for multiple pregnancies. If I’m going to invest the money in maternity clothes I’d like them to last. Thanks for the chance to win!

  49. Jessica R. says:

    My biggest challenge is finding clothes to wear for work. Thankfully I have a couple of dresses that will work but my pants and skirts are getting too tight.

  50. My biggest challenge has always been finding pants/capris that will not feel like they are falling off of me everytime I bend over and stand back up. I can’t live everyday in stretchy pants, but I sure want to since they are the only thing that don’t feel like I have to pull and tug at constantly!

  51. My biggest challenge is finding nice modest tops that fit well.

  52. Marilyn K says:

    Pants falling down is a big problem. Mostly though, it is finding nice shirts that are not super low-cut in the neckline. I really don’t want to layer when pregnant since I am always warm! And near the end of pregnancy, having shirts cover my whole belly. I don’t want to show people my bare belly! All of that is (sort of) over now…I have an 8 day old baby girl in my arms now! Praise God!

  53. Marilyn K says:

    I “liked” Modest Mom on FB.

  54. With my last pregnancy, elastic bands really bothered me! It was a huge challenge in finding comfortable wastebands! This skirt would be amazing since find clothes for work is a challenge since they can be expensive, but I still need to look professional!

  55. Nursing clothes that are not too hot or bulky while still modest. I live in Florida and it is just too humid and hot (it was 89 F yesterday) to wear a ton of layers.

  56. My biggest challenge during pregnancy is finding clothes that fit without looking frumpy. My biggest challenge when nursing is finding nursing dresses that are affordable (I’m tired of wearing skirts and shirts all the time just so I can nurse!).

  57. I am on my fourth pregnancy which will be my seventh child. My hardest challenge is finding skirts and pants that have the option of being worn higher on the belly instead of just below. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  58. I am following you both on facebook.

  59. I am pregnant with my second, and am in that awful stage where most of my pre baby pants do not fit, but my maternity jeans are still loose.

  60. oh my, I could go on and on about my troubles with dressing while pregnant! I am pretty small 114 lbs when not prg. and my regular pants get tight quickly but maternity never fits right until close to my 3rd tri! I have 3 other kids to chase around and so right now at 20 weeks, I am so uncomfortable hoping my pants dont fall down!

  61. My biggest challenge is trying to nurse and stay covered with a very wiggly baby boy!
    But a nursing cover would be great!
    Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  62. I like Life as a MOM and Modest Mom on FB.

  63. Jennifer Ott says:

    My biggest challenge?! Pants that stay up…or things that are comfortable! Usually I end up with 3-4 outfits that I wear again and again…just have to keep up with the laundry!

  64. My biggest wardrobe challenge was just with one of my pregnancies: I couldn’t stand to have anything touching my belly! That was a cold winter; no tights and I could only put up with loose dresses. πŸ™‚

  65. Lorrie B. says:

    My bigggest challenge is finding clothing in petite sizes. Having a short torso, and legs, clothes don’t fit well. Tops are too low cut and hang to long ; while pants are of course too long in length. The biggest problem is tops though. I often look like I’m wearing a tent!!!

  66. I’m following you on Twitter, and I just tweeted about this contest.

  67. And I “Like” you both on Facebook. (That sounds so funny! πŸ™‚ )

  68. I like to wear pants or skirts that fit below my big belly. I can’t stand things covering my belly when I am pregnant. Strange I know.

  69. ALWAYS pants for me. I am constantly pulling up my maternity pants…grrr….

  70. We’re hoping to conceive soon! Most maternity tops I see are low-cut, so finding modest tops for my petite frame will be a challenge.

  71. Finding skirts that fit and were comfortable is a challenge!

  72. Elizabeth says:

    My biggest challenge in the past was finding pants that I didn’t have to pull up all the time, but now I wear skirts all of the time so I’m hoping to not have that problem this time.

  73. Elizabeth says:

    “liked” lifeasmom on Facebook. I already have modestmom “liked”

  74. My biggest wardrobe problem during pregnancy is dressing up. I unfortunately had to attend a funeral this week and realized that I really had nothing dressing enough and serious enough to wear. And I didn’t really want to go buy anything new. So, dressing up is probably my biggest challenge.

  75. I just tweeted about Baby Week and this contest.

  76. I like Lifeasmom and Modest Mom on facebook.

  77. When I’m pregnant I just want to be comfortable. Unfortunately comfortable usually equals dumpy and not very stylish… I checked out the website and would love, love, love the calf length skirt with wide circular ruffle!

  78. My biggest challenge for both pregnancies was that in between time around 20 weeks when my regular clothes don’t fit and I’m still too small for maternity. I feel like I am wearing a tent all of the time because my only solution is to wear big, baggy clothes!

  79. My biggest problem with my maternity wardrobe is that fact all my cute maternity tops have plunging necklines! I’m not sure who decided that once we were pregnant we would really want to show off our bust, and sometimes layering is just too warm!

  80. My biggest pregnancy clothing challenge was the ‘in between’ stages! Others have mentioned and I agree – that time when you are too big for normal pants to fit regularly and not big enough for maternity pants! Thank goodness for belly bands!!

  81. Finding pants that fit! And shirts that aren’t too short.

  82. Finding affordable things that will work! It’s a challenge.

  83. I’m having trouble finding pants that stay up without being either baggy or too tight. It’s also difficult to find modest, dressy clothes.
    I gave away all my maternity clothes in the five years since my youngest child was born. When the Lord gave us the baby I’m carrying now, I had to start all over with maternity clothes and baby things. It’s a nice problem to have.

  84. My biggest challenge with maternity clothes is always the length…and I’m only 5’8″. And this time around I had trouble finding stylish bottoms with a full tummy panel (the low-rise bands aren’t comfortable for me).

  85. My biggest problem is finding maternity tops that are not so revealing. The nursing cover would be great!! I am expecting my third blessing in March 2011 and used blankets as covers with my first two little ones…they work but not the best option!

  86. Keeping my pants from sagging down…thats definitely my biggest problem πŸ™‚

  87. biggest wordrobe challenge during pregnancy and nursing is finding appropriate dresses for church!!

  88. My biggest challenge is that my breasts become enormous! Like I feel like I have udders enormous! I am halfway through pregnancy now and I am already spilling out of my largest bra. I can’t imagine what I’ll be like when my milk come in!

  89. My biggest challenge is finding modest clothing- and skirts! I’d love to win this!

  90. I like you both on Facebook!!

  91. Finding a dress that works with nursing, I love dresses and don’t want to give them up while nursing.

  92. Oh…. maternity clothing issues….well, finding pants that stay up and any reasonably priced modest skirts.
    My biggest nursing issues have been finding dresses I can nurse in. While I’m pregnant, I miss never being able to wear skirts….when I’m nursing, I get tired of skirts and wish I could wear a dress once in a while!

  93. My biggest challenge is staying warm. My first (2 years old today) was an Oct. baby and my second will be the beginning of Feb. Brrrr!

  94. I follow both on Twitter and tweeted:
    jennaod It’s Baby Week at Enter this great giveaway from @FishMama & @TheModestMom:

  95. I am a fan of both on Facebook.

  96. Definitely Nursing bras are the worst, nothing was big enough except the ones that are pretty much cloth with an underwire and I felt like I was always immodest unless I had a tight undershirt… which didn’t make for easy nursing anyways!! And also clothes for sunday, I only had a few skirts that fit me while pregnant and none of my dresses worked! I got SO HUGE when i was preggo cuz I’m 5’2″ and I had a 9 pound baby girl! So clothes in general, towards the end, were not my friend!

  97. My biggest challenge is definitely having nice and modest shirts while nursing. So hard to find!

  98. My biggest challenge is finding items that fit correctly, comfortably and still look nice for work.

  99. Andrea Dorn says:

    I am a pregnant mom who should pop any day. I think the hardest thing about breastfeeding (two girls in the past) is covering modestly even if you are feeding in the bathroom. My girls hated a blanket over them while eating and would knock it down all the time.

  100. Nursing bras! I’ve always hated bra shopping, but shopping for a nursing bra took it to a new level!

  101. Yes, I’d have to say finding the right fit of brassire was/is tough!

  102. Sarah Cooper says:

    My biggest challenge was jeans that stayed up!! Holy Moly, they all would fall down around my ankles, so I finally cut them apart, and put in a drawstring. Who designs those anyway?!?

    I would love a skirt. I think this next time around I’ll probably live in them.

  103. My biggest challenge is finding comfortable maternity skirts that I like. I love the Secret Belly Fit by Motherhood, but they don’t have much selection in longer skirts.

  104. I have a difficult time finding pants long enough when I’m pregnant….and I’m of average size!

  105. Had my 5th baby 3 weeks ago, and I’m having a hard time staying covered for nursing. I’ve always used a receiving blanket, but she’s not an expert yet, and getting her latched without seeing her is tricky.

  106. I had the worst time finding any maternity clothes this pregnancy. I did manage to find two skirts, long denim ones that I LOVED at a thrift store. But I outgrew them after the first time I wore them. I was so sad……

    Thanks for the chance to win a maternity skirt or a nursing shawl!!

  107. I’m pretty tall, so finding anything that was long enough that didn’t cost a fortune was a challenge!

  108. My greatest wardrobe struggle is finding shirts that aren’t so tight. I always dress modestly and its such a struggle when pregnant. No one needs to see anyone’s belly button popped out!!

  109. Following both on Twitter and tweeted about the giveaway:

  110. Kelly Bryant says:

    I am 12 weeks pregnant with my third child. I’m excited yet exhausted! I have a difficult time finding skirts/pants that aren’t too tight in the tummy area once my belly really begins to grow. By the way, it’s amazing how fast your stomach grows when you are on your third pregnancy.

  111. I think I’d have to agree with those who wrote nursing bras!

  112. Nursing in the winter is so hard! I get cold if I have to be out in public and nurse!

  113. I would have to say so far nursing in public is a little odd. I’ve tried two shirts, tank tops with cardigans or larger shirts over them, and maybe it’s because I’ve not been at it long, but I’m still getting used to the ladies’ room lounge when out and about with Sarah.

    When she’s a little bigger, I’ll start pumping and hopefully be able to use a bottle out, but right now I know this is the best thing for her (and I have to admit I wish some places had a better space for moms – for nursing and general baby care. It’s frustrating to try and do things in an open restroom area.)

  114. My biggest challenge – pants! I hate the feeling of them always falling down, but I hate the pants with the big panel that comes up over your belly, to itchy!

  115. Rebecca ~asplendidtime says:

    My biggest problem with my pregnancy wardrobe, is that by five months along I look like I am nine, so I prepare, and wear nice things during that time. The problem is that at 8-9 mo. I get even larger, I am short-waisted, and very little fits well or looks nice. I feel like I live in the same two outfits. Although come to think of it, it’s not hard to make a decision then. πŸ˜‰

  116. My biggest challenge has been to find frugal clothing to wear – both as my belly expands and as the seasons change. I’ve given up trying to find blue jeans – they’re either uncomfortable or too long (and I don’t feel like trying to hem). Fortunately, I’ve had several friends donate clothing – so I have to adjust to clothes that I might not normally wear (but seem to look ok / good on me).

  117. My biggest challenge was finding pants/skirts that weren’t too big (weird, I know). I am a size 6/small normally, and I don’t seem to gain extra weight (besides baby) during pregnancy. Since you can’t exactly wear a belt with your jeans while pregnant, I had a hard time finding jeans that weren’t poofy around the hips and forever sliding down.

  118. My biggest challenge is finding modest tops that fit. So many have plunging necklines! Likewise, when nursing, I’m pretty much relegated to wearing t-shirts because of either plunging necklines or buttons that are pulled in an immodest place.

  119. My biggest challenge is affording new maternity clothes right now. Since having my first son three years ago, my weight has been all over. Now, during my fourth pregnancy, my maternity clothes from my last pregnancy are too big and we just don’t have the money to buy much in the way of clothes right now. I’ve also been wanting to switch over to wearing skirts only, but do not have any maternity skirts!

  120. My biggest challenge was finding skirts while pregnant, I found one skirt and my sil found it at a garage sale. Now that I’m nursing I’m having trouble finding shirts to wear and stay modest.

  121. My biggest challenge is finding the time to sew modest nursing dresses.It’s so hard to do with a new baby. I’d love a nursing cover for those times in public when it’s just alittle uncomfortable.

  122. I would have to say nursing bras as well. All the ones I’ve tried have ended up in the trash except for the Motherhood Maternity criss cross sleeping bras. I’m 27 weeks with baby #3 and I’m dreading having to buy more bras. I really like the looks of those modest covers!

  123. Skirts, definitely, but also, I grow upstairs more than I ever expected, so while the tummy is ok, it is very pressing otherwise.

  124. My biggest challenge is finding shirts that are LONG enough!

  125. I’m short, but my pregnant bellies have been way out there! My struggle is finding shirts that will go all the way over my belly & hide the elastic waist of my maternity pants! Thanks!! Paula
    cornellfamily at centurytel dot net

  126. Shirts that cover my maternity waistband! Having just had my 4th child, I’m also struggling with nursing modesty.

  127. I bought a nursing cover for DS and I HATED it. It was hot, uncomfy, and a blanket worked best most times. I would however like a new *better* one for when we are out in public and DD is older and squirmier. Blankets tend to slend when they hit that stage!

  128. I like you both on Facebook.

  129. My biggest challenge is affording clothes for pregnancy. A nursing cover would be great, as I always have a hard time nursing in public.

  130. Angela Slate says:

    My two biggest problems finding clothes during pregnancy is (1) finding things that are modest–especially that are not low-cut. I solved that by buying several tanks to go under everything. And (2) finding clothes that are small enough everywhere else except the belly…that’s the only thing that grows on me. Some manufacturers seem to think that even my ears are going to get bigger!

  131. My biggest challenge is finding versatile items that will work for different seasons…without breaking the budget!

  132. We are due March 15th, what a blessing this would be!

  133. I just had a baby a couple weeks ago! πŸ™‚
    My biggest problem is finding shirts long enough!

  134. Should I be excluded from this giveaway just because I was never gifted with pregnancy? I think not! We adopted all of our children, so I never had the challenge of dressing while pregnant or nursing. However, I did share in the mess of being spit up on out in public, so I’ll just address that issue.

    My answer to dealing with spit up on my clothes while out in public was to pack an extra shirt for me in the diaper bag. Then, if I got really messy (like it ran down my back), I could go to the restroom and change into something clean.

  135. My biggest challenge was that everything would fit . . . and then a couple weeks later, it wouldn’t! I know, that seems silly. I expected my stomach to expand and bought tops that I thought would work perfectly for that. However, I didn’t plan on my “up top” expanding as much as it did . . . so all my tops ended up being perfect for my belly but not so perfect . . . everywhere else!

  136. Rachel W. says:

    Biggest challenge was finding nice black and gray skirts that could double for the office while I was pregnant. Couldn’t find any less than $80!! I ended up wearing my regular skirts till the end, just zipping them less and less high each time.

  137. Christine says:

    biggest wardrobe challenge during pregnancy was finding good quality clothes on a budget

  138. Finding skirts and good, affordable nursing bras are my biggest challenge.

  139. I’m fat to begin with so when I’m pregnant nothing fits and is comfortable.

  140. Becky Schelhaas says:

    Finding nice, comfortable, warm (I’m always cold) maternity tops was my biggest challenge.

  141. My biggest clothing challenge during pregnancy and nursing is finding modest, feminine clothes that are comfortable and attractive/pretty.

  142. My biggest challenge is finding maternity skirts that are long enough for me =)

  143. Liked Life as Mom on Facebook!

  144. I like Modest Mom on Facebook

  145. The biggest challenge is finding maternity jeans that fit. Being 5ft tall is challenging enough!

  146. I’m a fb fan.

  147. At 37 weeks into my second pregnancy, I’m finding that though the rest of my body is smaller than the first time around, my belly is huge! Pants that fit comfortably last time feel way too constricting now.

    I nursed my first for nearly 11 months and never got the hang of doing it discreetly without a lot of hassle. I don’t know what would help!

  148. My biggest challenge is finding shirts that don’t make you look like a hippo but are flattering and attractive.

  149. My biggest nursing challenge is finding shirts that can be hiked up or unbuttoned in order to descreetly nurse.

  150. My biggest challenge is just finding things I feel complement me while in both those stages (ok, in general! lol)


  151. FB fan of you both


  152. Krista Wallover says:

    Finding pants that stay up but dont squeeze your hips or gap the booty!

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