NYM Cooking Plan – Cold Weather and Company Dinners

NYM Cooking Plan - Cold Weather and Company Dinners

If you can’t see the image below, go here to download the pdf.

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  1. Stetz Smith says:

    I’m a massage therapist,also involved in theatrical shows and have an asthmatic,prone to sickness five year old trying to organize my life in the kitchen so mealtime isn’t so time consuming,stress inducing,fast paced unhealthy and late. I’m trying to grasp a fully stocked planned ahead kitchen because of cold weather conditions I can’t always (choose not to) take my daughter out as well as have a BF with a heart condition that chooses quick grab baked goods and unhealthy sugared items instead of taking time to make a healthy meal or snack. I get overworked and burnt out with either added babysitting duties,business managing,house cleaning and rehearsals that at times dinner runs late when I have to be creative with what my cupboard offers and time restraints and some children are special needs or sick or things get needy or out of hand and I run behind and my daughter hits a point where too late rules out heavy meals and meat and then bedtime entails late night snack and drink. As well as I’m on adder all along with my BF which suppresses appetite extremely and I’m in need of help! As well as my ADD has me easily distracted and derailed and I am medical based massage so last ,minute massages add to my time problem…do you have any suggestions that can help me?

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