Tips for a Good Freezer Cooking Day

Another day, another dinner — or two or ten. Praise the Lord for small (and big) mercies!

It was actually very mellow around here, despite my late start. No spilled milk today! I got cookin’ about 10 and wrapped up the morning at 11:45 for lunch and swim lessons. Crockpots simmered while we were gone. Coming home, I put another, “real” pot on the stove so we are rich in pasta sauce to go with Italian sausage, meatballs, lasagna, and plain ole’ noodles. In addition to the three Black Bean Pies and pasta sauce, I also managed to brown some ground beef and put together a triple batch of one of the kids’ favorites, what we’ve renamed “Lawnmower Taco.” It’s basically a taco bake, but giving it an alternative moniker encourages more eating and less complaining.

(This doesn’t always work, however. This weekend at Costco when approaching the samples of tri-colored ravioli, tomato included, FishPapa asked if anyone wanted a sample of “Cat’s Tongue.” Needless to say, at least one FishBoy walked away in disgust. C’est la vie….)

Some other pointers for your Once-A-Month Cooking inspiration:

* Start with a clean kitchen.

* Buy in bulk. It will save money and space in your trashcan. Those big cans of tomato products (106 oz.) cost $2.35 each compared to $1.25 for the smaller, 29 oz. can. Wow!

*Wear an apron to protect your clothes and to always have a place to wipe your hands. (FishChick kept untying mine until I gave her her own.)

* Have a pan of healthy snacks at the ready.

*Play some inspirational music.

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  1. I have to confess: by 10:05 a.m., the only thing keeping me in the kitchen would have been the brownies.

    But you’re doing great!

  2. Briana Almengor says:

    That’s my kind of healthy snack. 🙂

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