OAMC: Phase 1A, cont’d

I mentioned before that I’m getting ready for a two-day cooking bash so that when FishChick arrives, my freezer is full and I can put my feet up. Phase 1A consists of cleaning, organizing, and inventorying the pantry and freezers. I took care of the pantry and the refrig/freezer over the weekend.

Well, the pantry was easy compared with the refrigerator and freezer. In part it was because I really did not want to tackle them. They were such a mess!

But, the internet can provide great accountability. If I tell you I will do it, then my pride mandates that I have to. (I trust y’all will give me a good talking to if I go over budget next week.)

Here’s what it looked like before I took everything out, scrubbed every shelf and drawer and wiped down the walls. (That’s my lovely assistant, Vanna White.)

Here it is after.

In retrospect I would say that cleaning out the frig and freezer can save you money, especially if you do it on a regular basis.

  1. You find all sorts of things that are about to expire so you have got to eat them up or know that you’ve been wasteful. How will I sleep at night knowing that the great deals I got on yogurt and lunch meat went out in the garbage?
  2. When you do have to chuck things, you will be overcome by guilt, which will hopefully be of the healthy variety that will encourage you make better use of your resources in the future.

I found a fair amount of things that I didn’t really know I had, like hamburger buns and ground beef. So I’ve got a few meals to work into next week when I tackle OAMC Phase 1B.

I’m holding off on the big freezer in the garage until I can empty the kitchen freezer a little more. As hot as it is here, I’d like a better holding place than a cooler for what survives the freezer cleaning.

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  1. Zimms Zoo says:

    I cleaned out the pantry about 3 weeks ago and it was so organized and I even put a list in the there of what was in there and a dry erase marker so we could keep it up to date.

    Well it did save me some money and sanity for about 2 weeks. Then when we got back from a shopping trip the kids put up the groceries (per dad’s command) and now it is worse than ever. But you can’t complain when you have great help.

    We get our beef in a few more weeks and I am going to try and employ the list on the big freezer.

    Freezer cleaning definitely makes you feel guilty or something.

  2. Accountability always helps. Sometimes, we just need that little extra motivation. 🙂 You are off to a great start.

  3. Some Small Good says:

    That fridge looks lovely! Good for you!

  4. mommagurl32 says:

    So I dont know how budget friendly these recipes are but I think I am going to try some of them. This site has a bunch of helpful tips and information. (Sorry, I dont know how to shorten the link!)

  5. FishMama says:

    Thanks, Mommagurl!

  6. Wow, please come to my house, lol. Your little one is so cute. Fridge looks great!!

  7. Mrs. Querido says:

    I ABHOR cleaning out my refrigerator! I think if they made fridges that would unfold and lay down flat, that I might do it more often. But it is BACK breaking work, not to mention that your arms feel like they will fall off after all of that scrubbing on those “mystery” puddles you find coagulated in the bottom of the crisper. Oh yeah, cleaning out the fridge is up there with root canals!

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