Oh My! The Bobsy Twins Triplets

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My sisters are 3 and 5 years younger than me. And since we were the first three children (in a family of five), we often dressed alike – whether or not we wanted to.

Until I was twelve.

And then I was enlightened by a fellow classmate that this “just wasn’t done” in the sixth grade. I quickly ditched any thought of wearing the same blouse or dress as my sisters. Even to the point of changing if someone had put on a matching outfit.

My younger sister has wonderful memories of being like her older sisters. But, I remember the snide remarks of a classmate, “Is your sister wearing that?”

There were other drawbacks to matching clothes besides the mocking of my peers. When we received gifts, I usually insisted that the others not show me what they got because then I would know what was in my present without even opening it. Our gifts from grandparents and aunties were usually the same thing, perhaps in a different color, if we were lucky.

Now, as a mom of four boys and two girls, I confess that I’ve been guilty of dressing them to match. (It can be so cute!) And there are some benefits to matching clothes, the chief of them being it’s easy to spot them all in a crowd.

But, for the most part, each of the older ones (the boys) gets to choose his own clothes. I want them to have some freedoms, particularly in what they wear. And surprisingly, they often choose to match anyway, particularly for FBA functions. There’s no stigma to this practice and they are free to do what they want. That is so refreshing!

What do you do in your family? And how do your kids feel about it?

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  1. I do make them all wear the same color shirts when we are going somewhere crowded. But otherwise not so much.

    Thankfully I only had a brother and my mom never made us match. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t some fashion disasters.

    My boys like to match. The oldest girl does NOT like to match anyone. Not even me. She wants to stand out or alone or something.

    Love the picture. It is so cute.

  2. My two girls are eight and six and still like to dress in matching or coordinating outfits. We don’t do it a lot, but usually have a couple of sets we use for pictures and other occasions. At whatever point they don’t want to do it, we’ll stop. I have one who would wear frilly dresses and hats every day if allowed, while the other likes things a bit more casual. I have fun shopping for and with both!

  3. We never dress alike, my family is ‘too cool’ for that. I have 3 step-daughters that were all mostly past the age of wanting to dress alike when I came around. My boys I will occasionally buy the same t-shirt for. Even though there is a pretty big age gap, 11-3, big brothers still thinks it kinds neat to have little brother liking the same things as he does…and the little guy loves anything that his brother does.

  4. Ha..ha!! I am cracking up having those SAME memories! I was the youngest of all girls and my mother always was trying to dress us the same (and there’s just about 10 years between me and my eldest sister! She just LOVED that!!) We have well too many photos like yours! I must say as a mother now I do like to dress my two in matching brother/sister clothes and my daughter and I have a few mother/daughter dresses and outfits. It IS cute! But, because I experienced it myself I know when to draw the line! Thanks for the memory jogger!!

  5. With 1 boy and 1 girl, I don’t have many chances to match them, but I do like to color coordinate so their outfits don’t clash.

  6. I used to sometimes match my boys but now so way…they like to be themselves. Sometimes I try to make it go if we are doing pics or something.

    Okay I have to laugh because I swear me and my sisters had the EXACT same pajamas as you all are wearing. I wish I was near my mom and I would scan the picture so you could laugh.