One Lump or Two? (A Coffee Meet-up)

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So, I’ve been meaning to invite you for coffee for awhile now. And time just keeps racing away from me. Before summer has completely flown off the map, I thought I’d finally up and do it.

My friend Nicole from Simple Homemade is going to join me and we hope that you will, too. We figure if no one shows, we’ll have a little Mom’s Night just ourselves!

We’re both San Diego-based, but the OC and Riverside are just a stone’s throw away. We picked a North County location that will hopefully be doable for folks living in Orange and Riverside Counties.

If you’d like to join us next week on Thursday, August 30, 2012, just fill out this form. We’ll send you the details via email. I hope you can come!

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I believe you can get great meals on the table -- and still keep that pretty smile on your face.

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  1. Humph! I’d LOVE to come and give you a hug. But Ottawa’s a long ways away.

    I hope you have a blast!

  2. Michelle says

    Please Please do this again some other time! I can’t attend next week 🙁

    • Jessica Fisher says

      Well, I’ll probably be doing some book things in San Diego in October and November. Yikes!

  3. Oh I would love to do this but I have two appointments that day I can’t miss. I’m game in the future though. Thursday’s are the day I always have a sitter. 🙂

  4. You know I would be there if I could!

  5. cwaltz says

    I’m in Virginia. I’ll have to settle for a virtual cup of coffee.

  6. Oh how I would just LOVE to come, but I am WAY to far away. I will be thinking about you ladies!!!

  7. Jennie says

    So jealous. I’m in Ohio but I’d be there if I could!

  8. Nicola says

    Bummer. I live is Santa Clarita…but I’m coming down to SD Thursday night! 🙁 So close!!!

    Have a great time

  9. Pamela J says

    wish I could come but its a bit far 🙁

  10. Pamela J says

    wish I could come but its a bit far from Kansas 🙁

  11. Can’t wait! 🙂

  12. Jen Fitzpatrick says

    I would love to come but it’s a little short notice for me to get a decent price on airfare from Saratoga Springs, NY. I’m going to plan on getting out there one of these days though, so keep me posted if you do any others! Would love to meet the “BEST PREPARED, ORGANIZED AND KEPT TOGETHER MOM” of all moms!!

  13. Annette says

    Awwww…sounds like a great time! If you every come back to the mother-land (Minnesota) and have a meetup, definitely let me know 🙂

  14. Hi Jessica, love your blog. We are moving back home to San Diego after many many years living overseas, and have to admit, at times it is very scary – thinking about the cost of living in SD and all. I’ve signed up to follow you and tail along behind in the things you’ve learned over the years. I’m in the Grammy stage now, so will only have little ones around part time, but I want to feed them healthy and well when I do. Thanks for all the great things you’ve shared. Looking forward to posts to come!

  15. Kimberly says

    Bummer! I have a parent training for my daughter’s school that night. Have a great time!

  16. I hope you have a great coffee meet up. Obviously I am unable to attend from Australia, but I will be there in spirit!

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