One Small Step for Mama, One Giant Step Toward a Successful Weekend

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Some people may think this is an odd way to spend Friday night. While I’ve never been a big party girl, I’ll claim six children and the stomach flu as my excuse. We were supposed to be in Santa Ynez, but our plans had to change.


Always one to make lemonade when life hands me lemons, I’ve been cleaning like a fiend today. And my twitter friends kept me company and offered me all sorts of great trades. JessieLeigh, my bathroom is still waiting!

Besides seven loads of laundry, mopping the entire ground floor, and cleaning and vacuuming my room, I straightened up my pantry. Good thing, too. I had no idea I had so much pasta or that we really did have six bags of microwave popcorn. These are helpful things to know, going into the weekend.

And so, big sister that I am, I suggest you go straighten your cupboards as well. Ditch the crumbs and empty boxes, consolidate the snacks in a basket, and line everything up nice and neat. Here’s why:

1. People will be hungry this weekend. People will want you to feed them.
2. If you know what you have, you’ll know what to cook.
3. People will be hungry this weekend. People will want you to feed them.
4. If you know what you have, you can better shop and menu plan.
5. Did I mention, people will be hungry this weekend. People will want you to feed them.

Now go get a good start on your weekend. I’ve got to go clean my bathroom.

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  1. The pantry looks great. And by the way, at my house it seems like their are always hungry people waiting for me to feed them. The kids will be eating the last of their meal and look at me and say "What's for snack?" What's up with that anyway?

  2. A lot of requests for eating here today. Some things never change. And it sounds like a Friday that will lead to a lovely weekend even if you still have some sickness lingering.

  3. I'm so sorry you y'all were hit with the stomach flu. I'm glad you were stocked up on those post flu necessities. Yes, funny how there is a never-ending cycle of hungry people, even though I only have five mouths in our family.

    Sometimes when I am feeling uninspired on what to cook, reorganizing my pantry and my stockpile helps me to get ideas. Or, I just cook breakfast for dinner. That works, too.

  4. Wow – Pantry – room – storage – space sorry got slightly sidetracked thinking about what I wish my poor excuse for a pantry looks like.
    Sorry that everyone is sick but yes sometimes it can be a good time to reassess what you need. I think cleaning my food cupboard needs to be on my list of things to clean this week so that I can actually get a proper picture in my head of what is actually in there