Ooh Baby, Baby (Baby Gifts and a Giveaway!)

Update, 1/13/09: This giveaway is now closed. Winner to be announced Wednesday morning. Thanks for playing.

Last week a friend sent us the most adorable outfit for the FishBaby: cute frilly jeans and a pink, long sleeved onesie, both with precious embroidery. So cute! I know she’ll probably only get to wear it for a few months — but still, she’ll be beautiful, dahling. (Thanks, Suzanne!)

‘Tis true, baby gifts can make us go ga-ga, can’t they? And, yet it can be tough to think of a present that is creative, functional, and frugal all in one package. If you’re in need of a gift along those lines, consider one of the following:

For baby:
** When Baby has an older sibling of the same sex, new clothes aren’t necessarily needed. But, it’s so fun to get a clean, fresh, unstained outfit. (like above)

** Diapers and wipes, especially if you can get them on sale, never go out of style. Inquire if they have a favorite brand and try to get that if you can.

** A collection of board books is a wonderful start to any child’s library.

For the whole family:
** A hot meal to eat the night you bring it and a second meal to pop in the freezer for another night.

** Sometimes when there are picky eaters in the family, receiving a “gift meal” can be more work for the parents than if they had cooked themselves. If you have an inkling that that may be the case, know that a gift card to their favorite restaurant would be greatly appreciated.

For Mom:

** Once Dad goes back to work, Mom could still benefit from a bundle of goodies. A basket of lunch items and snacks keeps Mom nourished and focused on resting and cuddling her new little one. Bottled water and juices, whole grain crackers, granola bars, and fresh fruit would be very welcome.

** A new blouse or jammies can brighten a tired BIG Mama wardrobe.

For all you baby gifters, I’ve got a treat. Spunky Sprout is offering a great gift as a giveaway to one LifeasMOM reader. One reader will win the Niki Receiving Blanket.

About their website:

Filled with fresh, new and up-to-the-minute home furnishings, toys, clothes and accessories for your sprout, SPUNKYSPROUT.COM features enlightened décor and an aesthetic that will appeal to discerning parents everywhere looking for modern, hip and trendy kid products.

For the month of January you can also receive 10% off any purchase. Just use the code LIFEASMOM10.

How can you win this cozy blanket? Share in the comments your favorite baby gift to give or get!

Contest is open until Monday night at midnight PST. Winner will be chosen by and announced Tuesday morning.

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  1. tracy_morrison5 says:

    I love to give homemade baby wipes with the directions for making more on the side of the container. I also include supplies for making the next batch. How fun!

  2. Zimms Zoo says:

    I have made bags in the past. I also bring meals and sometimes candles, bath stuff, etc. for the mom.

    I have received all those things and love them all.

  3. Pink Dogwood says:

    I love giving baby gifts!!
    My favorite gift to give are these
    little hats
    I make out of t-shirts. Often, mom’s will give me their now too-small t-shirts to turn into cute hats for their babes. SO much fun!!

  4. Momma Chic says:

    I love to give baby gifts! I love giving blankets because you use them so often for so many things!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  5. 4squarephotos says:

    i saw the cutest smartwool booties, i plan to give them to my new neice born yesterday. I love my smart wool socks and can’t imagine how comfy the baby will be!

  6. The best gift I received was the Twila Paris Bedtime Prayers, Lullabies, and Peaceful Worship CD. I would play it every day at naptime and every evening at bedtime…it’s so sweet and gentle…really helped our baby settle down and relaxed me as well. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. The best baby gift I ever got was a gift certificate for dinner and a free night’s babysitting(if you knew my mom and babies you would understand,lol).She loves my kids,but she is not a baby person.That was very thoughtful of her,and I never thought I would want to use it.But we did on our anniversary,a month and a half after oldest daughter was born:)

  8. I love to give homemade things. I love making baby shoes with matching onsie or dress.

  9. mamalibby says:

    I love to give monogrammed or personalized gifts…particularly to younger siblings who get so many hand-me-downs. My boys still love their baby blankets and lovies with their names or initials on them.

    One of the best baby gifts I ever received was a basket filled cookies, muffins and brownies. I was nursing my newborn twins at the time, and (healthy or not) a little sugar was what got me through many a long night or day. In fact, prayer (Oh Lord, please let me get through the next fifteen minutes) and sweets were my lifesavers. Peace and a reward for all of my efforts! LOL.

  10. Macey Kay says:

    I loved getting diapers and wipes for sure. One of my favorites was a bean bag bed that prevents SIDS-it was homemade and totally awesome.

    macjamin at gmail dot com

  11. Tim, Allyson, Emahry, and Jonathan says:

    My favorite gift to get after having a baby is meals for the freezer. After having 2 children I have about everything we need, but cooking is always a little difficult with a new baby.

    spin_jbc (at) yahoo (dot) com

  12. I think with the first clothes were fun to get but as each one came the best was the meals so I didn’t have to worry about cooking I could just enjoy the first moments with them.

    katie_mmartin at yahoo dot com.

  13. With expecting a new little one in the next couple of months, I always loved receiving unique gifts such as diaper bags that are homemade. My favorite one that I received this time around was a Peter rabbit diaper tote. Too cute! Thanks for a great giveaway 🙂

  14. lovinsanta says:

    I love to give a bathtub with all the things needed in there especially natural so to avoid allergies. Also Mylacon (sp?) drops as they were a lifesaver for me with both kids.

    savingmoney2 @ yahoo(dot)com

  15. I buy a nice diaper bag or small laundry basket and fill it with baby items (ie diapers, wipes, lotions, etc) that I’ve gotten cheap or free from CVS.

  16. Briana Almengor says:

    I think we tend to be motivated by what blessed us when we were the ones receiving…at least that is true for me. My girlfriend recently had twins and they are in the NICU. I was delighted to take her a basket of “grab and go” snacks that are nutritionally rich knowing that she’d be making trips to the hospital at least once a day until the boys come home. When Bella was in the NICU, I didn’t know what time it was let alone if I had eaten that day. As a mom who’s trying to pump to get her supply going and keep her supply, it’s so important to pay attention to that.
    So, it was a delight to be able to think for her as someone had done for me when I had the twins…a basket of fruit and other small goodies was one of my favorite gifts.

  17. Mrs. Pear says:

    Clothes are always great! I also love to give practical things like diapers, wipes, etc.

    Best gift we received was a prayer quilt for each of our girls! It is a knot quilt, and each not is prayer prayed for them. I turned them into wall hangings to remind us of all the people who love and pray for our family.

    If there is an older sibling I like to include something for them too, depending on the age it is sometimes coloring books and crayons, sometimes books, and sometimes matching outfits!

    Plus I like to wrap presents in receiving blankets…

  18. ChristinaSy says:

    A sweet friend gifted me with a gift card for a manicure and pedicure. Very luxiourious for a new momma!

    I love to give a new special outfit for the baby and I love to give Trumpette socks (you know the ones that look like the baby is wearing Mary Janes or High Tops) too cute!

    A home cooked meal for the whole family is also a blessing. Our church gives new moms meals for a week after the baby arrives…all the ladies sign up for various nights and what a special treat that is!

  19. Dinner was my favorite gift. Giving me more time to be with baby and family.

  20. I would love to win this blanket its adorable and i have a new baby due in march! My favorite baby gift I recieved was a card that said we will be bringing over dinner every night for 2 weeks…this was from a group of girl friends….they also made a diaper cake and gave me a huge laundry basket full of diapers, wipes, shampoos, burp rags, and every little thing u can think of…it was so thoughtful and awesome! When my son was born it was the best gift to not have to worry about dinner when we got home and were so tired!!
    Thanks! 🙂

  21. That blanket is beautiful. One of my favorite gifts to give is a basket filled with all kinds of must have baby items that a new mom may or may not think of.

    thegood3 at gmail dot com

  22. Nae and Clara says:

    I like to give a snack traps and the ultimate crib sheet – both things that I have used faithfully with my own 3 children. They’re certainly not “fun” gifts more on the practical side.

  23. I love to get a good swaddle blanket (love Aiden and Anais) and the Happiest baby on the block DVD (not the book, b/c a new mom is more likely to watch a quick DVD).

  24. snarflemarfle says:

    My favorite gift that I got were all the meals from my friends. That was so wonderful!

    My favorite gift to give is a hand crocheted baby blanket. I know they’ll be cherished for years to come!

  25. I like to give necessities – diapers, baby wash and lotion.
    elissa at huebert dot org

  26. Jinxy and Me says:

    I like to give something handmade and then practical items like diapers and wipes.

  27. Jeremiah and Stephenie says:

    Having had 5 babies, my favorite gifts have to be pracical ones such as diapers, wipes and soaps, etc. My daughter will be a year old on Sunday and I haven’t had to buy baby soap, shampoo or lotion for her yet! I like to give unique gifts, like a book for Mom on making memories, personalized items for baby and practical items (maybe that the Mom registered for, but aren’t “cute clothes”)
    I would love to win this blanket for our newest little blessing we just found out we are having this year!

  28. I think my favorite baby gift would be along the lines of diapers/wipes/or even a gift card for what we might need most. I love your idea of jammies or snacks for mom. For my first baby, I received a bath bubble kit and it really struck me that someone remembered that Mom’s needs may need some ministering to too! 🙂

  29. I usually give a simple homemade tote bag filled with diapers.

    I’d love to win this blanket. My sister as well as several friends are expecting babies this year.

  30. The best thing I’ve gotten so far is a pregnancy massage. Our daughter is due any day now and I’ve had HORRIBLE edema. The massage really helped more than I would have believed. Its nice to feel slightly less like a beached whale, if only for a day or two

  31. The best gift I have received was a photography session. That way, when my memories start to fade I can pull out pictures of my precious, tiny newborn.

  32. one frugal lady says:

    My favorite gift to give or get would be help. After a new baby, my mom came over and helped out so much! She cooked for me, helped clean up my nasty house, gave her advice about babies. Actually, just having someone there in the first moments is great! I had no idea what I was in for with my first baby!

  33. My favorite gift to give is a swaddling blanket called “the miracle blank”.

    reneecordle at

  34. It’s hard to narrow it down to one favorite gift – so I’ll just name a couple of my favorites. 1. monogrammed anything 2. food 3. diapers 4. clothes for when the baby is bigger and you have to stock a whole wardrobe in a small amount of time

    My favorite baby gift to give are the essentials – gas drops, tylenol, diapers, wipes, etc.

  35. Well since I just found out I’m expecting twins it would be hard to say what my favorite gift to get would be. It would have to be something that someone put alot of thought into. Something that when you open it you know it came from the heart

  36. My favorite gift to give and get is food! After having my two, I know how great it is to have someone bring a casserole! I like to do the same. 🙂

  37. I love to give a basket filled with all the little things that I “forgot” to get when my first was born. . .things you always seem to have to run to the store for at the last minute. . .baby gloves, nail clippers, diaper rash ointment, travel wipes, baby tylenol. . .

    K. C.

  38. Tara aka "Mama Koala" says:

    I love to give the zip up one piece outfits. I learned to late that one does not want to take the baby to the pediatrician in a fancy, complicated outfit…the zipper outfits are so much easier when you have to strip them down!

    mommy koala at live dot com

  39. Stephanie says:

    Those are gorgeous blankets!
    I buy all of my gifts (well, most of them) on clearance ahead of time, and then find what I think will most suit that mom and baby. I love to spoil them with an expensive, gorgeous outfit that I snagged for a great deal. One of the things I’ve been adding in lately are my favorite homeopathic teething tablets, because every mom should try them out!

  40. ScottishWife says:

    I love the baby blanket! So colorful…that’s not always easy to find. Thanks for hosting the give away!

  41. carogonza says:

    My friend recently had a baby. I went to Etsy and had someone make the baby a blanket, bibs and outfits made out of cool architectural fabric becuase my friend is an architect.

  42. I Do Faces says:

    I love that blanket!! Their site is so cute too!!

    I love giving and getting anything personalized!! I think it makes the gift so much better when it has the babies name on it!

  43. I love getting them books. You can never start to young.

  44. Oh that’s precious!
    I really love giving books….and music.
    Although the cost of diapers…those are always handy dandy!

  45. What a precious Blanket! I love to give a sweet outfit with a matching blanket. Usually Gymboree! Thanks! 🙂

  46. I am expecting in April and would love to receive any kind of practical gift: diapers, clothes, a meal for my husband and I, etc!

  47. I love to make personalized bibs, even if all I have time to make is fabric paint on a plain white bib. Mom & Dad are always happy to have something that reflects their personalities or hobbies. Thanks for the chance to win.

  48. Love blankets!

  49. Creekermom says:

    I LOVE to give baby gifts, especially since our family is complete. It allows me to have fun and do all of my Oh’s and Awe’s as I enjoy looking all of the fun things in the baby department.

    I usually get something for the baby but also for the mom.

    I like to use the premium cloth diapers and have them decorated up with ribbon (Appropriate for boys and girls), or embroidery to be used as burp clothes. This makes it a bit more decorative when you are out and about.

    What a GREAT giveaway!

  50. My best gift to give will be this blanket to my niece who is due any time now. This will be the first great grandson so I know he will be spoiled.

    For me, the best gift to get was gift cards. That way I could buy whatever I had run out of.

  51. wendelburg says:

    My most memorable gift was a surprise shower and the lady that hosted made me two homemade blankets that I will pass down to my daughter who is now pregnant. Also when I had my daughter, I got pneumonia. When I came home from the hospital I was blessed with home made meals for a week.

  52. My favorite gift to give is a diaper bag, large one, filled with all sorts of baby items, including all the little medical items one needs, thermometer, tylenol, baby oil, powder and many other items that one might not think about especially when becoming a new mother…

    I’ve already begun collecting items for my son and his wife who have informed me that this year they will be starting a family and making me a grandmother!!

  53. My fav baby gift to give is a baby bathtub (the one mom registered for!), then I fill it with baby bath supplies- soap, shampoo, lotion, diaper rash ointment, tub toys, hooded towel, washclothes, nail clipper, etc etc. And dont forget to include a rubber ducky!

  54. My favorite gift was a Boppy.

  55. My favorite gift I received was a wonderful baby book that you write down all milestones and it had a box to put in all the stuff like the bracelet from the hospital… It was beautiful I tried to find another one when I was preg with my second but couldn’t find one as nice.

  56. I love giving a nice big gift basket loaded with goodies for baby AND mom.

  57. I get everyone a new mom journal to write down their thoughts and their life with new baby. They seem to love it!

    kayceewilliams AT gmail DOT COM

  58. Tim, Allyson, Emahry, and Jonathan says:

    I posted about this giveaway on our blog

    spin_jbc (at) yahoo (dot) com

  59. The Things We Do says:

    I always try to give something creative….sometimes a teddy bear wearing a matching outfit of the outfit I bought for the baby….

    Sometimes I embroider onesies….and other handmade gifts.

  60. My most favorite, memorable and personable gift to give is a memory box. It is a box that contains sections to place all of the important milestones, events, etc., to include certificates, medical, dental, etc. Quite a keepsake. Comment by

  61. I am pretty practical, so my favorite gifts to give or get are diapers and meals. They are so nice because you will always need them and be able to use them.

  62. Danielle Miller says:

    I found the coolest thing at Target. It’s called an Itzbeen. It has four buttons on it, and you press one each time you complete a task. There’s a button for feeding, a button for a diaper change, a button for nap time, and a generic button for whatever else you want to track. It also has a little gizmo for breast feeding moms to slide one way or the other to remember which side you fed on last. Also a lock button so you don’t accidently press buttons, a back light so you can see it in the dark. And a flash light function so you can check on baby without turning on the light. Wonderful!

  63. I received “The Baby Book” by Dr. Sears as a gift and that has been very helpful.

  64. I have to agree with food. It was my favorite thing to get: considering we didn’t have any relatives who offered to help out when baby came home. I’m so glad for neighbors who thought of me and brought something to eat. So it is my favorite gift to give to a new mom, because I’ll never forget home much it meant to me.

  65. This is awesome! I am saving this link!!! We are hoping to adopt … and I can see us needing this information to give people ideas on ways they could help our growing family. 😀

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