Organicville Dressings and Condiments: A Giveaway

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Salads are one of my favorite parts of summer. They’re cool, refreshing, and make good use of the season’s best produce. And in case you didn’t know, the dressing can make or break the salad.

While I prefer to make my own dressing, I am not opposed to having a bottle or two of vinaigrette on hand for those nights when I am just too lazy to whisk.

Recently, we had a chance to taste Olive Oil and Balsamic Dressing from Organicville Foods. One of the distinctives of Organicville products, besides being organic, is that they use natural sweeteners like agave nectar instead of the high fructose corn syrup that is in so many bottled brands.

This dressing was still a little too sweet for many in my family, but I loved it on salads and pastas. We also received a bottle of organic mustard which has prompted quite the discussion of mustard, how it’s grown, and how it’s prepared. My kids are such omnivores! Love that!

I love the mission of Organicville:

As processed food chemicals and high-sugar additives plague the grocery store aisles across the U.S., Organicville, the makers of USDA certified organic, vegan and gluten-free mustard, salad dressing , ketchup barbeque and teriyaki sauce and salsas sweetened with agave nectar, has created gourmet solutions for a healthier, more environmentally focused lifestyle – including products that are safe for those with special dietary concerns, and tasty enough for all.

Founded by Rachel Kruse, a 33 year-old entrepreneur, third-generation vegetarian and organic consumer, she turned to creating delicious, healthy products to offer a better alternative to sugars, preservatives and processed foods – as growing up, she couldn’t find organic dressings and condiments that tasted great. The goal: to enjoy a great tasting organic product without having to sacrifice flavor or quality.

I would agree that the flavor is there —

Wanna win some?

Three winners will each receive:

  • Organicville Ketchup
  • Organicville Mustard of their choice
  • Organicville Vinaigrette of their choice

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post, telling us your favorite way to dress a salad.

Contest will be open until 8pm PST on Sunday, June 27, 2010. Winners to be chosen at random and notified via email. You have 48 hours after email is sent to respond, otherwise you forfeit your prize.

Disclosure:  Organicville Foods provided me with product samples to review. I was not compensated in any way for reviewing this product or offering this giveaway, nor was I required to do so. My opinions are my own. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.

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  1. Sunny Dreemz says:

    My favorite way to dress a salad is with 1 tbsp of flax seed oil and 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Alison Simpson says:

    I love to see companies commit themselves to organic products. I love to put cranberries and sunflower kernels on my salad and I love raspberry balsamic dressing as well. I eat salads nearly every day!

  3. I love to dress up a salad with feta cheese, reduced balsamic vinegar, and grape tomatoes

  4. Sometimes I’ll throw some EVOO, red wine vinegar, garlic powder, and dried Rosemary into a small bowl, whisk together, then throw it on top! It’s great to know EXACTLY what I’m eating.

  5. I love Ranch dressing.

  6. nanasewn says:


  7. I love to use a “fruity” vinaigrette with craisins and nuts!

  8. Sounds like a great company. Do they sell them at the “regular” grocery store??

  9. I love to throw some goat cheese, strawberries, and raisins on there with a little balsamic vinegarette. I’m trying a new one today though… Buffalo Chicken with Blue Cheese. Wish me luck!

  10. I like a simple oil and vinegar – plain but pure baby!

  11. Not the healthiest of salads, but I prefer ranch dressing on my salads.

  12. Whisk strawberry/raspberry/black cherry (your choice) fruit preserves, balsmic vinegar, black pepper, olive oil (optional)- sometimes I skip the oil to keep the calories down- Use to top a spinach salad with goat cheese, walnuts- yum!

  13. I like zesty or robusto italian…………… it’s my favorite. I want to switch over to homemade or organic but it’s just hard!!!!! A big salad with lots of veggies is my absolute favorite meal and I just have to have my italian!

  14. Either thousand island or an Asian-inspired vinaigrette.

  15. We love roasted beets, arugula & goat cheese with a vinaigrette! And thanks for introducing us to this brand – it is so difficult to find a good salad dressing without all the hfcs or msg in it…not to mention other gunk.

  16. I love a any vinager and oil based dressing.

  17. I usually top my salad with a balsamic vinaigrette – though I’ve been know to “borrow” my husband’s favorite which is Thousand Island with Bacon!

  18. I’ve always been partial to italian dressing –

  19. Ranch is quite popular in our house but I also like a homemade dressing of oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. Fresh herbs or minced make a nice addition too.

  20. I like dried cranberries, almonds, and a lite vinagrette.

  21. Allison I. says:

    Olive oil, Red wine vinegar, Italian seasoning, and a little Parmesan cheese salt and pepper.

  22. What dressing I use depends on my mood. Sometimes I want Ranch, other times Italian, and some times Raspberry Vinagrette.

    These dressings sounds really good. Hope I win!

  23. I’m an italian dressing kind of girl : )

  24. italian dressing!

  25. I love to top with craisins and feta and a vinaigrette – – even better if you also add some of the crunchy onions (like are traditionally used to top a green bean casserole).

  26. My husband is a Ranch fan. I like to try new kinds of dressing. And I make a yummy homemade French dressing (using home canned ketchup, made with home grown tomatoes).

  27. A few candied pecans go a long way!

  28. Ranch Dressing with French Fries. I know its strange but its so good. I learned it when I lived in Pittsburgh for 5 years. YUM!!!

  29. Fresh lemon juice and olive oil!
    shawnnahouseholder at gmail

  30. HEB carries an incredible French Vinigarette-Le Martinelli is the brand, I believe.

  31. Thanks for the chance to win. I love use fresh and dried fruit on my salad. poppy seed dressing is wonderful with fruit!

  32. lauren h says:

    Good old fashion ranch dressing is our the favorite in our house.

  33. eunice b says:

    we enjoy putting the works on….smoked turkey, hard cooked eggs, tomato wedges, chedder cheese cubes, sunflower seeds, green olives, red onions or spring onions, spinach, raisins and whatever fresh produce is in season. 🙂

    ~eunice b
    rsmile2u @dejazzd .com

  34. We like ranch, although I would like to get into making more dressings from scratch.

  35. We love ranch in our house 🙂

  36. Organic is the way that we are trying to go in our house – would love to try this brand!

  37. AllieZirkle says:

    Ranch or fruity or Italian… Pat& Oscars Greek salad. Yum! Great giveaway; I really need to expand my dressing selection.

  38. Thanks for all the giveaways !

  39. I like Italian dressing on my salads.

  40. We like olive oil, vinegar, mustard and a little salt and pepper.

  41. Italian dressing makes a salad perfect!

  42. I love Italian dressing or Oil & Vinegar on a salad…

    mmm, now I want a salad, lol

    thanks for the chance to win!

  43. I like Italian and vinegarettes. Some feta cheese on top is always good too.

  44. love Marie’s yogurt Blue cheese!

  45. I use their Dairy-Free Ranch all the time and love it 🙂 I’ll have to look for the olive oil & balsamic one you featured. Like to pile my salad with cucumbers, chopped bacon, etc.

  46. I love salads! I love to add strawberries an sugared almonds to dress up a salad.

  47. Love balsamic and any cheese on my salads.

  48. We love trying different dressings from traditional ranch to different flavored vinegarettes.


  50. We love Ranch first!! Then, we like vinaigrettes second. And, sometimes we mix them. : )

  51. I always dress my salad in a separate bowl and then add it to my plate. I got tired of eating “Blobs” of dressing!

  52. Favorite way to dress a salad is with homemade croutons and vinaigrette dressing. Yum

  53. Balsamic and ranch!

  54. Right now we’re dressing up our salads with a homemade dressing made from oil, vinegar, dry mustard, sugar and poppy seeds. I use greens from my garden, add a few sliced strawberries, sugared pecans and craisins. Yum!

  55. I love salad, but I’m not too picky about the dressing. I like ranch, oil and vinegar, bottled, homemade, whatever – just as long as the vegetables are fresh and yummy. 🙂

  56. ranch is actually my favorite but i’m trying to find more oil-and-vinegar based dressings that i enjoy. i love topping salads with lots of veggies, dried or fresh fruit, homemade croutons, etc. too!

  57. My kids like to drown everything in ranch. I like all salad dressings, except for Blue Cheese. I have been experimenting with making my own salad dressings recently. I would love to try one of the Organicville Vinaigrettes.

  58. I go in streaks, but right now I’m loving my homemade Honey Mustard Dressing!

  59. Leslie Price says:

    I love, love, love red wine vinaigrette on salads and subs.

  60. I’ve been making our salad dressings from scratch lately. I would love to find more organic dressings for those times when I’m short on time. My favorite way to top a salad would probably be some homemade croutons, avacado and kidney beans with a really simple vinagarette. Yum!

  61. I love balsamic vinegar and blue cheese on a salad!

  62. I love to add ranch and italian dressing and lots of croutons.

  63. I usually use olive oil and vinegar on my salad. I love a good salad!

  64. I love making my own dressings as well, but sometimes I just don’t have time or don’t want to find the time, but trying to find dressing without high frutose corn syrup is a hard task. These sound like they would be wonderful. Now if only they would make a ranch…that is my daughter’s favorite dip for anything and everything!

  65. Cindy Jensen says:

    We typically just dress our salad with olive oil a variety of flavored vinegars.

  66. Adrienne Larkin says:

    My favorite is Whole Foods 365 Brand Basalmic Vinegar and dried cranberries…yum!

  67. Sara Jane says:

    I love just about any dressing, but tend to lean towards oil and balsamic vinegar as an old standby.

  68. I like to mix balsamic vinegar with olive oil, honey, salt, pepper, and sometimes a mashed raspberry or two. I’d love to try these organic options, thanks for the chance!

  69. The best salad in my book has lettuce (of course), spinach leaves, strawberries, pecans, feta and a raspberry vingerette.

  70. we like homemade italian dressing here

  71. Christina Storey says:

    We’re pretty traditional around here…..ranch. 🙂

  72. We have a couple homemade favorites, a couple store bought favorites, or we go super simple and toss the salad with good olive oil and sprinkle with kosher salt.

  73. I lke to use local buttermilk to creat a dressing for our salads.

  74. any kind of viniagrette

  75. Ranch is my fave, but I’m on an elimination diet at the moment, so today for me it was lime juice and olive oil.

  76. Connie Corey says:

    At the present, I love asian dressings!

  77. A fresh homemade dressing is fabulous and I will occasionally do that but I agree it is nice to have some bottled ones on hand too!

  78. I like to dress my salad with Paul Newman Family Italian dressing, feta and walnuts! Yum!

  79. Alex Hall says:

    I just had a yummy salad for lunch! It was lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggs, bacon and ranch dressing – delicious! I usually eat it with a balsamic vinaigrette.

  80. We love blue cheese dressing.

  81. Buttermilk ranch…yum!

  82. i LOVE a good poppyseed dressing!

  83. We love honey mustard dressing and croutons on our salads to give them a little crunch!

  84. Our favorite dressing is blue cheese, something we just started liking within the last year. When we don’t use that, we use cottage cheese. We get weird looks, but it’s good!

  85. Down here in South Florida, a lot of people grow citrus in their backyards. When we score some key limes from neighbors, I like to make a key lime vinaigrette (I usually google for a recipe and then ad lib) and put it on salads with corn, black beans, tomatoes, avocados, and some shredded cheddar. Delicious!

  86. I love a good vinaigrette and “stinky cheese”. 😉

  87. Michelle T says:

    A yummy raspberry vinegarette is the best!

  88. I love to use different Italian dressings or, if I’m in the Midwest and can get it, Dorothy Lynch! I grew up on that stuff!

  89. i love to mix up an italian dressing packet with oil and water. yum! sometimes i add a little big of sugar, but don’t tell anyone! 🙂

  90. Jodi Nevins says:

    A recent favorite of mine is a mixed green salad with walnuts and craisins along with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette. Yum!

  91. For summertime especially I look to use fruity dressings and lighter dressings. I enjoy adding a little fruit and chopped pecans, almonds or walnuts to a salad as well.

  92. ranch or vinaigrette are my favorites

  93. Valerie S says:

    I often will make a salad and just use vinegar, either red wine or balsamic. I do this to save the calories.

  94. I love ranch dressing!

  95. I love a “big salad”! I like to use up leftover veggies, cheeses, nuts, fruits, etc.

  96. I love salad with homegrown produce and homemade ranch dressing.

  97. I love toppings on my salads…raisins, sunflower kernels, hard boiled eggs, shredded cheese, and of course croutons. My favorite thing in the salad is the lettuce and spinach we are growing ourselves! Dressings just finish it all off and tie everything together!

  98. I LOVE to dress my salads with fresh (or a good jarred) salsa, my husband uses balsamic vinegar (no oil) and our oldest loves plain ol’ ranch. The lil’ kids don’t eat salad yet! I’m hoping to find some of this organic dressing soon or better yet, I’d love to win some! : )

  99. I like to make carmelized almonds to put on top of a salad.

  100. My current favorite is a bed of spinach covered in lemon juice and olive oil.

  101. my two favorite dressings: (1) salsa (especially when the salad has black beans, corn, and chicken), and (2) lemon or lime juice (when it’s just simple greens)

  102. Homemade ranch dressing, shredded cheese, crumbled bacon and homemade croutons.

  103. Our household has all different preferences – I prefer oil & vinegar, my daughter likes hers plain, and DH is a ranch kind of guy. 🙂

  104. I prefer ranch, but I am open to exploration…

  105. Catherine says:

    My kids like ranch and Italian, but I love poppyseed dressing, pine nuts, bleu cheese, strawberries, etc. A nice mix of crunchy and soft, sweet and tart.

  106. I love homemade ranch dressing on my salad.

  107. No salad is every complete without olives and salad dressing.

  108. Jessie C. says:

    I like vinegar in my salad.

  109. I have recently come to love vinaigrette and dried cranberries! YUM!!!!

  110. My favorite way to dress a salad is to add boiled eggs, cheese, and homemade ranch dressing!

  111. Heather Abbott says:

    I’m usually a ranch dressing girl, but have learned to branch out a bit more into vinegrette’s especially the sweet berry flavors of summer. I love cheese on my salad and sunflower seeds, but will replace it with chopped nuts too for the added crunch. And hardboiled egg and bacon – yum!!

  112. I dress mine with feta cheese, sunflower seeds and ranch or italian dressing…yummy!

  113. I love sun dried tomato vinaigrette.

  114. I love Raspberry Vinegarette.

  115. kathleen says:

    i love creamy italian, though hard to find now im not sure why. lately ive been dressing it with salsa yummy!

  116. Sarah R. says:

    I like to dress a salad with feta cheese-yum

  117. I love nuts, seeds, crumbled cheese, and lots of dressing. I’m thrilled to see more organic choices!

  118. I like to add everything we like to salads — meats, veggies, cheese……and lots of it!

  119. I like to use a mustard, olive oil, and vinegar—capers are always tasty, too.

  120. Add some type of nut to sprinkle on top is what I like to do for my salad.

  121. Rachel Davis says:

    I have to say I love ranch dressing.

  122. I love to add a bit of ranch or vidalia onion dressing, a bit of crunch (sunflower seeds, bacon pieces, nuts, but no croutons) and feta cheese. yum.

  123. I love rasberry vinegarette, tangy tomato or french, and ranch. We’ve been experimenting with homemade versions. Thank you for the chance to win.

  124. I love to use sun-dried tomato vinegarette or a yogurt-based honey mustard dressing.

  125. Christine says:

    I like adding salsa to ranch dressing, but its hard to find an all natural and soy-free ranch dressing.
    So usually its some type of vingarette.

  126. We are big ranch dressing fans. My girls love it on everything. I like to put salsa on my salad–no fat and lots of flavor.

  127. My absolute favorite topping for salad is blueberries and Parmesan cheese (yum) but I have tried one of the Organicville dressings before and it was delicious – and I am very glad that they make everything gluten free!! (their bbq sauce is amazing)

  128. I recently found an AWESOME recipe for a lime cilantro dressing that we LOVE. (seriously, everything I’ve made off of there has been wonderful!)

  129. I like my homemade ginger-sesame dressing!

  130. Elizabeth says:

    I’m kind of a ranch or caesar kind of person, but I’d love to branch out and try some vinagrettes.

  131. Amanda Y. says:

    Oddly, I don’t like many dressings. I like many honey mustard at restaurants, but none from the grocery store. So sometimes I just use yellow mustard! Weird, huh?

  132. I love nuts and fruit on my salads along with a sweet dressing.

  133. fresh snow peas and tomatoes from our garden

  134. Preparedmom says:

    I love homemade French/catalina on a spinach salad & homemade italian (recipe on Pamp. Chef dressing bottle) on basic garden salad. I also have a weakness for Olive Garden’s House Italian dressing.

  135. I like ranch and Italian, and poppyseed with a fruity salad. But the only salad I really crave is from Corky’s (a bbq place). They serve the pulled pork on salad with onion straws and a bbq ranch dressing. YUMMY 🙂

  136. Michelle says:

    this might be a nice change from homemade Ranch and Italian

  137. mustard, olive oil, and a touch of agave mixed.

  138. lots of fresh veggies from our garden, and thousand island dressing

  139. My favorite way to dress a salad is with lots of toppings! I like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, sunflower seeds, carrots, cheese, croutons, or crumbled up Ritz crackers & usually ranch or french, or vinagrette. YUM!

  140. Ruth Hill says:

    I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to salad. I don’t use much dressing, but my favorite is usually honey mustard, but I also like raspberry vinaigrette.

  141. Raspberry vinaigrette or balsamic vinaigrette.

  142. Kristina says:

    Homemade Ranch…mmmmm….. I love the Heavenly Homemakers recipe!

  143. Either Buttermilk Ranch dressing or the new recipe for honey mustard dressing that I just found and we all love!

  144. I LOVE fresh and light dressings, like balsamic vinaigrette, if I’m going to toss my dressing with my salad. If I’m using a creamy dressing I always eat it on the side and use it more like a dip. 🙂

  145. we love simple dressing –olive oil and some sea salt

  146. I still am the old school ranch fan. That has to be my favorite. But every once in a while I do like a raspberry vinagrette.

  147. My favorite will always be ranch, so classy, I know 🙂

  148. Miso dressing.

  149. Ranch of course, and a salad is Naked without croutons.

  150. I just use good old Ranch dressing. I recently discovered feta cheese, it’s super and I want to make homemade croutons soon!

  151. I love all kinds of salads! Depending on what’s in the salad, I love Asian peanut dressing, Greek dressing, balsamic vinaigrette, raspberry vinaigrette, olive oil and vinegar with pepper and parmesan cheese, honey mustard, honey lime, and sometimes no dressing at all. All of my 11 children love salad too. We eat it almost every day.

  152. My fav way to dress a salad is with balsamic vinnagrette and an egg summy side up!

  153. I like a southwest style with salsa & sour cream. My favorite dressing would have to be Ranch style though.

  154. I have a homemade Honey Mustard dressing recipe that I love, tossed over romaine lettuce with some diced green onions and crushed salted peanuts. Yummy!
    Great giveaway…thanks!

  155. Michelle says:

    I throw on as many vegetables as possible!

  156. I love a greek salad with feta cheese, onions, olives and a yummy balsamic vinegret!

  157. Balsalmic vinegar!

  158. Marie Sanders says:

    I love this mix of baby spinach, red onions, almond slices, feta cheese, mandarine oranges and a raspberry sauce. Put your fork through all that and you get a perfectly balance bite of food.

  159. dried cranberries – mmmm – so sweet!

  160. I used to make my salad so heavy with creamy dressings now our salad is dressed so simply with olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice and some spices to jazz it up. Yummy and refreshing!

  161. One of my favorite toppings to a salad is croutons and sunflower seeds.

  162. My husband likes thousand island which I usually make a homemade version. I like ranch but most have MSG which I can’t have.

  163. Kelly W. says:

    I love to put cheese and lunch meat on my salads for lunch. Any other time, I love putting green olives, carrots, eggs, cheese, meat, tomatoes and croutons!!!

  164. My favorite way to dress a salad is with a fresh creamy dressing like blue cheese or ranch.

  165. My favorite is ranch, but I also love, mayo, mustard, honey mixed together.

  166. Andrea Bindewald says:

    I love sunflower seeds, craisins, cottage cheese, hard boiled eggs and either a lit ranch or a homemade Italian dressing!

  167. Balsamic Vinaigrette is a fave, and we always seem to get some sort of fruit into our salads, such as raisins or berries.

  168. I love to top my salads with carrots, bacon, and cheddar cheese. I also love Ranch and Italian dressings.

  169. Asian Sesame Ginger Dressing is the BEST!

  170. Michelle Hardy says:

    We love to add sunflower seeds to our salads. They make it taste even better.

  171. it’s not healthy but i love classic ranch dressing.

  172. Blue cheese is my favorite but I like all vineragrettes since they are healthier for me!

  173. Our family goes through about a bottle of Ranch dressing each week.

  174. I LOVE my salad with Organicville Thousand Island dressing and plenty of delicious organic vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, romaine lettuces leaves, tomatoes, red onions, and last but definitely not least… Croutons 😀

  175. With homemade ranch dressing made with buttermilk and my own spices! It would be nice to have something healthy and organic that I didn’t have to make myself!

  176. I love to dress a salad with avocado, feta and fresh tomatoes off the vine – usually I use a spritzer salad dressing – a balsamic vinegrette that is 1 calorie per squirt!

  177. Katherine says:

    I love Blue Cheese dressing, especially the chunky kind!

  178. I love home made ranch dressing, homemade croutons, and pine nuts.

  179. Adrienne says:

    I like oil, vinegar, salt and pepper!

  180. a little vinaigrette with some fresh bread on the side…

  181. We like croutons and blue cheese dressing.

  182. Vinegar….for light days only that is!!

  183. I like dressing my salad with carmelized onions, sauteed mushrooms, crumbled bacon and gobs of goat cheese with thousand island dressing, but you can’t forget the cherry tomatoes and bean sprouts. I mix it up with spring mix and spinach. The warm onions and bacon on the cold vegetables is really good!

  184. I love honey mustard and pepper on my salads! Yummy!

  185. Sometimes I put on ranch, sometimes a balsamic vinaigrette. Depends on my mood, but it’s rarely anything complicated.

  186. Love salads with fruit, something crunchy like nuts or sunflower seeds, a little cheese (feta lately) and lots of veggies. I’ve been trying to make different dressings, searching for the perfect one…

  187. emily sherwin says:

    I love honey mustard! I also love mushrooms, the more the better… Lots of eggs and tomato too. I think adding cabbage to salad is great too, it ups the nutrients and the crunch. 😉

  188. I love raspberry vinaigrette, especially in summer. It’s light & refreshing. However, this summer, I’ve begun experimenting with some salad dressings of my own!

  189. Samantha Stevens says:

    I cut up romaine hearts and top it with eggs, cherry tomatoes, broccoli slaw mix(shredded broccoli, carrots, and red cabbage), green onions, cucumbers, and a little cheese—-sometimes I make homemade croutons(but that adds to the calories)—–a little olive oil, dijon mustard, pepper, and red wine vinegar, all whisked together make a great dressing. I like lots of veggies on my salads!!

  190. I love, love, love artichoke hearts, and my dressing of choice is usually Caesar, although if I’m in the mood to splurge, Brianna’s poppyseed dressing is pretty amazing. I’m also in love with taco salads of any variety.

  191. Elizabeth R says:

    A good blue cheese dressing or blue cheese vinagrette is my fav

  192. My favorite way to dress a salad is seasoned rice wine vinegar, a little salt and pepper. It’s light, low calorie, and delicious! (And the kids like it, too.)

  193. Emily N. says:

    on spinach salad, I like some olive oil, slivered almonds and dried cranberries.

  194. My favorites on salad is either ranch or more likely red wine vinaigrette, yum!!!

  195. Michelle P. says:

    Lately I have loved grilled chicken, strawberries and Balsamic vinigrette. Yum!

  196. I like boring ranch. Chefs salads are really good.

  197. I really like catalina with cheese and croutons too.

  198. I love a big green salad with chickpeas cuccumbers and goddess dressing.

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