Organize with the Print & Go Planner

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Organize with the Print & Go Planner! It’s a clean, streamlined personal or household planner to help you organize all the basics so you can get going with fun stuff.

Organize with the Print & Go Planner - Organize with the Print & Go Planner! This week, enter for your chance to win a copy of my newest planner.

As I’ve mentioned before, my planner is my brain on paper. While I may not consult it every minute of every day, it’s there to pick up the pieces when the wheels fall off the bus. You can bet your bottom dollar that this week, my planner is right by my side to keep me up to date with this week’s happenings as well as to catch up on anything I missed last week.

I love my new Print & Go Planner. It has all the things that I need to keep my head on straight: pages for calendars, goal setting, daily to-do’s, monthly projects, and a daily time budget.

Take a peek.

Organize with the Print & Go Planner


Organize with the Print & Go Planner

Monthly/Weekly/Daily To Do’s

time budget planner

A Weekly Time Budget

household planner (4)

Monthly Calendars

household planner (1)

A Weekly Meal Plan with To Do’s

household planner (3)

Yearly Goals

what I want planner page

A vision page to help you know where you’re going


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  1. “when the wheels fall off the bus”- I like that description. I had a couple unexpected things over the last few days that threw my plans off a little. Having a planner helped me think concretely about what I could rearrange and make things work out. 🙂

  2. Carla Stevens says:

    I have been diagnosed with ADD at the age of 52. I am now 53 and this planner would really help me stay on track as a single mom to a 10 y/o daughter. Oh and I forgot to mention I work full time in a very stressful field

  3. If been searching for a planner (a little too much) lately….is the on able to be printed in half sized (8×5.5 I think).
    Is there budget pages? Do you have any links with more information?
    Thanks so much!

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