Organizing Life as Mom: How to Master the Chaos

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Ready to get on your game? The Organizing Life as Mom ebook can help you get inspired for greatness, organized to make it happen, and help you enjoy your life as Mom a whole lot more.

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When my kids were little, I would often feel anxious and overwhelmed. There was so much riding on this parenting gig. So much hung in the balance, so much in my hands.

The care and nurture of these little eternal beings. Their education. Their emotions and understanding of the world. The way they viewed and responded to the world. I knew these things would be shaped by my actions. Or inaction.

Sometimes, that weighty responsibility had me paralyzed. Let’s face it, sometimes — 20 years into this gig — it still does.

I would lay awake at night, rehashing my failures, wondering how I was going to DO all the things that I needed to do — and still be a nice mom at the end of the day.

Recently, I came across a Bible verse that really stopped me in my tracks. “By what a man is overcome, by this he is enslaved.”

Oh my, YES. That is so true. For a big portion of my early parenting years I was overcome by worry and chaos. It enslaved me and it prevented me from doing my best.

I felt off my game. Out of sorts. Lacking direction.

And then, in 2009/2010, I found a new normal in the wake of adding a sixth child to our family. I decided that I wasn’t going to be overcome by the chaotic feelings. Instead I was going to, Lord willing, put in systems that would help me to be the master of at least some of that chaos.

Out of those years came this:

cover image of Organizing Life as Mom.

Way, way back in November of 2010, I published one of my very first ebooks, Organizing Life as Mom. Here’s what I had to say – and what it looked like! – way back then.

original cover image of Organizing Life as Mom.

It’s here! The project I’ve been working steadily on for the last five weeks, and been planning and thinking about for the last 11 months. An ebook, designed just for moms like you and me.

Well, in the last 7 years some things have changed, like the cover! But some things have stayed the same.

Organizing Life as Mom is made for people like you and me. In its seven year of publication, OLAM, as I affectionately call it, has been the shot in the arm to help moms get on their game.

To be the best YOU, to know where the car keys are, to know what’s for dinner, to keep smiling — all while approaching it in the way that best suits YOU and YOUR family.

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Organizing Life as MOM

This ebook provides a game plan for your life as wife, mother, and homemaker. Not only is it full of ideas and inspiration to help you get your act together, but 90+ printable pages are designed to help you create a household notebook that fits you, your life, your family.

The thing that sets this book apart from others is that the planning pages have fillable fields. That means you can click on a form and type in your priorities, your cleaning tasks, your meal plans and then save locally or print. Bind the pages in a household notebook, slip them in a binder, hang them on a clipboard — make them work for YOU

As it was in 2010, it is today my hope and prayer that this book will:

  • guide you in refining your goals as a mother
  • inspire you to simplify and focus on the most important things in your life
  • offer real life help in organizing your different roles and responsibilities

While content rich, the book also features lots of printables and activities to get you thinking — and mobilized — to be a better, happier, more organized home maker.

  • worksheets to help you think through your jobs at home
  • calendars that cover all the bases: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, including my popular monthly calendar that covers 2 pages per month. 😉
  • planning sheets for the holidays, your budget, your mealtimes, the kids’ school, sports team, and medical contacts
  • planner pages designed to put together a household notebook that fits you and your household

The 2019 calendar pages are now available, so if you don’t already have a household notebook that suits YOUR life as Mom, now’s the time to get your act together.

Buy Organizing Life as Mom here.

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  1. Do I have to downlaod the browser or just it just work? I guess I don’t really understand what the other browsers are

  2. I am at work and I don’t know that I should download another browser here….I will try when I get off work. Hopefully it will work then

    1. @Stephanie, it doesn’t seem to like Internet Explorer. So try a different browser and make sure the pop up blocker is disabled. Send me an email if you still have trouble.

  3. Is this planner for 2011? I know that is a stupid question but there are so many planners out there right now that you can buy that still have half of 2010 in them and half of 2011 in them. Sorry if you think that this is a stupid question.

    1. Not a stupid question at all. Yes, it contains several 2011 calendars with just the tail end of 2010 for those who bought early.

      1. @Jessica Fisher,

        Thank You so much for your understanding. I am a wife and mom of two beautiful little girls and my husband and I are trying to get on a better track with finances and organizing our lives. These websites have been an absolute blessing to me these last few months. Thank you for everything that you do.

        1. @Stephanie, it doesn’t seem to like Internet Explorer. So try a different browser and make sure the pop up blocker is disabled. Send me an email if you still have trouble.

  4. Hi Jessica! A friend of mine turned me onto your blog…so, I have been just recently following. I am interested in the book, but how is it different (or better) than Managers of their Homes? I borrowed a copy of this one from a friend and have read it.. she also has a way to make your own schedule in the book, etc. Any thoughts, would be most appreciated! 🙂

  5. Hi Jessica! I was going to email you today because I hadn’t received my email with my purchase. Then I read these and saw to check my junk box (duh!). I did and was unable to make the link work… I’m guessing it is because I paid with an electronic check through Paypal.

    So my question now is…will I receive a new email when that does clear or will I just go back to the original email?


    1. @Casie, it could be one of two things: either there’s a hold because it was an echeck or the link has expired. Send me an email to jessica at lifeasmom dot com and we’ll get it figured out.

      1. @Jessica Fisher,

        Hey Jessica! I tried it again when I got home and it worked. So thank you!

        And the quote…the one from Winston Churchill. Where did you find it? I LOVE that quote. I read it in a book somewhere one time (and can’t remember where now) but I have it on my FB page in my “info” box so I see it often. It keeps me grounded…

        Anyways, thanks so much for your ebook! I’ve used some of your worksheets before and am looking forward to getting through this ebook and making use of it as well.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    First of all, thank you so much for creating this!!!! I have been printing off quite a few forms of yours already! I am very interested in buying your book, but I have a few questions first. Now, I have never bought an ebook, so when I buy yours, do I have access to it all the time, forever, or is it only for a limited time? I’m assuming I can save it maybe on to something?? If you could help me out with this, I would really appreciate it!


    1. @Briana, yes, this document allows you to type into fillable fields (if you want) and then print and save locally.

      When making your purchase, make sure you use a valid email address so that the download link goes to the right place. Also, check your spam file if you don’t see it after about 20 minutes. You should receive an email within that time.

      If you use an electronic check via paypal, you will not receive a download email until the payment clears. But, you can safely use a credit card or debit card through paypal.

      A few users have had trouble downloading the document when using Internet Explorer, so use a different browser if you can.

      Let me know if you have more questions.

  7. Congratulations on completing this ebook. What an accomplishment! I look forward to purchasing and giving it a try to help make things a little bit easier.

  8. I have some questions about how you personally make your household planner. (Sorry if you have already covered this)
    ~ Do you print front & back?
    ~ Do you make several copies of Daily Checklists or do you go the laminate/page protector way?
    I know, we can do it however we like…just curious as to how you use it! Thanks!

    1. @April, I do print front and back for many of the sheets. Just depends on which ones. And I made one daily checklist this last time and had it laminated in order to save space and paper. I use an overhead projector pen (wet erase), fine tip, to write on it.

  9. I am so excited to get mine! Love your style & attitude, so I know it will be a big help and blessing in my life. Thanks so much for the hard work!!

  10. Congratulations Jessica! It sounds great and I know that getting busy moms organized is near and dear to your heart. I’m ordering mine now. 🙂