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I wasn’t really ready for the ball to drop earlier this week. First there was Christmas, then a trip to the doctor for two kids, then a trip out of town, then a trip home. We had a surprise trip to Urgent Care as soon as we got back into town.

All trips to Urgent Care are surprises, aren’t they?

It seems that December went out the same way it came in: one thing after another. And so when the dawn broke on January 1, I was actually a little surprised. Oh, I’m not ready.

So, this end of the week, I’m playing catch-up. Our school doesn’t start back until Monday, so I’ve got a few days to get some rhythm going.

Here are some of the tools I’m using to do that. Maybe they’ll help you, too.

YouVersion Bible Reading App

I’ve only been using the YouVersion Bible Reading app for two days, but folks on Facebook raved about it. I didn’t follow a “reading plan” last year, but was content to just go at my own pace. This year, well, two days ago, I decided I wanted a plan to follow.

In a few clicks, I downloaded the free app, chose a Bible reading plan (The One-Year Chronological Bible), chose a translation (NASB) and voila. With just a few clicks every day on my phone, tablet, or computer, I’m taken right to my place reading in the Bible. Very cool.

Motivated Moms

Motivated Moms is a daily chore planner that tells you what houseworky kinds of things to do each day of the year. I hate cleaning, but it was so helpful to have “someone” tell me what to do. I became an affiliate for the product years ago because I thought it was so great.

I bought the iPhone app last year and loved it even more. (It’s also available in a ebook version as well.)

I’m using the daily cleaning assignments to help me get my house back in order after a month of chaos.


Of course, as high-tech-digital as I am (bwahaha), I still love paper and pencil. I use my household notebook to track our schedules, meal plans, freezer inventory, goals, projects, and other random thoughts.

I wrote Organizing Life as MOM to help myself as well as you. It holds planning pages and how-to’s for how to be more productive and create a more peaceful atmosphere. It’s all about creating order from chaos.

You can buy it here for $9. If you already have it, you can buy the new calendar pages for $3.


One Bite at a Time

One of my very favorite reads and “shots in the arm” for getting back on track is Tsh Oxenreider’s One Bite at a Time. I love this book, available in pdf and on Kindle, and revisit it frequently for renewed inspiration. It’s definitely on my reread list., 5 eBooks for $7.40!

The book is currently available in a bargain bundle of ebooks. Normally priced at $5, you can get One Bite at a Time as well as four other books to help you get on track for just $7.40. Basically, the other four books in the bundle (by Stephanie Langford, Josh Becker, Crystal Paine, and Susan Heid) are sixty cents each after you “buy” Tsh’s book. So, you really can’t lose.

Those are my top four resources this week to help me get back on my game.

Have YOU got a favorite resource?

Disclosure: I am an affiliate (or author) of some, but not all, of the aforementioned resources. This means that if you buy one or more, this site may benefit monetarily. However, I wouldn’t tell you about them if I didn’t think they were valuable to your “life as MOM”.

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  1. I used the YouVersion chronological plan last year on my Kindle. I set it up so that it would “read” to me while I was ironing. Not all translations have the read option, so you may have to experiment with it a bit. I like to listen to different translations of the same passage. It sure makes ironing feel more productive!

      1. ESV is a translation I like and I get it to read to me while I am routine things also. My Bible study group started reading the essentials plan and we should be finishing up at the end of the month. Its a 90 day plan for those who dont think they can stay on track for a whole year! Also there is a catch me up butto where you can just erase the guilt…it brings you current reading to the current day and you are no longer behind!

  2. I just downloaded the YouVersion Bible app yesterday (yeah I know, a day late). I’m doing the 51 week plan, which takes you through the New Testament and the Psalms in, ahem, 51 weeks. This is my first time doing a plan so I decided to go with a lighter one to increase my chance of success!

    This is pretty simple but Google calendar helps me keep on top of bill paying. I have it send me a reminder a couple days before each bill is due. And it is synced with my husband’s, which makes scheduling easier. I am hoping to create some type of home management binder soon. With two young children and a new house, it is getting harder and harder to stay on top of things without “a system.” I’ll look into Motivated Moms and I may buy your OLAM. This is the perfect time to get organized!

    1. I wouldn’t worry about being “a day late” on something like that. God’s word is always good. I think we heap too much guilt on each other about it. Reading is the important part not when or how. 😉

      I use google calendar for my writing projects. It’s so helpful!

    1. Hi Cristina! The Lite version lets you try out the app with the following limitations: 1) a two week sample set of tasks and 2) you are limited to 5 custom tasks. With the full version you get the full year of tasks and can add unlimited custom tasks. Lite is a good way to try before you buy. I hope that helps! Thanks, Susan at Motivated Moms

  3. I’ve used Motivated Mom’s ebook the past 2 years and absolutely LOVED it! I’m trying out the app this year. I really like the custom task feature & the ability to hide some of the tasks that aren’t applicable to me. My kids maybe don’t like the assign feature, LOL! With the color-coding, now I don’t forget who I told to do what! 😉

    Do you or your readers have any suggestiong for a food journaling app? I’d like to start doing that & really do not want to just use a notebook (trying to reduce paper clutter!). Maybe you could pretty please also ask your Facebook followers? Thanks so much!!!

    1. My husband and I use the MyPlate app. It tracks food, weight, exercise, and will also help you track calories if you want to lose weight. I’ll add the question to my FB page today if I remember. 😉

    2. My husband and I use My Fitness Pal. It is available both for our Android phones and our PC’s. We LOVE it! We started it a few months back, and I have lost 31 lbs, my husband has lost 50. It works, especially since I meal plan a month at a time, input what we are having and away we go. Highly recommend it and it is completely free!

  4. I just started using the YouVersion Bible reading app also. I was looking for a way to read the Bible and follow along with the She Reads Truth program at the same time on my phone. To my surprise, that was one of the devotional programs offered on the YouVersion app. I love it! (And since it’s on my phone, it helps me to choose to read my Bible first before checking Facebook. 🙂
    The Motivated Moms thing looks great. I just posted today about looking for a better, easier housecleaning schedule. I’ll have to check that out.
    thank you!