Organizing Your Music

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It’s a whole new world out there when it comes to music, how it’s packaged, and how you store it. When I was a kid, we traveled across country in a VW-bus, listening to 8-track tapes.

My, times have changed.

Today our family buys CDs or single-song downloads and burns them to our iTunes library. Then we either load them to an ipod, make a kids-can-scratch-it copy, or listen to the original in the car or on the kids’ boom boxes. If I’m lucky, the original CD might make it back to the jewel case or get stored in one of two CD binders we own.

Yeah, we’re fancy like that.

Technology changes so quickly, it’s really hard to keep up.

So, I’m curious. How do you store your music? How do you buy it in the first place? If you had your ‘druthers, how would you keep track of your tunes?

What do YOU do?

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  1. We have tons of CDs in jewel cases and binders, and they take up so much space! However, I don’t want to get rid of them in case something happens to my copies on my computer. I’m really interested to hear how others store their collections!

    We actually have a shelving unit – 6 feet high – designed to hold CDs in their jewel cases, that holds many of our CDs. We strapped it to the wall so that children couldn’t pull it down on their heads. They can still pull the cases off though!!!

  2. Although no one wants to do it, we pitched the cases and keep the sleeves in shoe box alphabetically. The original discs go in a binder or 2 or 4 stores in our library up high. We’ve made copies of our favorites and keep a car set (kept in a shoe box alphabetically). In the shoebox the discs in thin protective sleeves are the ones that should always remain while others that are loose get switched frequently.