My Sweet Pumpkins

Saturday morning the FishFam loaded up — eight in a minivan– to drive the 2 1/2 hour trek to my parents’. It was the first time my four siblings and I have all been together for five years. While we were reunited we celebrated my brother’s birthday and visited the local pumpkin patch, the same one we went to as kids. It was a great, relaxing weekend, especially since the only food I prepared was a pot of mashed potatoes, I washed no dishes, and there were no boxes to unpack.

My sister insisted that we line up “in order.” There were varying theories of what that order might be… age (I’m the oldest of the five), height (I’m also the shortest), or beauty (or so says my youngest brother — and he wasn’t complimenting me.)

Do you know how many shots I had to take to get this photo of the FishKids and their cousin Ella?

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  1. Love the picture. I know how hard it is to get my four girls in a picture!!! Great pic of your siblings. My two sons are built so different, kind of like your brothers. lol…yongest is bigger. He could pay back his older brother for all those years of teasing and picking on him. When they do wrestle around Older still seems to win. He says, “You don’t get it mom. I will always be the big brother.”

  2. Monroegirl says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic of you five kids! How cute is that? I’m sure your folks were thrilled to have you all together in the same place for the whole weekend! That’s awesome!

  3. How fun! Love the photos!!

  4. mamalibby says:

    Beautiful family! Now to start working on the Christmas card picture…:0)

  5. That’s so wonderful you were able to get together with all your family. I love the pictures!

  6. How nice to all be together again. Jamie looks exactly like your mom and I can’t tell which brother is which?!?
    Brings back old memories.

  7. cute pumpkins

    You look incredible for having just had a baby….and your 6th at that!!

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