Housekeeping 101: Simple Tips Your Mom Might Have Forgotten to Tell You

There’s a lot to learn in this life. Reading, writing, arithmetic. How to balance a budget, book an airline flight, and change a tire. Cook a gourmet meal, plant a garden, sew a seam. And sometimes, housekeeping skills fall by the wayside. Perhaps Mom was busy earning a wage and didn’t have time to pass […]

Time Management & Weekly Routines

A few weeks ago I shared some ways that I was learning to manage my time better. Rather than prepare a schedule that I would inevitably fail, I created a time budget, alloting a certain amount of each day to the tasks I need to do in order to keep my life ship-shape. But as […]

Paper Clutter Triage

Mandi from Life Your Way and I have joined forces with to bring you a video series on managing your paper clutter. We’ll spend the next few months discussing strategies for managing your paper clutter. This week I address “paper clutter triage” – how to sort and distinguish the important from what can be trashed or […]

Save Money at the Grocery Store with Grocery University

As longtime readers will know, I am a grocery geek. It’s rare that I buy groceries that aren’t on sale. Well, maybe not rare, but certainly painful. I avoid it at all costs. I prefer to stock up on items when they are on sale rather than pay full price when I “need them.” My […]

A Busy Mom Cleaning Kit for the Home and the Soul

A post from LifeasMOM Contributor, Prerna Malik photo source: D Sharon Pruitt I love to clean. Really. Okay, maybe I’m not a big fan of dusting but boy, we do get a lot of dust in this part of the world. But, do you know why I enjoy cleaning so much? I try to make […]

Time Management Without a Schedule

photo source Remember the love-hate relationship I have with schedules? Well, a few months ago I gave it a go. I really did. I wrote up a schedule and I ran it through the paces. And ya know what? It really didn’t support what the players on my team were doing. It wasn’t good for morale. […]

Manage Your Paper Clutter

My friend Mandi and I are collaborating on a vlog series about how to manage all the paper that enters your home everyday. Today Mandi discusses the sources of paper clutter. Hop over to Life Your Way to catch the video and participate in the conversation.

Plan a Great Weekend

Usually by the time Friday rolls around here, I am beat. Hubs is exhausted. Yet, we still want to spend good time together since we have two whole days at our disposal, overtime schedules permitting. Yet, two different bloggers have convinced me of the need to plan for the weekend. These are old posts, but […]