Pirate’s Booty: A Giveaway

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We discovered Pirate’s Booty about ten years ago as a baby-friendly snack that the whole family enjoyed. Now, it’s not designed for babies, but its crunchy texture was one that we all loved and one that a baby could easily eat. It was a great alternative to chips, pretzels, or popcorn that would require me to perform the Heimlich maneuver that I don’t know how to do anyhow.

Suffice it to say, Pirate’s Booty, with its great taste and healthier ingredients, became our go-to snack. Think about a cheese puff gone healthy. These puffs are baked, all-natural, and gluten-free. Very cool.

There is actually an entire line of Pirate Brand Snacks that I was not aware of. Where have I been? Here’s what the Pirate told me:

Pirate’s Booty is a deliciously baked all-natural snack made from puffed rice and corn. Pirate’s Booty is only up to 130 calories per serving, is trans-fat and gluten free and comes in great subtle flavors like Aged White Cheddar, Veggie, Sour Cream & Onion, New York Pizza, Sea Salt & Vinegar and Barbeque.

Smart Puffs are all-natural corn puffs made with real Wisconsin cheddar that are baked to perfection. Smart Puffs are trans-fat and gluten free.

Original Tings are all-natural vegan crunchy corn sticks made from the finest milled American corn. Tings are trans-fat and gluten free.

Over the last year, there have been some great coupons that have enabled us to enjoy Pirate’s Booty a little more often. But, this week, you don’t need no stinkin’ coupon. Just enter today’s giveaway!

Two readers will each win a case (24 bags) of assorted Pirate Brand snacks. Talk about some great munchies for movie night or your upcoming Super Bowl Party!

Here are the three ways you can enter to win:

  1. Leave a comment telling me your favorite snack.
  2. Blog about or tweet (@fishmama) this giveaway and bring the link back here, leaving a second comment.
  3. Subscribe to LifeasMOM in a reader or via email and leave a third comment, telling me you did so.

Giveaway will be open until Sunday night at 8 pm., PST. Winners to be chosen at random and announced next week. You must leave a valid email contact in your initial comment and respond to my email within 48 hours in order to claim your prize. US addresses only, thanks.

This giveaway is now closed.

I’ve got an all-star line-up of giveaways this week, so prepare to be tackled. Stay tuned!

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  1. My favorite snack is ranch doritos – but I would love to win some new snacks!

  2. I love cereal with cold milk…I could live on it in the summer!!

  3. I already subscribe…and really appreciate your blog’s insights!! Thanks for taking the time to share a piece of your life with us!!

  4. I’m a big fan of bite-sized tortilla chips w/ a Hormel chili (no beans) and cream cheese dip!

  5. I tweeted about this @apichea.

  6. I subscribe to LifeAsMom in a reader.

  7. My favorite snack is chips and salsa. Or Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies. Or sour cream and onion potato chips. Or Cheddar Sun Chips. Or peanut M&Ms. Or plain Kix cereal. Or…

  8. I subscribe in my Blogger feed. 😀

  9. My favorite snack is just about anything sweet. I don’t crave salty stuff, but eat it when it’s there!

  10. subscriber in Google Reader

  11. Good ol’ potato chips and french onion dip are one of my favorite snacks!

  12. my favorite snack is hummus with pita chips!

  13. i subscribe in my google reader 🙂

  14. We’ve never tried Pirate Booty as there isn’t a Trader Joes in our neighborhood. But, our favorite snack is popcorn – hands down.

  15. Hmmm I have lots of favorite snacks, mostly high-sugar content snacks… I LOVE Pirate Booty though, very yummy 🙂

  16. My favorite snack…that depends upon who is watching me eat it! LOL I love pretzels, apples and caramel dip and of course Pirate’s Booty, but I’ve been known to enjoy some alone time with a bag of M&M’s or Oreo’s!!!!

  17. I’m a subscriber 🙂

  18. rebekah riehle says:

    i would have to say that the favorite snack in this house would be any type of 7 layer dip and chips…we are a chip and dip kind of family!

  19. rebekah riehle says:

    i’m a subscriber!!!

  20. Tweeted about the giveaway @GirlstoGrow

  21. I subscribe in my Google feed reader.

  22. My favorite snack is tortilla chips and salsa. Especially fresh salsa. But when not in season, the canned will do!

  23. Melissa B. says:

    My favorite snack is sunflower seeds! Those things are so addicting!

  24. I am a subscriber.

  25. The aged cheddar are my fav!

  26. Tweeted for a 2nd chance

  27. Subscribing for a third chance!

  28. I love me some Cheetos

  29. I love Pirate’s Booty it is a favorite in our house 🙂

  30. i subscribe via google reader 🙂

  31. I subscribe to email

  32. I LOVE to snack on just about any kind of hummus, but really love the spicy stuff. I’ve tried Pirates Booty once at a swim meet and really liked it.

    lipsticktocrayons at gmail dot com

  33. I’m a subscriber.

    lipsticktocrayons at gmail dot com

  34. Aged White Cheddar 🙂 mmmmmmmmm!!

  35. i tweeted it too! (@tarajo)

  36. I think that my favorite snack is definitely cold cereal and milk, ultimate favorite being Capt’n Crunch. This is followed closely by potato chips and onion dip and my homemade monster cookies.

  37. my favorite snack is chips and salsa.

    I tweeted @DSPTina & am already subscribed via RSS.


  38. My favorite snack is Linn’s churro nuggets that you get up in Cambria – crunchy-sweet corn nuggets that are like “crack”!

  39. I used to love chips…..but because of the unhealthy factor gave them up. These seem like an amazing choice!! Thanks!

  40. One of my favorite snacks is pretzel sticks dipped in peanut butter.

  41. My favorite is pretzels with ranch dressing! My daughter got me hooked.

  42. Tweeted:

    thanks for the chances!

    lipsticktocrayons at gmail dot com

  43. I subscribe in google reader.

  44. My fave snack lately is something sweet. I’ve had crepes and brownies and breakfast quinoa to snack on this past week!

  45. I subscribe via a reader.

    I love your blog!

  46. warillever says:

    We are so addicted to Goldfish that a healthful change of pace would be good for us.

  47. A cheese puff gone healthy sounds like my kind of snack. My favorite snack would have to be chips and salsa. What a great give away!

  48. My kids love the Snap Pea Crisps from Trader Joe’s.

  49. My fav snack is wheat thins and muenster cheese.

  50. I am a subscriber.

  51. I am also a subscriber through Google reader. Thanks!

  52. I love chips and dip!

  53. My favorite snack: dark chocolate truffles or hot cocoa. Or popcorn with melted chocolate drizzled over it.

  54. We love, love, love Tings.

    And our kids LOVE lollipops. They’ll do anything for one.

  55. Our favorite snack is Utz chips. Since we live in Kansas City, we are only able to get them by ordering online.

  56. And I’m a Google Reader reader, too! Thanks.

  57. We love popcorn and ice cream for our snacks.

  58. I subscribe by e-mail.

  59. I’m an RSS reader mom too.

  60. I love some good quality chocolate and a handful of almonds. Thanks for the giveaway, hope to win 🙂

  61. I love cool ranch doritos! And my kids love pirates booty! What a great giveaway!

  62. My favorite snack is fruit.

  63. I’m also subscribed in google reader!

  64. I love airpopped popcorn with melted butter and garlic butter. Sometimes, I will have a huge bowl for lunch instead of other food. Maybe not the healthiest, but ,wow, I love it.

  65. Please enter me. I love brownies!

    clarksrfun at gmail dot com

  66. We all LOVE popcorn…but variety is nice, too!

  67. I am addicted to Lay’s potato chips. I do try to eat other “healthier” snacks such as baked chips. I would love to have some Pirate booty. It satisfies that craving for salty snacks and has lots of crunch.

  68. I am a suscriber.

  69. My favorite snacks are mint oreos and sweet-tarts 🙂

  70. My favorite snack is cottage cheese with raw sunflower seeds on it. I also like to add a spoonful of apple butter and half a banana, from time to time.

  71. I am a new subscriber… thanks for this great offer!


  73. My favorite snack is a green apple w/ a little p-nut butter

  74. Our favorite snacks are fruit smoothies!

  75. My favorite snack is frozen fruit or sweet chili doritos.

  76. Tracy Huett says:
  77. My favorite snack right now today would be peanuts! It changes constantly though.

  78. We love the booty!! My fave snack is either veggies and dip or ruffles dipped in ketchup.


  79. I like to snack on blueberries or chocolate chips, depending how much I care about caloric intake at the time :>

  80. I’m already a subscriber through Google Reader. I love your blog—especially as a fellow San Diegan!

  81. I subscribe!

  82. I love special k crackers and laughing cow cheese. It’s a yummy and somewhat healthy snack. Thanks for the giveaway!

  83. My favorite snack is toasted nuts. I try not to keep them in the house, as it is hard to eat just one serving.

    Would love to find some delicious healthier snacks.

    fperkins2000 @

  84. Oh we love these!
    Our favorite is pirate’s booty or veggie booty!
    This is such an exciting give-away.

  85. I subscribe via email!

  86. I was already following you. Now I have subscribed to get your feed on my Yahoo home page.

    Great giveaway!

    fperkins2000 @

  87. We try to eat minimally processed foods here at my house so Pirate Booty has been a favorite kids snack for quite some time for my 3 and 5 year olds as well as myself and my husband. In our house we just call in “booty”. We get it at a little Trader Joes near my house. We went once when my son was three and he proclaimed loudly to everyone in Trader Joes that day that if he was good at the store momma would let him get some “booty”. Lets just say there were a lot of strange looks…

  88. hmm, this is a hard one, depends on the day and hour, I can crave just about anything for a snack, lol! Chips, chocolate chip cookies, muffins, chocolate, I could go on… I’ve never tried Pirate’s booty though I’ve heard rave reviews so I’d love to win some. Thanks

  89. I have never tried Pirates Booty before, but I have seen it at Costco. I have a little one in the house so it sounds like this would be a great snack for him. Thank you for the giveaway! I like to snack on Smartfood.

  90. I subscribe through google reader.

  91. I used to have a thing for Doritoes. Now I am into slightly healthier tortilla chips and fresh guac or chili cheese dip. But I have tried the Pirates Booty and love having snacks I can feel good about feeding my children.

  92. Our favorite snack is cheese … any flavor, any day! Thanks for a great give-away! 🙂

  93. Just discovered “booty” a few months ago while seaching for a healthier snacks for my toddlers… favorite snack…hmmm…anything milk chocolate

  94. Kelly Perry says:


  95. Kelly Perry says:

    email subscriber

  96. Just subscribed via reader. I have visited your site from time to time, usually from MoneySavingMom. Now I can check it out more regularly. 🙂

  97. My favorite snack is tortilla chips with cream cheese & salsa! But pirates booty is a close second, my boys can finish off a bag in one day if I let them.

  98. I’ve subscribed via email! Thanks 🙂

  99. We love popcorn!!

  100. I love Lay’s Baked Chips. They are yummy and healthy!

  101. Jacquelyn s says:

    I looove pringles and anything chocolate

  102. Betsy Kraat says:

    We’re big fans of Pirate Booty around here–in fact, my son alarmed a cashier the other day demanding some “booty.”

  103. donna griffin says:

    I love popcorn and any kind of nuts.

  104. Tabitha Moseley says:

    We loooove Pirate’s Booty!! But they don’t carry it at our commissary, so pick me!

  105. popcorn with parmesan cheese on it 🙂

  106. My favorite snack is string cheese… I know, not a sweet, but still good!

  107. I love chips and salsa!

  108. My favorite snack is Hershey’s Kisses. Perfect portions! 🙂

  109. ok its likely not a “snack” as much as a treat, but M&Ms are my fave

  110. I subscribe..

  111. I follow in google friends! Thanks for the giveaway!

  112. I love Pirate’s Booty – but my favorite snack is tostitoes with salsa and aour cream

  113. I subscribe via Google reader.

  114. chocolate milk and cheese sticks 🙂

  115. I now subscribe via email updates

  116. Yummy! Hope we win!

  117. I love cheezits ~ and they’ve gotta be the regular cheezits, not the low fat, baked version. They used to go so well with an ice-cold Coke, but I try not to do soda that much anymore 🙁

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  118. My favorite snack is Jay’s BBQ chips.

    I grew up in the midwest. For the past 7 years, we’ve lived in CO and have not found these chips ANYWHERE. My mother-in-law has taken it upon herself to purchase a few bags of these beloved chips as my Christmas present each year.

  119. My favorite snack is croutons and ranch dressing! Not healthy but oh so good.

  120. Smart Puffs is one of our favorite snacks!!! The only problem for us is that one bag doesn’t last long!!! LOL

  121. I subscribe by e-mail

  122. Jan Tremaine says:

    We love snacks around here! Popcorn, granola bars, carrots and dip, pretty much anything. I’ve never tried Pirate’s Booty. I’d love to win!

  123. My son loves Funky Monkey Snacks, so I would love for his to try these.

  124. Subscriber via reader.

  125. I hope I tweeted this correctly!!!!


  126. I am already a subscriber and am so thankful for how much of an inspiration you are!!!

  127. tamara ashley says:

    We love the aged cheddar.

  128. Fresh fruit or popcorn.

  129. Favorite snack=favorite food – it’s all the same: cookies!!! I do love Pirate’s booty though!

  130. Besides fresh summer fruit chocolate pretzels are my downfall!

  131. We LOVE LOVE LOVE Pirates Booty….. I was hooked about 10 years ago also when we tried it! Yum!

  132. email subscriber
    hensnest at windstream dot net

  133. I subscribe to your website in google reader!

  134. My favorite snack is anything with chocolate. However, I would love a healthier alternative!!

  135. My favorite snack is Bruster’s ice cream! Clearly, I could use a healthier snack.

  136. I am a subscriber.

    My daughter loves the veggie booty. It is one of the few ways I can sneak veggies into her body. She is so her Dad in that way.

  137. Angie Smith says:

    I love the sea salt and vinegar pirates booty! Delish!

  138. My favorite snack is ice cream. But I’m trying to make better choices. And my kids love Pirate’s Booty 🙂

  139. I’m a subscriber!

  140. You’re in my google reader.

  141. My favorite snack – popcorn with M&Ms in it. Yummo!

  142. I love pretzels, but these look delicious!

  143. I tweeted you.
    RT @fishmama: New on LifeasMOM – Pirate’s Booty: A Giveaway // Yummy! you know you want some. Comment to win.

  144. I subscribe to you in a reader!

  145. You’re in my google reader!

  146. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Pirate’s Booty. We were just introduced to it this year and can’t get enough of it! Our favorite snack depends on the mood in our house at the time…….if we want salty, definitely Pirate’s Booty. We really enjoy Chunky Monkey Smoothies (banana, chocolate milk and peanut butter) and fruit/veggies.

  147. I usually snack on a bowl of cereal.

  148. I love choc chips, just the right amount of sweet. Ok I also love chips!

  149. I LOVE popcorn. I could pretty much have that as a snack every day of the week.

  150. I’m usually a junk food junkie. Love the stuff. But I’m trying to clean up my act a little at a time, and I surprisingly found out last week that I LOVE apples as snacks. And now my two little ones are catching on. Awesome! I would certainly love to win some other healthy snacks too!!! Thanks for the chance!

  151. I subscribe via google reader

  152. I subscribed via email!

  153. My favorite snack is anything with dip.

  154. Cookies are my favorite snack.

  155. I am a subscriber.

  156. Favorite snack: chocolate. Particularly chocolate baked goods. Like that biscotti recipe you posted a while ago… mmm, that was a yummy breakfast…

  157. Right now I am lovin’ Stacy’s Pita Chips Cinnamom Sugar. YUM!

  158. Hi Fish Mama, Love your enthusiasm and your site. I am currently addicted to Stacy’s Pita Chips. I try to hide them from my boys (5), I received a free sample in the mail last week and was sooo excited.

  159. We love a big bowl of popcorn!!

  160. I really like something crunchy. (Can’t say I have a favorite, but crunchy is part of the equation!)

  161. I really like Pirate’s Booty, but my favorite snack is popcorn. Yum!

  162. I subscribe via email.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your website! I’ve gleaned so many great things from here:)

  163. We love popcorn and anything salty like chips.

  164. Emily Davis says:

    I am subscribed through both FaceBook & Email AND – we have loved Pirates Booty for years here. I love the White Cheddar Popcorn and their Caramel the best. They have great stuff.

    LOVE IT!

  165. I love homemade quick breads and snack cakes. Also baby carrots. Yum!

  166. I’m subscribed via RSS.

  167. My favorite snack is Tostitos hint of lime.

  168. I love popcorn with a few m&m’s sprinkled in…it has to be warm so the chocolate can melt a bit. YUMMY.

  169. I am an email subscriber.

  170. My favorite snack is hot chocolate chip cookies with cold milk after the kids are in bed. I know it is bad to say, after the kids are in bed, but they taste so much better as I am taking a deep breath after a long day.
    Thanks for the giveaway!!


    richshelpmate @ yahoo dot com

  171. My favorite snack is clementines.

  172. I also subscribe via Google Reader.

  173. Okay, so I have never tried the Pirate booty snacks, however betcha can’t eat just one 🙂 or so that is what I am thinking. My favorite as of recent is apple slice with a piece of chese, all in one bite! Yum!

  174. Wow, sound yummy! I would love to give them a try.

  175. I *adore* salty snacks of all kinds… truly. I’m trying desperately to ‘healthify’ my snack habits but I have to admit that tortilla chips are a terrible weakness for me! I can polish off a whole basket at a Tex-Mex restaurant. Please enter me in the giveaway for healthier Booty! 🙂

  176. I’ve subscribed via email.

  177. We LOVE Pirate’s Booty!! And Pita chips and popcorn too!

  178. Chips and salsa–the perfect snack! I also love anything that combines salty and sweet, like chocolate covered pretzels.

  179. My favorite snack is usually chocolate but I love salty stuff too!

  180. Sounds yummy! I’d never heard of this brand, although my family loves natural snacks.

  181. My favorite snack is popcorn.

  182. I love Goldfish and White cheddar pirates booty. We can go through a bag a day at our house!

  183. my favorite snack is pepper jack cheese and wheat thins!!
    But pirate booty is a close 2nd!

  184. sounds good to us

  185. We love the cheddar booty!

  186. I subscribe through Google Reader

  187. OMG! I’ve loved Pirate’s Booty for YEARS! I’ve brought it for snacks at gatherings of big and small people and I still get the “eye” of disbelief before they try it! YUM!

  188. Our favorite snack is chips and homemade salsa. Or bananas with peanut butter. Yum!

  189. I’m an RSS subscriber.

  190. I am addicted to salty/crunchy everything! I admit that potato chips are my downfall, but I’d never heard about Pirate Booty until today! Healthier, but still salty and crunchy? Count me in!

  191. I subscribe with Google reader. 🙂

  192. My favorite snack is pretzel sticks & mustard! I’ve passed this on to my toddler who now has mustard stains on every item of his clothing! Anyone know WHAT takes out mustard stains??? ;P

  193. Mmmm, I can eat an entire bag of Pirates Booty in one sitting. It’s ridiculously good! My favorite kind is the original, navy blue bag, yum!!! Thank you!

  194. oooh and I also Follow in Google Reader! Thanks again!

  195. Unfortunately, Swedish fish are my favorite snack. Not so healthy. 🙂

  196. I subscribe to your RSS feed in Google Reader.

  197. I love a simple trail mix of peanuts, raisins, and chocolate chips.

  198. My favorite snack is Flipsides crackers, but my 6 year old is completely obsessed with Pirate’s Booty!

  199. My family LOVES Pirate’s Booty Cheddar!

  200. I love pirate booty! It is definitely up there in my favorite snacks. I also love sour cream and onion potato chips.

  201. I tweeted about your giveaway, but I have no idea how to bring the link back here from Tweetdeck — sorry about that.

  202. I love anything salty. Discovered Veggie Booty about 6 months ago …mmmm good!

  203. I would love to win! Thanks! My favorite snack is icecream! 🙂

  204. My new favorite snack is BBQ Pirate’s Booty. Someone at work brought them in and we all went hmmm, wow!

  205. I subscribe to your blog with my google reader. Thanks so much!

  206. My favorite snack is fresh dates. Thanks for the giveaway!

  207. I would have to say my favorite snack is popcorn…of ANY kind! I do love the pirates booty snacks to though!

  208. Claire Pulsifer says:

    Wow – hmmmm favorite snack. depends on the mood. I’m still a hot tea and something sweet and chocolately girl. So much for healthy. We do love the pirates booty line of products, but of course only when on sale. 🙂

  209. Pam Howard says:

    Popcorn! Always my favorite!

  210. I’ve never tried these but they sound delicious, sign me up please!

  211. I am a snacker! Lately I have really been enjoying apples and tangerines…can’t get enough! Of course that may be the pregnancy hormones talking 🙂 I’d love to add some Pirate’s Booty to the mix!

  212. I subscribe via Google Reader!

  213. I’d never heard of Pirate’s Booty before, but it sounds like something my kids would really enjoy. Our family’s favorite snack is popcorn.

  214. My favorite snack would probably be Wheat Thins. I would love to try Pirate’s Booty. Thanks

  215. My favorite snack…I will admit that any “snack” is a good snack. We are not the house for snacks because if we own them then I eat them. Pirate Booty is a favorite though!

  216. Oh and I follow through google reader!

  217. Hmmm, salty treats usually….like right now I just ate a bunch of my kids’ goldfish crackers. 🙂

  218. Love the sea salt and vinegar!

  219. My favorite snack would have to be cheetos (the crunchy kind). I get all happy when my fingers turn orange 🙂

  220. I love fruit as a snack! This sounds like a great salty snack though.

  221. Nancy Simmons says:

    Popcorn! Any flavor, any type, any prep!

  222. My favorite snack is air popped popcorn with M&M’s thrown in. I also love Dove Dark Chocolate!

  223. I love combos. The pepperoni pizza pretzel kind. Not proud of that, but just being honest!

  224. Kelly Glashauser says:

    Tings tings tings – like a potato chip but better.

  225. We love Pirate Booty! I also really like goldfish.

  226. My favorite snack is cheez its….but I do love pirate’s booty!

  227. Right now my favorite snack is craisins.

  228. I’d love to win! I’m gluten intolerant and it’s always nice to find a new gluten free snack… and even better to get them for free!

  229. bring on the booty! the toddlers snack of choice 🙂

  230. I really like carrots and dip or Baked Lays. But I do enjoy Pirate’s Booty – I just usually can’t afford it so this would be a great one to win!

  231. Oh and I follow/subscribe in Google reader!

  232. I linked back to you:

    (Oh, and I forgot to say before… my favorite snack is popcorn!)

  233. TINGS!!!

  234. Katherine C. says:

    I love popcorn as a snack. The kids are eating some right now!

  235. Katherine C. says:
  236. Pirates Booty is so good! I used to get the White Cheddar from Costco but we let our membership lasp and I sooo miss the Booty. My booty as well! Pirates Booty is really tasty and low cal so it worked great with my weight watchers diet.

  237. I subscribe via RSS.

  238. My favorite snack is probably popcorn. I love all different flavors and varieties. I’ve only had original Pirate’s Booty, so I would love to try the other kinds.

  239. I subscribe to your blog through Google Reader. =)

  240. my favorite snack… anything with SALT!!!

  241. I love Pirate Booty! but may all time fav is rippled chips and french onion dip…so healthy 🙂

  242. My favorite healthy snack is fresh, raw, sugar snap peas! I’m not going to mention my unhealthy snacks as they are not inspiring 🙁

  243. Nicole Jenkins says:

    My favorite snack is usually Hawkins Cheezies. But most times, anything crunchy/salty will suffice!

  244. My favorite snack—-I can only list one?!! LOL
    I’m a “snacky” kind of girl!! Forget dinner….just bring on the snacks!
    I would have to say, a good ‘ol Cheeto brings on so much joy!!!

  245. I just subscribed to your blog via e-mail today!

  246. Homemade Chex Mix – all gluten free ingredients. Made a batch for me and a batch of regular for my kids and guests, everyone liked mine better!

  247. My four year old is obsessed with Pirate’s Booty! 🙂 It’s definitely her favorite snack. Mine? Some Dove chocolate, please. 😉

  248. Does chocolate count?

  249. Love Pirate’s Booty…ever since discovered it while on weight watchers years ago. My little girls live it (2 and 4). They call it “Pirate’s Booby.” Also love Baked Lays & salt and vinegar chips…wish baked lays would do a salt/vinegar version.

  250. I love Salty and Crunchy (and sweet when it is mixed in too! )

    Would love to win this Pirate Booty 🙂

  251. I love Wise potato chips with my sister – in laws homemade dip – she just takes Grated onion, phillie cream cheese and a little milk but it is sooo good – and hers always tastes the better than mine

  252. My favorite snack is chips & salsa

  253. I also subscribe via google reader
    thanks for the chance to win!

  254. I like the aged white cheddar! Yum!

  255. mine is brownies!

  256. i subscribe to email

  257. Our family’s current favorite snack is plain popcorn popped on top of the stove.

  258. I love popcorn! It started with a craving during our first pregnancy and has never stopped! 🙂

  259. Our whole family loves popcorn – stovetop popped with a little butter and salt.

  260. Is chocolate a snack?

  261. I will have to say that my favorite snack… if you’re talking crunchy, carb overdose would have to be cheese popcorn OR Bold Chex Mix! However, you have to realize I’m pregnant and so just about ANYTHING snack-y is really delicious to me! ha ha ha!

  262. yummy. there are lots of snacks that i adore. lately it’s been stacy’s naked pita chips with some red roasted peper hummus. deliciousness.

  263. Thanks for the chance to win! I am a loyal reader via the email subscribe. Although, I have to admit that sometimes I’m too impatient and just go to the website to read during the day!
    Thanks, Michelle

  264. My favorite is dark chocolate truffles. My kids are like me and love sweets, but they love popcorn or apple slices with peanut butter too:)

  265. Our favorite snack (besisdes chocolate, of course) just happens to be Pirate Booty. I think it is hysterical to hear my kids (3 and 4) say, “Can I have some Booty?” How can I resist?
    I have tried, in vain, to get them to eat the veggie, so we get the Aged White Cheddar. I had no idea there were other flavors or products from them. I’ll have to check that out. Unless, of course, I win some from you!

  266. My favorite snack is popcorn with a cold glass of Rootbeer to drink!

  267. Oh, we LOVE Pirate’s Booty! It is one of our all time favorite snacks!

  268. I’m a subscriber 🙂

  269. My favorite snack right now is salt and vinegar chips – might be the pregnancy hormones though! Trail mix is a close second – one with cashews, almonds and raisins is a must and it is all that gets me through my long work mornings. 🙂

  270. Yum! Our favorite snack is chex mix. Thanks for giving us the chance to win!

  271. My current fave snack is either my homemade granola or the yogurt chips trail mix from Sprouts…both are super yummy and not TOO unhealthy!!

  272. I really like cheetos. This would be a great prize to win because our family is going to have to change our eating habits. One of our children is having many health issues and behavioral issues as well. We have been trying to adjust our food but it’s so expensive and hard. It would be great to win!!

  273. My favorite munchy snack is chex mix. I also like pirate booty and the veggie sticks from Trader Joes.

  274. I am an email subscriber.

  275. Favorite snack? I’m a nacho chip addict. If there’s an open bag in the house, it can be lunch for me. I’d love to try Pirate Snacks, so thanks for hosting the give away.

  276. I love ice cream as a snack. I try not to eat it, but I hear it whispering to me from the freezer. Somtimes it whispers all the way from the grocery store! 🙂
    I would love to try Pirate’s Booty though. I’ve had several people tell me it’s good.

  277. Christina Burrell says:

    My favorite snack is soft pretzels-preferably Auntie Annes

  278. favorite snack…. chips and cheese dip. yummo.

    I also sub via email and will tweet.

  279. My favorite snack is snyder’s butter pretzels. They are sooo good.

  280. I am a subscriber!

  281. Robert’s American Gourmet makes so many great snacks. Pirates Booty is near the top of our list along with Garden of Eatin’ Chips with homemade fresh salsa.

  282. oops. sep. comment…. sub via email

  283. I also subscribe in Google Reader & email.

  284. My favorite snacks are sweet. I like fruits and other not so healthy sweet snacks (pastries.) 😉

  285. tweeted via your link, but I have no idea how to post the link to my tweet.

  286. I subscribed via google reader

  287. I love salt/sweet snacks…..pretzels dipped in yougurt, etc, but am more likely to grab fruit or corn chips (the best are chili cheese).

    My son is allergic to a myriad of foods, wheat being one of them. Thanks for having a giveaway with “safe” food.

  288. My favorite snack is easily Wheat Thins. They disappear quickly at our house, and I buy them often, even though they’re expensive – it’s my one regular splurge.

  289. Also, I subscribe through Google reader. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  290. I love love love Pirate’s Booty! Great Giveaway. Probably my fav snack is plain ol chips and salsa. Boring, eh?

  291. I subscribe via email! 🙂

  292. My favorite snack craving is potato chips !…love the salt and crunch. Pirate’s Booty is great ! First tried it a few years ago. They sell Pirate’s Booty at Trader Joes. White Cheddar is great ! My boys love it too…and it’s much more “figure-friendly” than potato chips.

  293. We pouring some jalepeno jelly over cream cheese and eating with crackers…..don’t get to do it often but it goes fast when we have it! Really good with raspberry/jalepeno jelly…..

  294. I like trail mix type snacks, with nuts, raisins, M & M’s…

  295. My favorite snack is probably fresh fruit!!Yum Yum!

  296. I’m a subscriber.

  297. We love original Booty and Tings ROCK! I’ve not had the flavors of Booty and would love to try.

  298. I love the Pirate’s Booty white cheddar flavor.

  299. My favorite snack is chips!

  300. I love the trail mix from Costco!

  301. I subscribe!

  302. Triscuits and hummus.

  303. I’m a subscriber, too.

  304. My favorite snack is homemade caramel corn.

  305. I am an email subscriber.

  306. ruffles sour cream and cheddar chips or lay’s chips with ranch dressing. supa-healthy, i know

  307. Hmmmm – I have sooo many favorites. I guess my favorite snack right now would be apple slices with caramel dip! MMMM.

  308. We LOVE Veggie Booty. How else can you get a baby to eat kale ? We love cheese and crackers and fruit and all that stuff, but my boys get so excited when we have Pirate Booty in the house 🙂 My favorite snack right now is Chobani Greek Yogurt – pinapple – yogurt with Grapenuts.

  309. Sarah in MN says:

    My favorite snack is homemade Chex Mix.

  310. Sarah in MN says:

    I subscribe to your feed.

  311. I love a sweet and salty combo. I’ve never heard of Pirate’s Booty, but would love to try it!!

  312. My fave is ice cream!

  313. I subscribe via Google Reader.

  314. My kids love Pirate’s Booty. They also love homemade Chex Mix. Homemade because they don’t like all of the extra stuff in it. They just like the cereal. So I don’t have to deal with the waste.

  315. My favorite snack and kids favorite just happens to be Pirate’s Booty. We love this stuff and just like you realized that it is the perfect snack for babies. They just melt in your mouth and taste so good. I’ve discovered that Trader Joe’s has a version that is just as good and cheaper.

  316. I subscribe to your posts and really enjoy getting them in my email’s.

  317. my favorite snack is probably goldfish crackers

  318. i subscribe via rss

  319. A friend of mine just turned me on to Pirates Booty. It was like a healthy spinach cheese puff, so good!

  320. I subscribed!

  321. Lori Hurley says:

    We love lime flavored tortilla chips here. I buy a bag and the 7 of us have it gone in less than a day. :paperbag:

    Pirate Booty is awesome but I haven’t been buying it lately because with the 7 of us… it just wasn’t in the budget.

  322. my favorite snack varies from chocolate to salty depending on mood.

  323. Pirate’s Booty sounds great. My 1 1/2 loves chips and popcorn and I have been looking for a healthier option. Would love to win.

  324. i subscribed to you in my rss reader

  325. I love the turtle Chex mix!

  326. I’m a subscriber via email

  327. French fries all the way!!

  328. favorite snack: depends on time of day, but since it’s in the evening after dinner, I’d say a bowl of cereal! 😛 🙂

  329. We snack on Goldfish or pretzels. Is “Pirate’s Booty” peanut free? We have a Peanut Allergy son.

  330. We’ve been eating their stuff for years and love it! Great giveaway!

  331. Just subscribed via email. Also I didn’t really read the instructions before I left my last comment, too excited. But my favorite snack is definately SWEETS. Bad, I know. =)

  332. We love Tings here. They are like vegan cheetos! 🙂

  333. Keri Markham says:

    I love to snack! My favorite snack is the Luna Bar.

  334. My favorite snack is nachos.

  335. Our go-to snack is cheddar Goldfish. Even I enjoy snacking on them by the handful!

  336. I am loving granola bars lately but only because Dorito’s are fattening.

  337. I love wheat thins and cheese… yum!

  338. My favorite snack is jalepeno chips!

  339. I love pitas and hummus!

  340. I subscribe!

  341. My favorite snack is not so healthy- the Honey BBQ twist Fritos!

  342. I’m an email subscriber!

  343. HaLee Webster says:

    Our favorite is SmartFood, and Pirate’s booty is right behind! Seriously!

  344. My favorite snack is Kettle Corn – a bit sweet and a bit salty. Yummy!

  345. Chocolate of course! 😉

    Ok, if your talking healthy, I really enjoy yougurt for a snack.

  346. subscribed!

  347. Pirates Booty has always been one of my favorite snacks. My kids love it too! I also love to eat babybel cheese or popcorn for snacks.

  348. Looks delicious!

  349. I subscribed by email

  350. Hands down–popcorn.

    My best memories of growing up was my dad & I having our tv night (LOVED Thursdays with Friends, ER, Survivor, CSI) and sharing a bag or two of popcorn on the couch 🙂

  351. My favorite snack is granola bars!

  352. I love trail mix!!

  353. My favorite snack are Doritos.

  354. I subscribe to your email.

  355. My favorite snack is a piece of fresh fruit

  356. My favorite snack is Doritoes.

  357. ahhh….I always think of my sister when I see Pirate’s Booty. She introduced us to these a few years ago. Thanks for the reminder!

  358. My favorite snack is apples with peanut butter.

  359. My favorite snack is homemade Chex mix. It has to be homemade so that I can make it extra buttery ans garlicy. 🙂

  360. I’m a feed subscriber…

  361. We love crunchy, salty snacks — corn chips, cheese crackers, goldfish. The Pirate Booty looks like it would fit the bill. 🙂

  362. Our favorite snack is popcorn.

  363. I love to snack on popcorn!

  364. Never tried the Pirate’ Booty, but they sound great. Our favorite, as of right now (we can always be persuaded or enticed) is chips and salsa.

  365. What a great giveaway. Gluten free snacks rock too. My fav snack is nuts. I’ll snack on almonds and pistachio mostly.

  366. Our favorite snack is popcorn made on the stove top the old fashioned way,with a little canola oil. The boy’s love to take turn’s shaking the pan.

  367. I am in love with Rosemary and Olive Oil Triscuits! So yummy!

  368. I subscribe via email

  369. Popcorn is our favourite snack around here! 🙂

  370. The white cheddar are my favorite….only one problem..I can eat the whole bag in one sitting…

    Thanks 🙂

  371. My favorite snack is granola! Yum! Thanks so much for your blog, I love to read it!

  372. I am a subscriber

  373. I really like stove popped popcorn :).

  374. My two kiddos love the Pirates Booty and Smart Puffs. We found out about these 2 yrs ago and got hooked! I felt so much better giving them these instead of Cheetos.

  375. I like popcorn or trail mix. I think I’ve tried Pirate’s Booty before, it looks so familiar!

  376. I subscribe.

  377. Margaret K says:

    I love pirate’s booty!

  378. I subscribe through a reader!

  379. My favorite snack is a grilled cheese–don’t know if that qualifies, but it’s definitely my go-to…

  380. I love sweets! However, my favorite snack is popcorn. Ok, I love to snack!

  381. I follow you via Google Reader.

  382. I’m boring. I like pretzels. I usually don’t buy cheese puffs because of all the junk in them, but I would love to try these.

  383. I subscribe

  384. I’m addicted to doritos. Thanks for the chance.

  385. I’m a google subscriber.

  386. I have so many! The white cheddar of Pirate’s Booty would most likely be a big hit. thanks

  387. Jenny Adler says:

    I think my son had Veggie Booty running through his veins when he was a toddler! We love the Veggie Booty and the Cheese flavor!

  388. My favorite snack is cheese and crackers.


  389. I’ve never tried Pirate’s Booty…I’ve seen it at Costco, and it flies off the shelf! I’d love to try it…FOR FREE! Plus, having a housefull of kids…makes it easy for it to disappear! My favorite snack has got to be a handfull of cold grapes!

  390. And I follow you!

  391. My favorite snack is Ben & Jerry’s ice cream–especially Phish Food or Imagine Whirled Peace!

  392. we enjoy popcorn w/ a Ukrainian seasoning for a light evening snack

  393. i subscribe in google reader

  394. My whole family loves the white cheddar Pirate Booty! It’s been a well loved bribery item for our daughter since she was little.

  395. Popcorn made the “old fashioned” way….on the stove top
    Or a mix of chocolate chips,peanuts and crasins.

  396. French fries

  397. My fav snack is popcorn!

  398. My favorite snack lately is Wheat Thins with sour cream “accented” with Bacon-Bacon from Tastefully Simple. So healthy, I know. 🙂 But, I’d love to try these — and, since I have a celiac sister, it would be great to be able to help reduce her grocery budget!

  399. I subscribe to your feed.

  400. I’ve loved Pirate’s Booty since college. The white cheddar is the best!

  401. I have never tried Pirate Booty snacks, but have heard Wonderful things about them. Would love to win.

  402. The smart puffs look yummy! I have seen these in my local store but have not tried them yet. I may need to go out and buy some….if I don’t win that is :O)

  403. I have to pick one? Maybe Stacy’s cinnamon & sugar pita chips.

  404. I subscribe too!

  405. Ooh, the white cheddar is delish! I tried it at the home of a friend last weekend and oh my gosh, I darn near ate the whole bag myself!

  406. suzanne Tomb says:

    We love pirates booty – I have 3 boys and one’s favorite is smart puffs, one’s is tings and the other is veggie booty! I like the veggie and regular booty!

  407. Chips and dip or cheese and crackers are my favorite. Kids like any kind of chip/popcorn/cheese puff they can get their hands on, LOL.

  408. My favorite snack is garden veggie straws sooo yummy!!

  409. We love Pirate’s Booty around here. Even my husband which is saying alot! I love the aged white cheddar.

  410. Connie Corey says:

    Salsa and chips!

  411. My favorite snack is an apple. Yum!

  412. I love kettle corn.

  413. I love snacks…hummus and pita chips are a favorite!

  414. Love pirates booty!! So does my daughter!

  415. TallyMichelle says:

    Hmm…lately it’s been salty stuff…

  416. TallyMichelle says:

    Tweeted it!

  417. TallyMichelle says:

    Long term subscriber!

  418. I love Pirates Booty, Expecially being gluten free diets in our family this is a snack we can all eat. I love the BBQ but the whole family has a different flavor per person.

  419. My favorite snack is not healthy…it’s a Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar…melt in your mouth chocolatey…yum! 🙂

    faithandfamilyreviews [at] gmail [dot] com

  420. New Yourk Pizza, because we all love pizza.

  421. Depends . . . I love, love, LOVE, milk chocolate anything. However, having joined Weight Watchers for the 6th time (and only 8 pounds from goal — yeah, me!), I tend toward eating something a little healthier these days. Lately, it’s been the jumbo navel oranges from Sam’s Club — so sweet! I also like baked potato chips/doritos, string cheese with Kashi TLC crackers, Kashi chewy granola bars, or VitaTops (triple chocolate) with a squirt of whipped cream (yes, from a can).

  422. Favorite snack I love the white cheddar booty!

  423. I bloged about it


  424. Pirate Booty and parmesan goldfish are the favoriates in our house

  425. I just tweeted about your giveaway here:

  426. I subscribed to the email!

  427. I subscribed via Google Reader.


  428. My favorite (unhealthy!) snack is coffee ice cream!

  429. my fav snack is chocolate dipped rice cake from stew leonard’s!!

  430. i subscribe via google reader

  431. One of my favorite snacks is the Blue Diamond almond crackers (also gluten free). They taste great and make me feel like I’m something healthier for me! Where do you get the Pirate’s Booty snacks? I’d love to try them!

  432. Oh, and I’m subscribed to you in a feed reader. =)

  433. The Pirate’s Booty is a staple in our house. I love it and so do the kids!

  434. I am a subscriber. I enjoy your site.

  435. I do not have a favorite snack. It just depends upon if I am in the mood for sweet, salty, crunchy, chewy, …… I will say though that I do find myself eating unsalted dry roasted peanuts alot.

  436. Marj McClendon says:

    I think I would like the Original Tings.

  437. Marj McClendon says:

    I’m an email subscriber to Life As Mom.

  438. Our current favorites are cheese and crackers or “fruit chips” (dehydrated fruit, usually apples, peaches and bananas).

  439. paula ayojiak says:

    we love pirates booty at this house also! we also love chips and ice cream.

  440. paula ayojiak says:

    i get daily emails

  441. I am obsessed with fresh and frozen fruit, but lately I have been craving corn nuts. LOL..

  442. popcorn is my favorite snack

  443. I am a subscriber

  444. Pirate’s Booty is a big hit at my house but it’s definitely spendy. At least in the volumes we like to eat.

  445. We love the white cheddar flavor! My son absolutely loves them!!!

  446. I love pita chips and hummus. I’d love to try Pirate’s Booty, though, too!

  447. I love chips and salsa!

  448. My favorite current snack is yogurt with fresh or frozen fruit, yum!

  449. I subscribe to your blog in Google Reader….

  450. I really like pretzel chips but I also love the white cheddar Pirate’s Booty!

  451. My fav snack is popcorn. My son was just asking me to buy some more Pirate’s Booty today! 🙂

  452. My favorite snack is popcorn…or pita chips and hummus…or cookies…or ice cream. I just like to snack 🙂

  453. Crackers and peanut butter…yummy!

  454. I subscribe via google reader.

  455. caramel popcorn or peanuts! 🙂

  456. Our favorite snack right now is popcorn

  457. My favorite snack is Doritos. But I have NO self control around them, so I don’t allow any in my house!

  458. I subscribe by reader.

  459. I like anything with chocolate, but for something healthier I like chips and salsa.

  460. I love popcorn, all kinds. Never had Pirate’s Booty. Remember hearing about it in Kate and Leopold. Sounds great.

  461. I really love the Pirate’s Booty Aged White Cheddar for snacking. We discovered as well as a nice alternative for our daughter to other junk food snacks.

  462. Dawn Davenport says:

    I would have to say that my favorite snack is chips & salsa or guac. However, I can always go for something sweet too.

  463. We love chips and salsa.

  464. I subscribe to a feed in a reader.

  465. melissa rockafellow says:

    i like the aged white cheddar, so does my son!

  466. melissa rockafellow says:

    i subscribe!

  467. We love hot popcorn with a few chocolate chips melted in!

  468. I love pita chips!

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