Plan Some Outdoor Adventures (FREE Planning Page)

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The weather has just been amazing lately here in San Diego. Of course, it’s been pouring rain one moment, and sunny and warm the next. But, it’s been amazing amidst the amazing!

And now I don’t feel bad that we’ve been cooped up inside — we’re starting to get out more.

Do you have favorite places where you like to go? Do you ever hear about a great park from a friend and then forget about it when it’s time to have an adventure?

Well, keep track of all those great ideas so that when inspiration — and a sunny day — strikes, you have a wealth of options at your fingertips.

This month’s Outdoor Adventure Idea List helps you keep track of all the little details, including destination attractions, transportation details, accomodation information — all in a customizable format so that you can type in the info once and have it at the ready to email to family and friends.

It’s a perfect complement to your household notebook.

Friendship has its Privileges

All my Facebook fans and subscribers will have FREE access to download this planning page during the month of April only.

Want to sign up to receive a free daily digest and subscriber perks? Go here to sign up and make sure you verify your subscription shortly afterward. Every day in February, there will be a download link in the footer of the email or feed.

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What pages do YOU need?

I’m intent on building planning pages that help your life as MOM. Got an idea you’d like to see fleshed out? Let me know.

This week we’ve Celebrating Spring. Don’t forget to enter all the fun giveaways (closing on Sunday) and check out inspiring ideas to enjoy the changing of the seasons.

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  1. I’m planning a week-long vacation in July with dh and dds, but also my parents and brothers. We rent a beach house from a family friend so we have everything we need provided. Last year, we went to the grocery store the day we arrived, list in hand. On top of having to pay full price for all of our food, we had to maneuver around loads of rude people to get what we needed. Not fun!

    I remember the last time you went on vacation, you packed your own freezer meals. I absolutely love this idea! I hope you will consider a post about how you planned your meals and possibly a planning sheet. With vacations coming up for many people, I believe it would benefit many of us readers. 🙂

    1. @Shannon L, great idea! Yes, it helped us immensely. I took a lasagna, stuff for chili in the crockpot and a pan of enchiladas. Plus, yogurts, veggies, fruit, and salad fixins. We never had to eat out — it was wonderful!