Planning for the 4th of July

Looking to plan a party or a 4th of July event? Want to find some great fourth of July recipes? Simply want to learn the names of all fifty states? I gotcha covered.

If you want to experience a blast from my past, then click on the video above. It’s the song that we sang in my 6th grade Patriotic Program. I represented Texas with a white button-down shirt, red bandana, and a cowboy hat. My hair might have been in a French braid.

Forget the fact that I’ve never been to Texas — then or since — I was ready to do-see-do.

My sisters and I learned all fifty states — in ALPHABETICAL ORDER — thanks to this song. It’s been helpful for at least two things:

  1. driving my husband crazy
  2. winning a candy bar in 9th grade typing class as the first one who could type all the states. Forget the fact that I was hunting and pecking. I got them all right. The teacher was stunned.

As should you be. Yes, ma’am.

And if it didn’t drive my husband crazy, I would sing this song all week until my kids knew all the words — and therefore, all the states in the union. Maybe we’ll sing it while he’s at work…. We’ll plan a party for the 4th.

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  1. I too learned this in 6th grade. I have on occasion amazed others in my listing of the states, but more so that they were in alphabetical order. Since I was in Washington, we drug out the Waaaassshhhhington (holding our heart with crossed hands), LOL. I had the same reactions from everything else I memorized on Schoolhouse Rock. I have the whole series on DVD. Fun times.

  2. We learned a different version…and now I feel compelled to get on you tube and find it! Ha!

  3. Kathy in Illinois says:

    I learned this song from “The Perry Como Show.” I’m sure that was way before your time. I even sang along with your post and still remembered it!! I have to tell you I won a ceramic white cat for getting 100% on writing all the states and capitols and correctly spelling them! I was in 6th grade. I am now 61- 62 next month and I still remember the states, but not the spelling nor the capitols!!!!! Thanks for the memories, Jessica. I hope your children memorize this song
    God bless, Kathy in Illinois

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