Planning Travel for All Ages and Interests

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How do you plan travel for a range of ages and interests and not lose anyone?

Planning Travel for All Ages and Interests | Life as MOM

When you have six kids, you are basically signing up for a season of spinning plates. The age range can make it quite a feat of mental gymnastics to keep everyone engaged and involved in the program of the day. I feel this in homeschooling when I plan for group activities. I also feel this with travel plans.

I wrote about this phenomena a few years ago on Simple Homeschool:

Some learning experiences, like gutting a fish on a camping trip, are more appropriate for certain ages than others. And in a large family, there’s the rub. We are eager to share the world with our children, particularly on vacation and family field trips, but with a large family or even two children born many years apart, it can be challenging to create experiences appropriate to all the ages and stages of our children.

  • What if the baby can’t handle such a long day in the mountains?
  • What if the older children are bored at the children’s museum?
  • What if it’s just too hard to take everyone to that amusement park?

Hop on over and read the rest of the post.

Travel with Kids | Life as MOM Travel with Kids

Travel with Kids can be a wonderful experience. Don’t miss out on the fun even though there’s work involved. Last October, I posted tips, tricks, and tutorials for making all your travels fun, frugal, and family-friendly.

Be sure to read through the archives in case you missed a post.

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