Play Music More Often

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 Sing or play music more often to feel and be happier as a family.

Ours has always usually been a musical family. Hubby plays guitar, drums, bass, and piano.

And I listen really, really well.

When we met, he regularly played in bands and sported long hair and an earring. I married a rock star. In more ways than one.

Over the years his playing has become for pleasure only. I love to hear him play. Thankfully, our kids seem to have inherited his musical giftings.

I contribute music appreciation to the mix.

We all enjoy listening to music. It’s a part of our family culture. My mom has observed that during our stressful seasons of life, our home becomes too quiet. Where’s the music? She asks.

Music shows the happy times.

I was reminded of this at the homeschool convention in May when a seasoned homeschooling mother and grandmother was quoted as saying, “I wish I had sung more often.” Her daughter explained the quote by saying how important it is for us to show our families our happy times. To sing more. To laugh more.

To show them that we really are happy with this “life as MOM”. Even amidst the struggles.

This hit home with me. Combined with my own mother’s observations, that point has urged me to do some things to make our days more musical. We’ve got a family playlist. Hubby helped out with that by buying me a docking station for Mother’s Day. And we’re working out ways so that every room has a way to play music.

Music soothes us. Music articulates what our hearts feel. Music makes us happier.

Here are 10 songs that I’ve got on our summer playlist to show my kids (and to remind myself) that I love this life as MOM:

1. Everything at Once — Lenka

2. It is Well with My Soul— Jars of Clay

3. Show Jesus — Jamie Grace

4. Dancing in the Mindfields — Andrew Peterson

5. Harry’s Wondrous World — the Harry Potter soundtracks

6. Yakkety Yak — the Coasters

7. Eyes on the Prize — Sara Groves

8. Angels We Have Heard on High — David Crowder Band

9. The Cartoon Song — Chris Rice

10. Come to Me Quickly — Telecast

Got a favorite song?

We’d love to hear it and add it to our playlist.

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  1. We are a very musical family too. My husband plays piano and acoustic guitar and sings, and I actually play drums and sing. We heard our 2-year-old singing in the car the other day and it was the most precious thing [in recent history]. 🙂 We splurged last summer on an mp3 player and it’s been one of the greatest things. We can fit all of our music on it, and we’ve created playlists for just about every occasion and emotion. You’ve got a great selection of songs on your list there! While we do listen to mostly Christian music, we also enjoy some country (especially during summer), and the Zac Brown Band’s “Chicken Fried” has become a favorite of mine.

  2. We love the “Cartoon Song” by Chris Rice! Actually the whole album is a favorite. I agree music can make a not so happy time a little lighter. It makes me feel like a kid again!

  3. What do you listen to your ipod through at home? I’m trying to find something that has good sound quality & I haven’t found one yet My friend recommended a BOSE system, but yeah, can’t afford that!

    1. I bought a Klipsch about five years ago that we’ve been very happy with. Retail is about $150 but I got mine on Ebay for $70.

    2. I have no idea how much the Bose was. Hubby got it at Costco. But, we have hooked up to speakers in other rooms of the house. It’s amazingly easy, actually. You don’t really need a docking station, just speakers and a cord.

  4. Lately we’ve been listening to the Tangled soundtrack quite a bit, but another favorite is Mahna Mahna from Cake. The kids love it when I turn on songs instead of another Dave Ramsey podcast 🙂

  5. We listen to a lot of Mandisa-all three of her albums are encouraging, faith strengthening and uplifting. Owl City and TobyMac also get a lot of play time. Some of our favorite “kid” music is by Roger Day and Renee & Jeremy. We just bought 7new cd’s on sale at cbd to give us some new tunes. I’ll update after we’ve listened.

  6. We love the indelible grace music and lecrae (two opposite ends of the musical spectrum)…and although not explicitly Christian, we also like Mumford and Sons (watch out for a few expletives in their album versions of songs).

  7. When we were living in southern California we were exposed to music by Keith Green, great Christian music that challenges the Christ walk. He has been deceased for 25 years, but you can hear his music on Pandora if you are not familiar with his music.

  8. Our family enjoys a variety of music but I think David Crowder Band gets the most plays. My 3 year old’s fave is Oh Happiness – he sings “Oh happiness. That’s great!” instead of “Oh happiness – there’s grace…” 🙂 We listen to music A LOT but none of us play an instrument and my husband has rarely heard me sing. I’m awful – really awful. But I think, after reading this post, maybe I should consider joining in sometimes. I could turn out to be like the veteran mom who said she wished she sang more…

  9. Thank you so much for your suggestions. We are always looking for something new. A favorite around here is Joy to the World by Three Dog Night (Jeremiah was a bullfrog…) since I started singing it as a lullaby with all three kiddos.

    But lately we’ve been more silly. We’ve seen three movies in the theatre in the last ten years. I know, pathetic. But baby 3 saw her first this last week when we all went with baby 2 to see Brave for her birthday. One of the previews was for despicable me 2. The next morning, we were all sitting around trying to remember which song the minions were singing in their nonsence talk. We all were trying different songs, when my mom started laughing and wondering what someone would think if they came in on us at that moment. We all cackled through breakfast and ever since, we’ve been singing songs minion style and trying to get the others to guess what song it is. We are having way too much fun with it.

    BTW, the Hobbit preview made an appearance too. Boy 1 about climbed over all the seats to get to the screen (Gollum style of course!) We can’t wait. I’ll have to actually get to a theatre twice in one year.

  10. Update on our new cd’s after lots of listening: We really like Britt Nicole(The Lost Get Found), Matthew West(Something To Say), Brandon Heath(What If We), Francesca Batistelli (My Paper Heart). Kirk Franklin is also great for energetic Gospel style music.

  11. I love the standards like Sinatra and Dean Martin and LOVE the classic sound of Michael Buble. The standards make me feel so relaxed and my kids love to dance and sing along.

  12. We love music here too! Hubby is away this afternoon and evening playing another “gig” as a matter of fact. I’m like you-really good listener!

    We have a variety of music, but I want to digitize our CD collection and install an FM receiver so we can hear our collection from anywhere-inside or out. Got any suggestions?

  13. I wish I’d done this with my three, now 19. 17 and 15. More often than not they (the boys) have their headphones on and listen to their own music on road trips. However we do enjoy a few songs together. A few of them are: “I Will Worship You”- Aaron Gilespie, “One Thing Remains” – Jesus Culture, “In Christ Alone”- Owl City