Preparing for Easter

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Easter is just a few weeks away. Consider how you might prepare.

Jesus Cookies for Easter

Easter is a mere three weeks away. My! How time flies.

This year I actually did one of those things that I’ve always been meaning to do: the kids and I are going through a Lenten Bible reading plan. I found it on the YouVersion Bible reading app I downloaded to my phone and iPad. It’s made up of 6 reading passages per week, but I’ve been doubling up on one day, so we do the reading in the 5 school days.

The hustle and bustle of the weekend would cause me to forget and then we’d fall behind and then I’d feel bad. This way we stay on track.

We’re spending special time each weekday to talk about what Jesus’ sacrifice means for each of us and to learn more about Him. It’s been a great experience.

It’s also been a little tricky since my kids range from preschooler to teenager. They’re at different places in life and faith. But, reading the Word together has been really good.

Ways to Prepare for Easter

Take some time in the next few weeks to consider how you might prepare for Easter, both personally and as a family. There’s a range of ways to celebrate the Most Beautiful Gift God Has Given Us.

10 Things I Want to Do with My Kids As Easter Approaches

Next week I’ll be sharing another DIY on a Dime series to help you celebrate Resurrection Day. In the meantime, here are a few ways to prepare for Easter.

Are YOU doing anything special to prepare for Easter?

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  1. It’s so strange seeing those cookies and eggs on your blog again – it reminds me that it’s been nearly a year since finding you! Though not Easter-related, thank you for writing here and on GCE. I look forward to all your helpful posts.

    This also reminds me of our Resurrection Eggs. I didn’t realize Easter was so coming so fast!!

  2. Yesterday we went to the funeral of a 44 year-old mother who died of complications from the flu. I was talking with her daughter age 10. In the course of the conversation she told me “daddy says there is no heaven.” Too many of our young children are not learning about the truth and comfort of Easter. This little girl does not have the comfort of knowing her mother is safe with God. She truly believes her mother is gone forever.