Preparing for Fall: Tips to Get You Ready

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Fall is here, and with it comes a change in weather, clothing, and activity. Preparing for fall is painless with these simple, easy-to-check-off-the-list, tips!

Preparing for Fall: Tips to Get You Ready from Life as Mom

Once school starts up again and the days shorten, my mind just starts to think about Fall and preparing for winter. Though I come from pioneer stock, I certainly don’t live on a farm, nor do I harvest anything from my own backyard. In fact, living again in Southern California, I don’t get to experience the changing of the leaves all that much. But, I still love Fall.

Preparing for Fall

And even though I live in a milder climate, there are some practices that transcend geography and weather patterns.

Preparing for Fall: Tips to Get You Ready from Life as Mom

Dress for Success

This is the ideal time to switch out your kids’ wardrobes. I keep Sterilite boxes in the kids’ closets that are marked with the sizes of the clothes they hold. Twice a year I sit with each kid and his past and present size box. We talk about the clothes that he likes, what he likes about them, what he still wants to wear and we sort. It usually takes just 15 minutes to make the switch, and then I know that my kids have what’s appropriate for the coming season.

Fall is also a great time to stock up on sale clothing items. Either you can raid the summer clearance for next year and store it, or take advantage of the back to school clearance and fill out any holes in their wardrobes to last them through the winter.

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Preparing for Fall: Tips to Get You Ready from Life as Mom

Cold and Flu Remedies and Comforts

Unfortunately, with the change of weather come germ and cooties. Kids are exposed to more of them once they’re back in school and sporting activities. But, I’ve seen tissues, canned soups, and cold and flu remedies on great sales recently. Purchase them now at good prices before you need them to save you time, money, and the hassle of getting to the store when your family is ill.

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Preparing for Fall: Tips to Get You Ready from Life as Mom

Bake Someone Happy

Autumn is also the season for baking supplies to go on great sales. Already I’ve caught wind of flour deals as well as low prices on chocolate chips. You know you’re going to use these over the holidays. Don’t pay full pop! Buy it during great sales.

If you remember, I purchased 100 pounds of flour back in April. It lasted us through August. That’s an average of 20 pounds a month, not baking sandwich bread. I’m ready to lay in a new supply.

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Preparing for Fall: Tips to Get You Ready from Life as Mom

Snow Business?

If you live in snow country, there’s a whole mess of supplies to make sure you have on hand, like ice melt and gloves.

It seems like my kids never had enough pairs of gloves and the stores always sold out by Christmastime. Pull out your winter stash now and make sure you have enough.

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toy garage

Stow Away Summer

Likewise, there may be summer items, whether decor or outdoor equipment that needs to be stored properly. Put it away neat and dry and you will thank yourself next year. A word to the wise: SlipNSlides stored wet in the basement do not do well. Just ask me how I know.

While you’re at it, make sure that your car is prepared for a change in weather and activities.

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Preparing for Fall: Tips to Get You Ready from Life as Mom

Ready for an Emergency?

No matter the weather in your neighborhood, it’s always good to be prepared. Canned food items are starting to go on sale, and coupons for such are sprouting up everywhere. Make sure that you have enough food and water to last you in case of natural disaster in your locale.

This is an area of home management where I am sorely lagging. No, we won’t get snowed in or face a hurricane, but an earthquake is definitely in the realm of possibility. And facing possible power and water shortages in the aftermath would not be fun, based on my current state of (un)preparedness. Don’t get caught without the necessities.

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Preparing for Fall: Tips to Get You Ready from Life as Mom

Have a Merry Little Christmas

Yes, I know it’s three months away. But, I don’t want to get hit by a big bill when it does. And I love to present the kids with bulging Christmas stockings.

Per a suggestion from Freebies4Mom, I’m collecting kid-appropriate free samples and stowing them away until Christmas Eve. You’d be amazed at what a nice little stash you can accumulate.

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How are YOU preparing for Fall?

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  1. Great concise list of tips! Much more relevant to my everyday life than some of the magazine checklists. Thanks!!

  2. I LOVE catching end of season clearances! I've already stocked my daughter's closet with summer clothes for next year (I've found that it's easier to do this with summer clothes – they're a bit more forgiving in size that fall/winter clothes)!

  3. oh, you girls are sooo good. and i am sooo bad. i just spent $400 on hair straightening. i rationalized it, save electricity money and time on blowdrying. but it was an extra $50 for flossing, $0 for 'products' isn't that just shampoo? and an extra $50 for the Chocolate Keratin, which she made it sound like a tasty free upgrade. boo hoo.

    my one tip. i buy my xmas cards online in january at 90% off.
    and my wine at bottlebuys.

  4. You ask your children which clothes they liked? WOW! 🙂 I just change them out when they need the bigger sizes. . . . 🙂

    I grew up in Southern CA, so I understand the brown leaves of fall. Here in Las Vegas, the leaves don't fall until late November. It's too hot to switch clothing yet; it has cooled down to the high 90ºs. It doesn't get cool enough to switch until Halloween (which, oddly enough, is also Nevada Day). So, I have another 5 weeks of shorts, and 5 weeks to quickly get some sewing down for fall clothing for my oldest.

  5. Just 95 days until Christmas! I am already buying gifts! I was taken aback at the full Christmas display at the mall already. I'm thinking we'll all be burned out by the time it comes around at this rate!

  6. this is a great list, thanks. very helpful. i always get so overwhelmed this time of year with the jewish holidays that i don't quite get to all the fall stuff until mid-october. often the snow falls on my pumpkins:-)

  7. We go through sooo much flour over here too. I started buying it at Sam's Club and buy the 25# bags about four times a year.

    Great ideas for fall preparedness!!

  8. Sometimes I wish we were in a warm climate, I'm sure I would miss the changing seasons, but I really hate the cold and snow.
    Thanks for joining in the fun at the Fall Fest and thanks for getting this all started! 🙂

  9. Just stopping by from WFMW to check out your blog. It's pretty spiffy. 🙂 And you have some great articles. I enjoyed reading the couple I looked at. You have officially gotten yourself another daily reader 🙂

    Thanks for havin' me and hope to see you over at my bloggy. Have a great week.