Preschool Play: Library Day

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Books are a mom’s best friend. If you can start early to read to your kids, you will open a world of entertaining and educational opportunities. One thing that my little ones and I have always loved is a Regular Library Day.

Choose a day and time of the week that works into your family’s schedule and go weekly if you can. Your library may sponsor a story time. Those can be really fun, depending on how they’re structured. Check it out and see if it fits your child’s personality and needs at this season of life.

Familiarize yourself with children’s section. In my experience, the children’s librarians are always available to help you find things. Many libraries will have a subject index binder for finding picture books according to topics. Learn how to use the computerized catalog as well so that you can find stories based on your children’s interests. Or you can check out the recommendations in The Read Aloud Handbook or in Honey for a Child’s Heart.

While you should choose several to read together, perhaps according to a certain theme, allow your little ones to choose books off the shelf that look interesting to them. Scan them before checking them out; you will be surprised at the wide range of acceptability among children’s books. You don’t want to take home a book that would frighten your children or fall outside the moral guidelines of your home.

All our kids are familiar with the library now and love to go, especially when I take the time to let us loiter and explore. It’s gotten a little harrier as their ages and number have increased. Make sure everyone is rested and well-fed and go spend a few hours at your local library this week.

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