Printing Fun Picture Cards with Shutterfly

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Isn’t my Disneyland Christmas card cute? I told you how much I love Disneyland, right? Well, I love this collage concept, too, because you don’t have to wait for all. six. kids to smile at the camera!

Just find a handful of pictures similar in theme and you can create a fun holiday greeting in a matter of minutes. Got beach pictures? That works. How ’bout photos of a favorite vacation? Put them together in a collage.

You can build this cute collage card and plenty of others on Shutterfly. In fact you can find a whole host of great ideas to give as gifts or to start a scrapbook with. They offer photo books, calendars, holiday cards, baby announcements, stationery, ornaments, and more.

I was really impressed with how easy their photo interface works. Just upload a few pictures and drag and drop them into the slots. You can move them around and edit as you see fit. There are so many beautiful designs, it’s really hard to decide on just one. New subscribers can get 50 free prints as well.

Have you ordered Christmas cards yet? What did YOU do?

PS If you’re a blogger, you can also earn 50 free holiday cards.

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  1. a couple years ago I decided to stop trying to get the 3 kids in one picture, and order cards where I can put 3 different pics on it. Just ordered my cards from Shutterfly a couple days ago, can’t wait to get them!

  2. I just ordered mine from Shutterfly a couple days ago, too! We used the same design – except we used the red tree instead of the blue snowflake! (I wasn’t savy, like you and captured the card – great idea!)

    Congrats on the cookbook.

  3. I love your cards!

  4. This is my second year of ordering cards from Shutterfly. Love them!

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