Priorities Worksheet

Priorities Worksheet

If you can’t see the image below, click here for the pdf.

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  1. Lisa Boyes says:

    I get this newsletter because I found you on Pinterest. I am age 56, never married, no kids. I have taken the Dave Ramsey course. At age 49, I got put on lifelong disability. I am on Soc. Sec. Disability (SSDI) as my only income. I have to pay $250/mo. for my Medicare supplement to cover the portion of my medical bills that Medicare does not pay. I had to replace my 14-year-old car. I’d run out of $ to keep it maintained and fixed. Do you know anyone who has written any books or planners for people on a fixed income like I am? I live in disabled/elderly housing. Medicaid in Iowa has been privatized, and the place I go to the doctor is close to closing its doors. W/o that place, and places like it, I can’t get my disability. Do you know of anyone who blogs about how to make it on a limited income when they can no longer work due to age and/or disability? Thank you.

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