Quick Ways to Calm It Down: Read a Storybook with Your Child

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The holiday season,  and particularly the weeks leading up to Christmas, can be full of to-do lists, stresses, disagreements (often petty), and a general feeling of hurriedness. Let’s calm it down.

Quick Ways to Calm It Down: Read a Storybook with Your Child

One of my biggest dreams when I first became a mom was that my kids would love books as much as I do. When I was a child, books were my very best friends. My mom would take us to the library on Saturday, and I would bring home a dozen books to devour that day.

My dad and some of my siblings didn’t really like to read, so they didn’t get it. My dad just didn’t understand why I would sacrifice sleep to read a book all night long.

Now that I have a child who will sneak a light stick under the covers in order to snatch a few more pages, I understand his impetus, even though I still make him shut it down for the night.

Reading brings me calm and rest. In the early days of parenting and homeschooling, if we were having an awful, no-good, horribly rotten day, all I needed to do was switch gears and bust out books to read.

My older kids have always been fans of family read alouds. (We didn’t have ipads back in their day. Ahem.) Slowly, I’m indoctrinating my littler kids into the beauty of books. Five can read now and all five love stories.

Feeling stressed?

Read a storybook with your child.

Take a few minutes, or even an hour, gather the kids to you and just take a break. We’re currently reading The Monster in the Hollows by Andrew Peterson. It’s one of our favorite books series. The older boys know how it ends, but the younger kids are hearing the story for the first time. It’s a daily activity that we all enjoy.

So what are you waiting for? Go read a book with the kid!

Need more motivation?

just keep calm This post is part of FishMama’s campaign to Just Keep Calm. Every day during the weeks leading up to Christmas, I’ll post a different idea to help you keep calm, gain perspective, and not let the holidays (or any time of year) make you a crabby mom.

What are YOU doing to keep calm today?

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  1. I totally agree that reading can relax.I have always loved books and am happy that 3 of my kids love reading too. Trying to get the fourth ,she’s 16 to join but had not much success.
    Ds who’s 9 will start mid yr exams tomorrow and I have to check now and then to make sure he is studying not reading stories LOL