Quick Ways to Calm It Down: Watch Pride & Prejudice

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The holiday season,  and particularly the weeks leading up to Christmas, can be full of to-do lists, stresses, disagreements (often petty), and a general feeling of hurriedness. Let’s calm it down.

Quick Ways to Calm It Down: Watch Pride & Prejudice

Years ago, like when I was ten, a cousin gave me a hardbound copy of Pride and Prejudice. Unfortunately, I was a child who thrived on fluff, like Sweet Valley High. I didn’t understand the beauty of the book I had received. It wasn’t until I was married with kids that I discovered the rest of Jane Austen’s library and reacquainted myself with P&P.

Needless to say, I was hooked.

Then my sister built me a collection of nice hardbound Austen books and gave me the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice miniseries. Watching that miniseries — all six hours of it — became a comfort to me. In fact, one of our last winters in Kansas when the kids were all pretty little, I was sick all the time, it seems. I would lie on the couch, cuddled under a blanket, and watch Elizabeth Bennet fall in love with Mr. Darcy again. And again.

The boys knew that they could join me or go play Lego.

FishPapa rolls his eyes when I wax eloquent about P&P. I said in defense, “You loved both movie versions!” (Psst… he prefers the Keira Knightley version).

His response, “Yeah, the first three times.”

Apparently, subsequent viewings don’t have the same calming effect on him as they do on me.

And maybe some other movie does it for you. That’s fine.

Watch a movie for YOU.

Take an hour or two off today, put your feet up, and turn on a favorite flick. Make it relaxing. Make it a moment where you go off to another world for just a little while. Be sure to come back!

Hopefully, when you do, you’ll be ready to tackle the next thing on the to do list.

Need more motivation?

Quick Ways to Calm It Down: Watch Pride & Prejudice This post is part of FishMama’s campaign to Just Keep Calm. Every day during the weeks leading up to Christmas, I’ll post a different idea to help you keep calm, gain perspective, and not let the holidays (or any time of year) make you a crabby mom.

What are YOU doing to keep calm today?

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  1. Love P&P! Never get tired of watching it or reading the book. Or anything by Jane Austen for that matter. By the way, Sweet Valley High rocked !

  2. Now this is a good idea!
    I think I might cue up “The Holiday,” pop some popcorn, pour some bubbly and see if I can grab the BBC version of P&P on Netflix for another time. 🙂
    And yes, I also agree with you and Susan M up there– Sweet Valley High did, in fact, rock!

  3. Total SVH fan here too as a teen! Being from southern California growing up, I was addicted and couldn’t wait to check more out from the library when my elementary school would walk over. Such good memories!

    Several years back, I had purchased almost the entire collection piecemeal and it was very fun. I never really got into reading them again for obvious reasons since I am a grown women and all now (LOL), but it was very fun to remember and hold them in my hands again.