Read More Good Books {Day 5 to a Renewed You}

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Refresh yourself with a good book. Here’s what I’m planning to read in the new year.

Read More Good Books - Refresh yourself with a good book. Here's what I'm planning to read in the new year.Today’s assignment is to choose a good book and start reading.

Every year near the end I start thinking about the books I want to read in the next year. I’ve been doing this for at least ten years now. I love to read. If I were independently wealthy and didn’t need to cook or clean, I would spend my days reading.

Last week I shared how Booking It (as a formal thing) was ending, but book reviews are not. I’m still going to read and I’m still going to tell you about what I read. I’m just not going to do it every fourth Monday on the dot.

Anne, Carrie, and I had an email exchange this morning about books. They are so much more “with it” about new books than I am. Honestly, the world is a scary place sometimes; you never know what you’re going to get when you pick up a seemingly innocent novel. So, I like to get feedback from folks more in the know.

I also did some searching with Mr. Google about “best books” just to see if I have missed something over the years. I was surprised to see this list of the Best Selling Books of All Time. I’ve read five out of eight of them, but decided I might work through the list this year to see what’s all the fuss about those other three, and maybe to reread The Little Prince. I think I missed something there.

Since London, I’ve been working through The Lord Peter Wimsey Mysteries. I have  a few more to go. I also peeked into my Kindle files to see what I’ve been stockpiling yet haven’t read. Sometimes I’ll see a book free or cheap on my Facebook feed and I’ll grab it. And then forget about it.

Here’s my list for the time being. None are “new”, so call me “out of it”.

Now, go find a book and read.

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  1. I read The Princess Bride awhile ago. Sadly, I see it as the rare case when the movie is better than the book. The writing style takes a bit of getting used to.

    I clicked on your link for How She Does It thinking that it sounded like one I might like to read…only to find out that I purchased it on Kindle several months ago. I’m guessing that it was free or very inexpensive at the time! I guess that will be the one I go read. 🙂

  2. A Tale of Two Cities is one of my all time favorites ever since I had to read it way back in high school! WAY back, lol! I still have that old copy of it. For whatever reason, maybe the ” picking it apart” in class looking for foreshadowing, figurative language, etc., I just love it! I also still have all my copies of The Little Prince–English, Spanish & French. Maybe I’ll dig these books out and reread some old favorites!

    1. I remember ATOTC was one of the first books that I finished way before the teacher assigned it. We were supposed to read just a few chapters a night but I couldn’t stop.

  3. I think I have shared on your blog before that I’m a huge Dorothy Sayers fan. I’ve read Gaudy Night at least a dozen times. I tend to revisit it about once a year. Visiting London definitely brought a lot of my favorite British fiction to life as well – I was there in 2007 and wish I could go back soon.

    I’m pretty out of it in terms of new releases, too. I need to start browsing the library new release shelves. In my defense, this year I tried to dive into the classics a bit more and didn’t focus on new releases. I didn’t do a ton of reading, but more than last year, so yay. I read two Shakespeare plays (The Merchant of Venice and Macbeth), one Elizabeth Gaskell novel (Wives and Daughters), read through a book of John Donne poetry (I’m a big poetry browser, flipping to the poems I like, but it was worth it to read the book cover to cover – I discovered some I’d missed over the years), and started Persuasion by Jane Austen this month. I also read a bunch of other random fiction, some rereads and some new-to-me. My favorite two books I read this year are probably The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith (JK Rowling’s new pen name, and the only 2014 release I read this year) and Wives and Daughters.

    By the way, this is random, but have you ever tried Georgette Heyer? I’m often embarrassed to recommend her to my friends because I get some flak for reading romance novels, but Heyer is absolutely clean and very intelligent and funny in her writing. If you’re a fan of Austen or chick flick movies and haven’t tried her books, I’d definitely check them out. I’ve read most of hers and thoroughly enjoyed the ones I read this year.

    1. I LOVE Dorothy Sayers too. I was excited to see the Lord Wimsey books on this list. 🙂 Love “Robert Galbraith” also.

  4. What an awesome list! Thank you for sharing this. Guernsey has been recommended to me several times before, but I had forgotten about it until just now. Ordered!

  5. I had planned to read some classics as well and had downloaded A tale of two cities on to my kindle last year. Still haven’t read it, though! Every time I go to our local used stuff store there are a ton of really recent English language books and so I buy about five at a time at 10 cents a piece. It’s like candy. my bookshelves are packed with all sorts of great books to read! But I’ll give myself the goal of reading a tale. Last year I read Les Miserables because I hadn’t ever.

  6. Last January I promised myself I would read through the unread books on my bookshelf before buying anything new (or even getting anything from the library!). I might have made it as far as February before I gave in to a new book 🙂

    This year I’m going to try again to focus on the books I already have to read! I picked up a copy of All The Light We Cannot See at a local book fair a few months ago (hardback for less than $6!). That’s first on my list. I also have:

    The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society – Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows
    The Clover House – Henriette Lazaridis Power
    Emma – Jane Austen
    Anna Karenina (daunting to say the least) – Leo Tolstoy
    The Sea Captain’s Wife – Beth Powning
    Shenandoah Home- Sara Mitchell
    Sherlock Holmes

    And there are tons more I am forgetting about!

    1. I tried Anna Karenina one year. I could just not finish. It was so sad. All the Light…. has kept coming on my radar. Might have to read that. I’m halfway done with Guernsey that I started last night.

  7. And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie and ATale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens are amazing. If you like them, I’d recommend Murder on the Orient Express by Christie and David Copperfield by Dickens. Pickwick Papers is another good Dickens- delightfully silly. I don’t think there’s a point at all, but it’s hilarious and the chapters (while chronological) could basically stand alone, so wherever you pick it up it’s great.
    Happy reading!

  8. I keep seeing people mention the Guernsey book, but I have yet to read it. Must be a good one if you are rereading it?!!

    1. I just finished last night. It wasn’t the emotional tearjerker this time that it was the first time, but it was still a great story. Definitely a chick book, though.