Ready for Some Freezer Cooking?

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Freezer cooking is a great way for you to save money and time as well as put a hot meal on the table every night. Each month Crystal and I have been co- hosting Freezer Cooking Days, and it’s been so fun! However, my Kansas buddy is sitting this month out, but I look forward to cooking with her again next month.

In the meantime, you’ll join me, won’t you?

Ready to get freezer cooking?

You don’t need to make 30 casseroles. Consider meal kits, components, and other time-consuming parts of meals that can be made ahead.

You don’t have to make dinner. Maybe breakfast time is the real crunch time at your house. Think about making some mixes or flash freezing a few batches of scones or cinnamon rolls.

You don’t have to go it alone. We’re here to help! Chime in on Facebook. The LifeasMOM crowd on Facebook is super helpful. Or check in on twitter. Use #oamc on Twitter and you’ll get a wealth of responses. And of course, just leave a question here and I’ll do my best to answer.

Yesterday I shared my freezer cooking plan. Now’s your turn. Tell us about your freezer cooking projects for the month.

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  1. Yeah, I was the first to post my plan! 🙂

  2. Some very ambitious plans! I’ll often double a recipe and freeze one like lasagna, meatloaf or enchiladas but I don’t usually take on multiple projects in one day. I applaud you that do!

  3. Wow, so many great ideas! I think my plan may have to grow a little more..

  4. Jodi says

    Have you had a chance to post your home made spaghetti sauce using tomatoes? I am getting bunches from my small garden and would love to use them. Thanks!

    • Jessica Fisher says

      I think you have me confused with someone else? I don’t have a sauce w/ tomatoes. I don’t think I do….

      • @Jessica Fisher, Sorry! I thought in a previous post when you were discussing making your own pasta/pizza sauce that you mentioned having a recipe for the summer when there were lots of tomatoes.

  5. Looking forward to some new ideas.

  6. I have a quick question for you. When you make something like soup or chili and freeze it, do you find that the spices seem stronger when you thaw it and eat it? I made some soup last month (during my first freezer cooking weekend of mayhem) and it tasted fine when I had a bowl then but now it is way too salty and quite spicy as well. Any thoughts?

    • Jessica Fisher says

      That can happen, but I’m not sure if there is rhyme or reason to it. I haven’t been overly so. Is it possible that some of the water evaporated when you reheated? Your fix could be to add more water on reheat.

  7. I left a question on your other freezer post but still have it…if I made a double batch of bbq ckn using defrosted ckn breasts, and we still have a ton left after 3 days, can I freeze it as it is and use in the future? or is it too late and too risky…

    • Jessica Fisher says

      @s, Sorry! I answered it in my head, but must have forgotten to do it irl. The USDA recommends keeping leftovers in the fridge no longer than 4 days, so yes, it’s too late to freeze that chicken.

      But, in general, you can cook previously frozen meats and then refreeze the leftovers right away without a problem.

      Again, sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

      • @Jessica Fisher, yup, today is day 4 (I cooked it Tues in slow cooker) so into the garbage it will go as better safe than sorry but next time, I’ll double it still and freeze half right away!

  8. I’m just getting started with freezer cooking! I am so excited. Quick question- I bought a bunch of shredded cheese in the last few weeks on sale. How should I freeze them? Can I just stick them right in the freezer or should I repackage them somehow?

    • Jessica Fisher says

      @Sara, I just finished repackaging mine, like 60 seconds ago. I put a mixture of mozzarella and jack into 1 pound bags. I have a kitchen scale. If you don’t, just measure out 3-4 cups and that should be close enough.

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