Ready to Let Them Crack Their First Egg?


It’s true. Cooking with kids can be a little messy.

In fact, I remember the first time I ever attempted a kitchen project with small children. I was in college, which means that I knew everything and had all the confidence in the world. On a babysitting night during the holiday season, I came up with the great idea to bake and decorate sugar cookies with my two charges, ages four- and two-years old….

I couldn’t quite understand why the mother had such an incredulous look on her face when I announced my plan for the night. About four hours later, when every square inch of the kitchen, as well as the children, were covered with flour and powdered sugar frosting, a lightbulb went on. Yes, then I knew why she was so shocked by my little project.

It can be a lot of work!

Since then, I’ve learned a little about being in the kitchen with kids. And patience is one of the necessary ingredients. Trust me. But, since my husband and I both love to eat and to cook, it’s been only natural to invite our children to join us. And like that babysitting client so many years ago, I’ve looked on with shock while my husband let our two-year old crack his first egg.

We’ve come to find out that not only are our children learning invaluable life skills, but we’re also making wonderful memories together.

It’s definitely a mess worth making!

Over the years I’ve found recipes that are easy on the cook, but that also lend themselves to including the kids. I’ve put them together in an ebook that is now finished! Yeah! My baby before the baby!

So if you’ve…
Ever wondered how to get kids enthusiastic about mealtime?
Been stumped for ideas and recipes to try with your children?
Been looking for simple solutions to cooking with little ones?

Look no further!

This, my first ebook, is now available for purchase. It includes:

  • Seasonal kitchen activities for parents to enjoy with their children
  • Over 25 kid – friendly recipes sure to satisfy even the pickiest eaters
  • Safety tips and tricks for easy kitchen clean-up

Purchase this book for $4 or buy both my ebooks for $6 here.

P.S. If you like it, please spread the word!

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  1. I think this is a great idea and in the spirit of supporting all things stay-at-home-momish, I ordered your book.

    Wanted to kick it off for you! I’ve only been reading your blog for a couple of weeks. Thanks for your efforts here!

  2. Thanks, Megan! I hope you enjoy it!

  3. keltic&swiss says:

    I have three kids and have told them I will help them cook, but that I can only teach them one at a time! So they take turns being my helper (I use the term”helper” loosely!).
    I look forward to reading your ebook. 🙂

    kelli (

  4. That’s a great price! It’s cheaper than a tall Latte at Starbuck’s — can’t go wrong with that. I look forward to trying out some recipes with Ella.

  5. dancebythelight says:

    Nice cover!! Well designed! 😉

  6. Just bought your e-book. Beautifully designed and can’t wait to try the recipes with my kids!

    I love your blog and look forward to your postings. You truly inspire me. (Sheesh – that sounded cheesy . . . but it’s true)

  7. Thanks for all your encouragement, ladies. I really hope that these become favorite recipes for those who get the book.

  8. I just ordered your e-book, I am looking forward to reading it and having my 4 children help me. Thanks so much…

  9. I have video of when my girls were making brownies and my youngest was learning to crack eggs…she was probably 3, maybe 4…we thought she did a great job until she looked at the floor and cried because it fell on the floor…we said it was fine, laughed and got another egg!

  10. i love cooking with my “two charges” it is endlessly messy, though, and i can’t count how many eggs have gotten “cracked” on the floor. my youngest just looks at me when this happens and says “it’s ok mama” i still remember when he was just standing and he’d be on the kitchen stool with my leg bracing him against the cabinet so he didn’t tip over! looking forward to getting some ideas from your blog.

    Food With Kid Appeal

  11. Charity, CEO says:

    where can I find the link to download the e-books? The email from paypal says that my payment was processed but I can’t find the link–help! Thanks!

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