Ready to Remodel Your Bathroom?

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The New Year is full of goals and aspirations. Perhaps this year is yours to remodel a bathroom. If we owned this house, the bathrooms would be the first rooms to get a makeover. I realized today that I don’t like cleaning them because the flooring is so trashed. Make it pretty, and it will be more fun to clean. Isn’t that how it goes?

You don’t have to leave that remodeling kind of thing to the guys. Sign up for a free workshop at Home Depot and learn some simple fixes for updating your powder room yourself. The class is about a week and a half away at your local HD.

Have you ever been to one of these workshops? I’d love to know what they’re like.

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  1. Hubby is at Home Depot right now picking out our new toilet … we've been living with 1 toilet for 5 potty-trained people for months now and guests have to go thru my bedroom to get there! We're excited to have the money for the toilet. And this week I post pix on my blog of his awesome tile job he did with his twin brother! Quite an undertaking! But worth it.