Recent Giveaway Winners

Last week we talked about some small ways to go green. Thanks for chiming in! And a special thank you to all the sponsors who shared great prizes.

The winners have been notified via email. Please respond within 48 hours to claim your prize. If you did not receive the email, but think you should have, please write me at jessica at lifeasmom dot com.

Eat Well Spend Less Grocery Giveaway from Kroger


Choosing the Right Fish (& a Giveaway from Alaska Seafood)


Watching Kids Grow (& a Giveaway from WallCandy Arts)

montreuils6@, lisagonzales73@

A Giveaway from MadeOn Hard Lotion

bcdriver1985@, consumerhero@

Tips for a Greener Homeschool and Home Office (& a Giveaway)

davidpruitt@, jennklogan@, frugalhappylife@

Give Your Kids a Veggication (Giveaway)

dnalierman@, lamteam@, kmsa1234@, MACKS4PRAISE@

A Giveaway from AboutOne and Keepsy

Macerdee@, fitzph@, kbrass211@

A Giveaway from Tom’s of Maine

hrobnsn@, theogles2@, lmschmied@

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  1. Thank you!!!

  2. Congrats to all!

  3. Thnks so much!

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