Recipe Swap MakeOver

I was feeling a little sad that I didn’t have some really cool name for my recipe carnival that I host on Thursdays. I mean, “Works for Me Wednesday” or “Frugal Friday” each have such a ring to them. But, Recipe Swap? Well, sounds a little plain jane.

Not that there’s anything wrong with being plain. Have you seen my wardrobe?

Anyway, I found a way to “makeover” my meme. And since we’re Food Network junkies around here, it made sense to go with this:

Tipping my hat to FN, this week’s theme is something they talk about all the time, Your Signature Dish. What dish do you make that is “yours?” What do people associate with you? What do they request? What is your specialty?

I hope you’ll come back for FishMama’s version of URS this Thursday. Share your recipe on your blog and bring the link back here on Thursday. Can’t wait to see what you have!

Upcoming themes:
St Patricks Day
Hot and Spicy

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  1. JessieLeigh says:

    Love the new name. 🙂

    Clever how “URS” is right in the middle of “THURSDAY” too.

  2. Great new title!

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