Recipe Swap: Thanksgiving Desserts

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Dessert is the crowing touch to the Thanksgiving Meal. And everyone has a favorite.

For FishPapa it is a toss-up between Pretzel Berry Dessert and Streusel Topped Pumpkin Pie. For the man who doesn’t love sweets, he says he could eat the whole thing. Of either one!

In my discussions with my mom and sisters this past week, the topic of Toffee Dream came up several times.

You can guess what will be on our dessert table this week.

How about you? What’s your favorite dessert recipe? Please share it!

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2. Share your recipe in the comments section.

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  1. thx for posting the mr linky rules! i did my first mr link post a couple weeks ago for a blog party and didn’t do the steps in the right order and made the host blogger a little nervous! you’re saving your readers a little anxiety over 🙂