Remembering the Romance: (Cheap) Date Night

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The other night my youngest brother watched the five older children while FishPapa and I went out for dinner, baby in tow. It was the first time we’d been on “a date” since we sat alone in my hospital room two months ago. A lot has happened since then.

It was great to share a meal and some conversation without getting up from the table five times, having to call someone back to the table, or wash dishes. To top it off we headed to Barnes and Noble for free coffee drinks. (Thanks for the heads’ up, Heather!) It brought back memories of the “old days” when we would go to the local bookstore on our dates.

But, date night is sometimes hard to swing when you’ve got kids. There’s much to prepare in securing a babysitter, feeding kids and said babysitter, and arranging activities for the evening, not to mention paying for your outing. But, alone time with your main squeeze is important! It’s so good to get out of the house and remember how your family started in the first place.

In addition to the free coffees, here are some other frugal date ideas:

** Dinner at Costco – really. A buck fifty buys you a hot dog and a drink. Split a frozen yogurt for dessert and you will be totally satisfied. Then go window shopping.

** Walk on the beach, around the lake, through the park. Make sure you hold hands.

** Send the kids away and have an at-home date night.

** Go out for coffee and dessert. This can be significantly less expensive than dinner.

** Have a breakfast date. Restaurant prices are generally lower first thing in the morning.

** Rent a movie, put the kids to bed, and set up the movie screen in your room. Make a plate of yummy movie snacks and settle in for a good flick.

Got another idea? Please share it in the comments!

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  1. We like to go to our local bookstore (not B & N) and look at magazines. We don't get subscriptions at home to save money so we get a coffee and sit and look at them at the bookstore for a cheap date. We talk too. =0)

  2. Museums on free nights….or free museums like the Getty. We also go to the Huntington Library and Gardens on Member nights and some afternoons. We are members so we get our worth out of the membership.

    We like to sit outside on the back deck or in the yard with a fire and kids asleep inside.

  3. My husband teaches a late class once a week – so he gets home right as the kids go to bed. While he settles the boys down for the night – I whip up a quick dinner (usually cheese fondue – a treat for my hubby). Now instead of a frustrating schedule – we have a built in “date night!”

  4. Our kids are asleep by 7:30 every night (because we drop naps early…) and so, every Friday, we cook dinner together and share a glass of wine. We light a candle (since there are no little hands to worry about) and sit NEXT to each other (instead of alternated with toddlers) at the table. So nice to reconnect as a couple…

  5. Date Ideas? EASY!!!

    I love this site, lots of date ideas $30 or under.