Remembering Romance: A Picnic for Two

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photo source: Jamie Getskow Voeltz

Now that Spring is here, one fun date night idea for you and the hubby is to go on a picnic. Pack up a cooler or basket of yummy food, grab a blanket, and some cool drinks and head for your favorite park, lake, or beach. Being outside is so relaxing, especially when you’ve got some yummy munchies available.

And picnic food can be really affordable. Years ago we had the opportunity to vacation in France (pre-children), some of our best food memories involve a crunchy baguette, some good cheese, sliced meats, and fruit. This doesn’t take much money at all – even in the US. There’s little prep involved; just bring a knife, a cutting board, and some napkins.

I know the weather is really heating up in some places. Here in KC, we’ve had warm days, but thankfully, cool breezes as well. So, it may not work for all areas to pack a picnic supper. But, if you live where it’s really warm, you might think about having a picnic breakfast. Sometimes babysitters are easier to find in the mornings anyway. Take advantage of the cool of the day if you can. As a last resort, have a picnic on the floor after the kids go to bed.

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