How You Can Still Be Romantic Even When You’ve Got Kids

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Remembering Romance - 6 budget ways to stay connectedToday my sweet hubby and I celebrate fourteen years of marriage. Back when this picture was taken, we didn’t have a clue what was in store for us: five, no, six, children, three miscarriages, a cross-country move, job changes, financial ups and financial downs, back trouble, and lots and lots of coupons. God has been so faithful to us. I am pleased to report that though we have had our rough spots, we love one another more today than we did back when we were young and skinny. Praise God!

Currently, we are in the process of pursuing a debt-free lifestyle. In order to do that, we will NOT be

  • flying to Hawaii today
  • eating out at the most expensive restaurant in town
  • buying ourselves a Hi-Definition, flat screen TV

But, we are going to celebrate. As I was thinking about what I could do with what I have on hand, I came up with the following suggestions as to how to remember the romance, but to do it on the cheap. Keep them in mind when your next anniversary rolls around.

  • Recreate the wedding supper. We had a fantastic reception al fresco in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Santa Barbara, CA. That may sound really froo-froo, but it was a casual affair on our landlords’ property. The tables were set picnic-style with red-checked cloths and raffia-tied napkins (all the rage, then). The atmosphere was one to make everyone feel relaxed. We had a delicious barbecue of chicken and tri-tip, potato salad, pasta salad, caesar salad and rolls. The cake was chocolate with raspberries and a whipped cream-cream cheese frosting. While tri-tip is not currently in the budget, chicken is. And I happen to have enough ingredients to pull off the rest of the menu.
  • Walk down Memory Lane. We’ll probably pull out our pictures tonight and show our kids how young and skinny we were. They will probably be most surprised at how short their uncles were then at ages 15 and 8.
  • Visit your old stomping grounds. For us, we’ll save that for our next trip West. But, if you’re in the vicinity of where you met and married, take a walk where you used to ramble. Either with the kids or without, it will be a fun time of reminiscing.
  • Dine at a favorite restaurant. Since we’ve always been pretty frugal, some of our favorites are actually in the budget. We’re going to forego it tonight, but in the past we have dined at McPhee’s Grill, the Palace Cafe, Cheesecake Factory, and Backyard Burger.
  • Recreate one of your first dates. We went to see Article 99, a movie with Ray Liotta and Kiefer Sutherland. If memory serves me right, it was a really bad movie. So, we won’t be doing that tonight. But, we might laugh about it.
  • Put the kids to bed early and spend time together – no tv, no computer, no phone calls. This doesn’t cost a thing and is the best part of our romance.

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  1. Happy anniversary!

    My husband really stresses when he has to buy gifts for me, and I’m the same way for him. So we did stuff on the cheap, like recreate a memory and make the other person guess what it is (like our first date, or the dinner from the night he proposed). Another year, we had to choose a song for the other person that made us think of them or our relationship. There might have been something else, but ever since we’ve had kids, we celebrate with a hug and kiss.

  2. happy anniversary. 🙂 You always have such cool, yet frugal, ideas on how to celebrate!

  3. Uh…Briana, I’m 4 1/2 months pregnant. I am no longer SKINNY!!! But, thanks for thinkin’ so. 😉

  4. Wow, this couldn’t have come at a better time!! My 5 year anniversary is this Saturday. I haven’t had a clue of what to get my husband because we are so tight on money right now, but you have given me a great idea. I am going to use my computer to make a little slide show with some pictures from the past 5 years. He will love it. I am going to have to work quick though because I only have two more days after today!! Thanks for the inspiration and happy anniversary!!

  5. What a beautiful post, congratulations! Thanks for all of the great ideas. My husband and my anniversary is December 30th so it always gets lost in the holiday season. I am now inspired to try and do something sweet this year.

  6. Happy Anniversary! We had a chocolate and raspberry wedding cake too. Hmmm. Wouldn’t mind recreating that!

  7. Happy Anniversary!! So, were you able to recreate that cake too? Sounds yummy.

  8. The cake was a bust. One can only get so close with a boxed mix, blackberry jam, and cool whip. Live like no one else, so later you can live like no one else. The boys didn’t care. Next year I’ll pull out the stops for #15 and maybe get a hold of the recipe. (A friend who was dating a baker gifted us the cake, so I bet she could get it for me since they’re still friends.)