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Congrats to Abby!

Every once in a while you come across a book that just “covers it all” on the topic at hand. It’s a book that prompts you to think, This is all I need to know. Now, I realize that is perhaps a slight exaggeration. We can’t know everything about everything. But, I think there are some excellent books out there that cover the basics on a lot of homemaking and family management fronts. I’ve kind of made it my mission in life to find them. Basically because I need all the help I can get.

And for the last 12 years, since we moved to one-income, I’ve worked to reduce our grocery spending so that we didn’t have to take out a loan to pay for our baguettes and Brie cheese. We’re gluttons foodies around here, so good food is definitely a priority for the FishFam. But there are ways to play the game smarter and more economically.

This book, Family Feasts for $75 a Week, tells you everything I would tell you about reducing your expenses — and then some. I read it earlier this fall and was so encouraged by the information that author and blogger Mary Ostyn imparts to her readers. It helps that she’s a mom of ten children, feeding her family on a modest income. Her recommendations are based on spending $75 a week for a family of four. Now, isn’t that motivating? Reading this book is like sitting at the feet of an experienced mom who is sharing all her secrets. Love that!

In thirteen chapters, Mary tackles the pursuit of frugality, the ins and out of grocery shopping, efficiency in the kitchen, and entertaining on a budget, as well as every meal course of the day. The book includes over 200 recipes! Each chapter features action points at the end, reminders about the content of the chapter as well as goals to set for yourself in improving your food spending habits.

While I’ve been working at this “frugal cooking” thing for a while, several things hit me as fresh and new. Why have I never kept a price book? I dunno. I’m pretty geeky with numbers, but I’ve shrugged that off as pointless. Mary promises that doing so will help me save money. So, I’m going to try that out in the new year.

Feeling discouraged that your hard-earned efforts at saving are going nowhere? Yeah, me, too. Mary suggests having a goal for your grocery savings. {Smacks forehead} Why have I never done that? Wouldn’t money for Disneyland be a great impetus for me to exercise just a tad more self-control at the grocery store? Or how about extra funds toward our replacement vehicle that is due in the next year? Mary points us toward the big picture, so that buying loss leaders makes dollars and sense.

Those of you new to the grocery-saving game may worry that you’re going to have to clip 5001 coupons to see this kind of savings. Not so. Mary doesn’t often do the coupon thing. {Jaw drops.} You know how I love my coupons, but I love saving without the extra work even more.

Now, when you pick up this book, you may be overcome by all the new habits you’re goig to want to instill. Calm down and just pick one or two. There is always room for improvement. Baby steps will help you toward your goal. This book is “a keeper” because it presents the basics to saving on groceries in a very common sense, do-able way. I can’t vouch for the recipes because I haven’t tried them. But, the book is so packed with helpful information that the content can stand alone.

This week Mary is offering a free copy to one LifeasMOM reader. Yeah! Giveaway will be open until Sunday night, December 20 at 8 pm, PST. Winner to be chosen at random. Please make sure you leave an email contact so that I can find you when you win.

There are three ways to enter:

1. Leave a comment on this post, sharing your biggest grocery store challenge.
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I hope you win!
Disclosure: I was given a review copy of this book.

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  1. My grocery store challange is – I love to go to the grocery store – to the point I might need to start going to GA meetings…. I watch the adds and go to the 3 local stores, where I always end up spending extra money, …even when our pantry and fridge is full – I can think of an excuse to just "run" to the store….$80.00 bucks later I'm back with bags of groceries, when I only went for 2 things. I'm losing my job at the end of the month and need to figure this out quickly.

  2. I'm getting really good at reducing our grocery spending by matching coupons with sales and stockpiling, but I've never actually used a grocery budget, and I don't have any goals for where the savings go. It's just sort of been "saving for savings sake." I'm always looking for more healthy frugal family-friendly meal ideas, too.

  3. My grocery store challenge is finding foods that all four of us will eat without breaking the bank.

  4. Money Saving Maine-iac says:

    Our biggest challange is budgeting for entertaining. I hesitate to have anyone over because I just never budget in foods for entertaining. Help!

  5. Bridgette@Fancybelle says:

    My biggest grocery store challenge is keeping my husband for blowing the budget on overpriced soda and chips!

  6. Bridgette@Fancybelle says:

    Hi, I just tweeted about this giveaway and post! πŸ™‚

  7. Bridgette@Fancybelle says:

    Hi! I just subscribed to your feed. πŸ™‚

  8. Tim, Allyson, Emahry, and Jonathan says:

    I have yet to tackle the coupon monster πŸ™‚ I just can't seem to keep up with coupons.

  9. Staying in budget is my biggest challenge!! This month I'm trying the cash-only method again to see if that helps. Last week I actually went through with a calculator (probably looked like a geek, but I knew what I was spending and my balance at checkout wasn't a surprise for once – YAY!!). I'm trying to learn that just because I have a coupon, it doesn't mean I'm saving money if I don't need the item (or wouldn't buy it normally).

  10. Tim, Allyson, Emahry, and Jonathan says:

    I subscribe through Google.

  11. My biggest grocery store challenge is finding that balance between healthful and budget friendly.

  12. I have come a long, long way! But, I always need new insight. And, we are not at $75 a week yet (more like $100-120 for a family of six, including two teenagers). I could use ideas for when it is good to scoop up a deal and when it is still spending money and not the best plan (if that makes any sense at all).

  13. I subscribe using Google Reader.

  14. Coolio!! I would love to have this book!!

  15. My biggest challenge is just figuring out WHAT to make for 3 meals a day/7 days a week without resorting to expensive items.
    jmbhamilton (at) msn (dot) com

  16. I suscribe via google reader
    jmbhamilton (at) msn (dot) com

  17. My grocery store challenge is getting the foods that everyone will eat, at the quantity of how much they can eat, for a price that doesnt feel like a second mortgage payment.

    sallycoupons @ yahoo dot com

  18. Stansproudwife says:

    My biggest challenge is keeping us stocked with cereals that the family loves for breakfast without breaking the bank. Using meat in meals can become challenging as well too. I stretch it as far as humanly possible!

  19. My biggest challenge is navigating the store, finding the deals, and organizing my coupons – all with a seven-month-old in tow. πŸ™‚

  20. I subscribe in a reader.

  21. Mrs. (not) the Jet Set says:

    My biggest challenge is to stay within our budget while still trying to buy either locally grown or organic foods.

  22. Mrs. (not) the Jet Set says:

    I'm an RSS reader!

  23. My biggest challenge is preparing healthy meals without busting my grocery budget.

  24. I follow on Twitter.

  25. I have a grocery budget, but the amount is a little too big…but only because I use that money to stockpile awesome sales! We have soooo much food around the house that I need to learn a little balance. Yes, they were good deals, but we have a ton of food!

  26. I subscribe with Google Reader RSS

  27. My biggest challenge is sticking to my budget when I run across unadvertized good deals at the store. oh – and shopping with 4 kids!

  28. Lori @ Couponomic Stimulus Package says:

    The hardest part of grocery shopping is remembering to bring all my coupons and I haven't figured out how to take my coupons along, so if I see a good deal I don't always have my coupons.

  29. Hmmm. My biggest challenge is finding a variety of produce that fits into our budget. I want my family to eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies, but since I've started couponing, I've gotten so cheap!

  30. I have a husband and son who are trying to eat me out of house and home – especially with snacks. I'm struggling to keep a lid on these to keep our grocery spending down. This sounds like a fabulous book. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  31. I subscribe in a reader…

  32. Hi,
    My biggest issue with the grocery store and feeding my family, is that I want to eat healthier than everyone else does. I also want to learn how to cook healthier but stay in our budget.

  33. I subscribe via google reader. Just subscribed a week ago… love it so far!

  34. Grocery challenge: staying organized! Still trying to develop a system that works best for me!

  35. Following you on Twitter as @Smittens05

  36. My problem: I always go over my budget. PLus need a good way to organize coupons

  37. My biggest challenge is feeling as if I need to use every single "good" coupon I have, when I really just need to pare down and buy the essentials.

  38. My biggest problem is coupons! I don't take enough time to find them, clip them, and use them!! I would love to win this. I am also a follower! Thanks!

  39. Southern Gal says:

    My biggest challenge is staying in my budget while trying to eat healthy. I find many of the easy to fix meals are just not conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Not that I'm there…I'm just sayin'.

  40. My biggest grocery challenge is my husband. I cut coupons, look for great deals, and stick to my buget (for the most part). He may stop to pick up something and come home with LOTS of extras. Bye, bye budget.

  41. My grocery store challenge: my husbands LOVES fresh fruit and vegetables ( I do too, but especially him ). That is really hard to get inexpensively.

  42. The Sometimes Mom says:

    My biggest challenge is finding affordable food that all my kids will eat that is also healthy! I am still new at this grocery shopping and have brought it to about 125 – 150 a week for a family of 5 with 3 very hungry little boys!

  43. My biggest challenge at this point is staying within our $320/month budget for groceries, toiletries, and cleaning supplies. I'm pregnant with #2 and have hyperemesis, which means that making four stops at different stores with a 2 year old in tow to pick up the loss leaders and best deals is out, at least for now. I saw a definite increase in our spending when I started trying to price match and just make a trip to Walmart for everything–and that with my husband and son being the only 2 people in the house really eating right now!

  44. I keep hearing about this book! I would love to see it.

    My biggest challenge AND biggest savings is buying in bulk for my "pantry" (freezer, fridge and cupboards.

    I save the MOST money shopping this way, but at the same time it's hard for me to pass up a deal. Since I started limiting myself to stocking up on just a few things at amazing prices, I've found I have saved money.

    In the new year I hope to save even more!

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  45. I'm a subscriber.

  46. My biggest grocery store challenge is actually sticking to the list. I always find more than I really need for that week. And I am with Caroline at the top of these comments…I like to grocery shop. Maybe we can start our own Grocery Shoppers Annonymous…Hi, I'm Donna and I like grocery stores! I really don't have a problem sticking to the budget, its just rounding our the monthly budget with extra bargains and not using that money toward something else, like paying extra on the mortgage (our next goal is to pay it off in the next several years). The book looks great!

  47. One Acre Homestead says:

    My biggest grocery story challenge is the cereal aisle…I LOVE cold cereals, esp. in the summer. I could live off of them all summer, but they are so stinkin' expensive! I never seem to find the great coupon/sale combos that you do! I'd love to read this book and try to set a Disney World $$ goal!! Awesome idea!

  48. My biggest challenge is shopping with my little one, who is adorable, but also a big distraction in the store!

  49. One Acre Homestead says:

    And, I'm already a subscriber!!! Love your blog!

  50. My grocery challenge is the 'little things'. I'll pick up something new or a terat thinking that its just a couple of dollars, but that adds up so quickly.

    LOVE your blog

  51. I'm a subscriber

  52. I would say self control when it comes to wanting to use all my grocery budget even if I don't need much. I get too excited to save money that I sometimes spend money instead! :S

  53. I would say self control when it comes to wanting to use all my grocery budget even if I don't need much. I get too excited to save money that I sometimes spend money instead! :S

  54. My biggest challenge is my sanity! I usually take all 4 of my children with me and my youngest son that is 3 does not like to stay in the cart so he and my 5 year old are usually running up and down the aisles while I'm trying to figure out prices and what I want. Thankfully my 9 and 11 year old are excellent at helping with the little ones or running back to find that item I forgot. I've trained my 11 yr old pretty good to find the bargains.

  55. Jessica @ This Blessed Life says:

    My challenge is keeping to a budget in a very expensive area of the country. No one here triples coupons, and the food prices are much higher (I've lived in 3 other states), so many times I am simply not able to get the fabulous deals for pennies that so many bloggers in the South and Midwest seem to get. I just keep plugging along, though, and know that any savings is better than no savings! πŸ™‚

  56. My greatest challenge is keeping current with clipping my coupons. I tend to let them "stack." I like to clip and file all that I know I will use, because Kroger often has unadvertised markdowns that result in free or nearly free items. Thanks so much for your blog…it's one of my favorite places in blogland. Merry CHRISTmas to you and your family. Dawn

  57. Subscribed!

  58. Our biggest challenge is buying sweets! And I need to work out a better schedule on how much we'll have till we run out so I can go to the store 45 mins away and it be more effcient.

  59. I am a fairly new subscriber to your blog (via Google Reader). I really appreciate your insight and ideas. Thanks!


  60. This book looks great! My biggest challenge is staying within my budget and eating healthy at the same time. I haven't found a way to make it work yet. I greatly dislike shopping, couponing, and cooking, but they are all necessities for us!

  61. My biggest challenge is navigating multiple stores with 4 kids in tow! We get the loss leaders, but I am exhausted in the process. How do you do it with six??


  62. My biggest challenge at the grocery store is sticking to my list and keeping within my budget. I do take a list but I always seem to remember some item(s)that I need that are not on my list. I am trying to become more careful and have a through list, write each item down as we need it.

  63. I subsrcibe to your blog via google reader and follow you on twitter.

  64. Sierra Mama says:

    My biggest challenge is not giving in to impulse buying.. especially at Costco!

  65. I really struggle with feeling guilty when I grocery shop. I always feel that I could be spending less than I am and that I'm slacking in some way. I'd really like an efficient way to bargain shop.

  66. My biggest grocery store problem is sticking to the list… I think it stems from not writing down *everything* I really need, so then when I'm in the store I can justify to myself that "I was going to write that one down anyway" and end up buying "just a few more things" than I intended.

  67. I subscribe to your blog via google reader! Thanks for the great giveaway. :o)

  68. My biggest challenge is sticking to my shopping list when hubby and kids are with me. If I'm shopping by myself, I will pick up exactly what's on my list. But if they're with me, I can kiss the list goodbye.

  69. My grocery store challenge is that I live in a tiny town where the nearest Walmart is 20-30 miles away. So, our grocery store doesn't carry everything I would like, or if they do, it's extremely expensive.

  70. I also subscribe through google reader! πŸ™‚

  71. My biggest challenge is staying within the grocery budget for our family of six (four growing girls who are EATING MACHINES) while also buying healthy, sometimes-organic and non-processed food. I havent' quite mastered the art of matching coupons to loss leaders to save a bundle!

  72. My biggest grocery store challenge is balancing the amount of money in my grocery budget with the desire to buy the healthiest foods.

  73. I subscribe in my Google feed reader.

  74. That book sounds pretty cool. I am trying to get into menu planning, but feel like I'm spending more money since I am just throwing meals together in advance. Maybe this can help me!

  75. My challenge is three-fold:
    1) Staying on budget.
    2) Taking the time to plan the menu so that I CAN do #1)
    3) Eating healthy while doing #1

    I think that this book would be a help!

    Andrea in NC

  76. Mrs. Mordecai says:

    My biggest challenge is actually getting there. It's not working to take my toddler and baby along with me lately so I have to try to wait for a time when my husband can watch the kids . . . but then I want to stay home and have fun too! I go every 2-3 weeks.

  77. I follow you on Twitter.

    Andrea in NC

  78. Mrs. Mordecai says:

    I subscribe to your RSS feed.

  79. My biggest grocery story challenge is finding good foods that are gluten-free for hubby! (and cheap) It's difficult at times. We basically try to reduce other food items costs so that I can "splurge" on tasty gluten free stuff.

  80. i also subscribe via google reader.

  81. I tweeted about the giveaway and also posted it as my status on FB and Linked In.

    Andrea in NC

  82. My biggest challenge is stockpiling. Or maybe it's finding room to store stockpiled food in my tiny kitchen.

  83. My biggest challenge is trying to fix food my husband loves that is as healthy as possible on a small budget, in a small town without a lot of grocery shopping options. πŸ™‚

  84. I'm a subscriber.

  85. I subscribe through Google.

  86. I subscribe to your feed on google reader.

  87. I tweeted the giveaway. πŸ™‚

  88. It depends on the week. Sometimes it's that I have to shop with 3 little people. Other times, it's coming up with a varied menu that won't cost too much to make.

  89. I also subscribe through google to the RSS.

  90. Denise Klop says:

    This book looks so good! My biggest grocery challenge is just taking the time to find sales and deals.

  91. Would love this book! My biggest challenge is getting the most for my money while planning healthy meals that my 2 picky boys will eat.

  92. I'd love to win the book. I am challenged with having my two best helpers work different hours every week.

  93. biggest grocery store challenge: making our one person income stretch to feed our 10 person family.

    I subscribe through google reader.

  94. My biggest challenge is squeezing as much organic/ all natural items into my teeny tiny budget. Its possible but it takes some patience and a little creativity!

  95. My biggest challenge is only buying what we need in the pantry and not what might be good if I need a snack and want something different.

  96. My biggest challenge is that one item that's only on sale in a blue moon.
    johnthegirl at hotmail dot com

  97. I'm a subscriber

  98. I subscribe via RSS.

  99. I just started couponing about 2 months ago. I'm finding my biggest challenge to be making healthy meals when my stockpile seems to be filled with cream of mushroom soup, cereal and Betty Crocker cookie mix! I need to branch out and buy meat and produce more often, even if they aren't at rock bottom prices…

  100. My biggest challenge would be finding better ways to save money in the meat and dairy section. I already buy what I can when it is close to it's sell by date, but I would love to do better.

  101. Jeremiah and Stephenie says:

    I am excited to finally be seeing my stockpile work. My freezer is full of meats bought on sale and I am able to buy sales items each week to fill in. My biggest grocery store challenge is price comparison/couponing while juggling 6 children in the store without losing my cool! Does her book help with that?

    Love to win, my hubby found out today there will be more lay-offs after the first of the year.

  102. My challenge is that I get in a hurry or don't plan well and then spend more than necessary.

  103. My challenge is staying within budget, especially when there are sales, etc.

  104. Also, I'm a twitter follower.

  105. My biggest challenge is finding time to go without my three little boys!

  106. Also, a feed reader. Thank you!

  107. My biggest grocery store challenge is finding time to get to the stores I need to get to in the midst of naps and schoolwork. Then once I get there, I get so flustered trying to keep track of all the coupons and other deals at the checkout while making sure my boys don't destroy anything before we get out the door.

  108. My biggest challenge is figuring out how to stay within my budget and what a realistic budget is for my family (especially since we have 2 kids in diapers).

  109. My challenge is actually getting to the store. I really don't like shopping and hope some organization skills will at least make it more bearable.

  110. Shopping for one. I'm not a mom but I need to curb my shopping…

  111. Davis Family says:

    Hi there.
    Thanks for the chance to win this book. You've been talking about it and I can't wait to (maybe) win…
    anyway – my biggest grocery challenge is eating healthy/organically/fresh for less. It seems that there are no coupons for produce or most healthy choices. I hope the book guides a person about that.

  112. my grocery store challenge is staying away from convenience foods.

  113. Stephanie Sample says:

    My biggest grocery challenge is having a regular shopping day. Working full time with two small kids keeps me busy so I don't grocery shop on a regular basis.

    Stephanie S.

  114. Stephanie Sample says:

    I subscribe via email.

    Stephanie S.

  115. Mom_of_Faith says:

    I recently started subscribing to you via facebook. I love this blog thanks so much for everything you write.

    My biggest grocery store challenge is trying to feed a houseful of people with all different food allergies and sensitivies. It seems all those special foods are so expensive! Yikes!

  116. My biggest challenge is I have a tough time sticking to a list!

  117. I subscribe via RSS.

  118. I really don't like shopping, and with two littles, it's even more "trouble". I love the thrill of getting a great deal, though, so I plan out my shopping trips as detailed as possible to spend as little time in each store as possible.

  119. I follow in a reader.

  120. I tweeted @apichea.

  121. I'd love to read this book. My biggest challenge is "bargain" shopping with my young kids–they tend to distract me and I make mistakes.

  122. AmandaLynn says:

    my biggest grocery store challenge is finding good-for-you foods that meet the budget, instead of using premade box dinners that are full of fat and sodium and sugar.

  123. I subscribe to your blog on a reader

  124. AmandaLynn says:

    i retweeted your tweet @agentleradiance

  125. AmandaLynn says:

    i follow you on twitter @agentleradiance.

  126. My biggest grocery store challenge is finding a time to go without saboteurs! Even my husband wants to veer off the list, but I'm getting stricter by the day and he is very happy with the financial difference my list and meal plans are making! Thank you for all you do!

  127. 0GiovanniD'Angelo0 says:

    Would love to read this book! I subscribed to your blog via email, thanks for blogging all that you do!

  128. My biggest grocery challenge is actually going to the store. I was so spoiled that in WA I could have my groceries delivered to my front door, not so in VA. Plus, I always over spend on the little things that add up. I am pledging to get better and stick to my budget in 2010. Thanks for the cnace to win!

  129. follower by email

  130. My grocery store challenge is not breaking the bank. I'd like to come up with new meal ideas but stay w/in a budget at the same time. I also get tempted while there which ends up costing more.

  131. Email subscriber

  132. my biggest challenge is balancing cheap with healthy food!

  133. My biggest challenge is finding good produce and the pantry items in one store!!

  134. I subscribe!!

  135. My biggest grocery store challenge is frugal shopping with my toddler. If find it hard to compare prices and coupons and such with her in tow. I'd rather just get in and out when I have her with me.

  136. I subscribe via google reader and love your blog!

  137. Southerner says:

    My biggest challenge is keeping the kids from eating all my deals. I come home with 11 bags of chex mix that I got almost free and they will eat it in two days. I need a lock on the pantry.

  138. Southerner says:

    I am a subscriber

  139. I feel like my biggest challenge is finding healthy options at good prices. We try to mostly buy meat & and produce on sale, but that oftentimes means our diet is limited.

  140. I subscribe via Google Reader!

  141. i follow you in reader also: mommycrawford(at)hotmaildot(com)

  142. My family's biggest challenge is that we are living on student loans for one person while my husband is in school….money is always tight!

  143. I subscribe via email πŸ™‚

  144. I think my biggest challenge is finding organic and healthy foods for my family that are as cheap as all the junk/processed foods that are practically free. I was able to find some Annie's cereal for $1.67 on clearance and after coupon it was only $0.67. But, since I'm such a huge couponer…..I feel like I paid too much. My buy price for cereal is $0.25. But, I guess for organic, $0.67 is a steal! I can't believe I used to pay 4 bucks for a box of cereal!!! NEVER again! Ha! πŸ™‚

  145. One Thrifty Mamma says:

    My biggest challenge is making my menu plan to match the grocery sales. I stock up during sales but it often goes into the freezer for other weeks. I really need to work on better meal planning and then encompassing sales within the meal plan. I've got the coupon thing pretty down!!! πŸ™‚

  146. My biggest grocery store challenge is NOT having to run back in the middle of the week for "just one more thing" – it's never JUST one more!

  147. I already subscribe in Google Reader! πŸ™‚

  148. I blogged about the giveaway:

    Pick me, pick me!

  149. I tweeted a link to your giveaway post!

  150. My biggest challenge? I have two: Not buying goodies. I've quit buying them for health sake but still am tempted and when I see a good price something usually still ends up in my cart! Also, keeping on budget. I tend to buy things that we "Need" when they're on sale even if we really don't need them!

    I'd love to have a copy of Mary's book.

  151. As much as I want to get the best deals on groceries, with 3 kids under 5, I just can't run to every grocery store in town to buy the loss leaders each week. I would love some other ideas on how to cook meals everyone will eat and stay on budget. Thanks for the giveaway.

  152. cooking like a frugalite says:

    My biggest grocery challenge is that we eat so much!!! I get a "Stock-up" amount of food and it's gone in no time flat. I'm glad that we are eating at home and not eating out, but I've got to find "the right amount"

  153. Well the biggest challenge I have is trying to stick to my list while calculating all the costs plus keeping my two year old from escaping, stripping, peeing or destroying the store.

    LOVE motherhood:)

  154. Great! My biggest challenge w/grocery shopping/feeding my family is, figuring out a meal plan from the deals that I have been getting, and eating healthfully w/out going over budget (trying to lose weight). I can't seem to put the deals together, and figure out how to pick recipes to make just from stuff I have on hand. I can make a meal plan and then buy the stuff I need for the recipes I like, but then as you know that winds up being a ton of money! Anyway, it's like I can do this or that, but putting it all together is where I have problems. I don't know if that made any sense.

    My other challenge is getting through the store w/out spending too much and getting the coupons matched up and keeping track of all the numbers because my 3 year old is w/me and is usually ornery & whiny if we are in the store longer than 10 minutes!

    I think this book sounds great for us!

  155. My grocery store challenge is that I dislike the whole process. I don't enjoy going to the grocery store one bit. I think it comes from the fact that I worked a lot of long hours in front of a cash register of our local grocery store during high school and college.

  156. Heather Brandt says:

    My biggest challenge is taking my 2 year old with me on grocery store trips :0

    heatherlbrandt(at) verizon (dot) net

  157. Heather Brandt says:

    I am subscribed to your blog through google reader.

    heatherlbrandt(at) verizon (dot) net

  158. My biggest challenge is grocery shopping with my kids. I have a two year old and a six month old and they can be pretty distracting when I am figuring out whether to buy the item that I have the coupon with me for it or get the other one on sale because it is a better deal. I do great with coupons and sales and make my list and figure out my game plan long before I enter the store but grocery trips can get crazy. πŸ™‚

  159. I am a follower on twitter. Thank you for the chance to win.

  160. My biggest challenges are self-restraint and planning.

    I checked this book out from the library, and I like how the author emphasizes taking small steps to accomplish larger goals. The checklists helped me make a tangible connection between taming our grocery budget and saving money to reach our goal of taking our first "big" vacation this year.

    I would love to have my own copy, but if I don't win I will definitely check it out again. It's helpful enough for a second read.

  161. I'm also a subscriber–found you via the Homeschool blog awards. I'm so glad I did!

  162. I wrote down the title of this book after seeing it in your 10 top book lists. I can't serve poultry often in my home since my husband is allergic. So I am always looking for new, healthy, frugal alternatives.

  163. My biggest grocery challenge is that I don't know how to save on the things we use most. I'm fairly new to the frugal lifestyle. I usually wait until my fridge and pantry are almost empty then head to the grocery store. I don't know where to start. I would love to win.

  164. I subscribe via reader. Love your posts. I think that I learn something new every time that I read.

  165. My biggest challenge is planning ahead enough…I am pretty good at meal planning dinners but lunches and breakfasts always go awry for some reason!

  166. My biggest challenge is getting the most for my buck! I try to coupon and price watch…but still end up spending way more than I wanted to.

    Love Mary's way of thinking!

  167. Jenn Clark says:

    My biggest grocery store challenge is finding the time to make my list. I save so much money with that simple step, but it's such an annoyance!

  168. thekroesches says:

    My biggest challenge is planning out our meals. When I do, I can tell it saves us money and also helps me in managing my time when fixing food. However, I sit down to make a plan, and my mind just goes blank.

  169. Jenn Clark says:

    I also subscribe to your feed in a RSS reader.

  170. I subscribe to your email feed…

  171. I think one of my biggest challenges is not going over board on snacks my girls will eat…sometimes they're not into the same things which makes it a challenge to pick up just a few snack items to get us through a week or two.

  172. Probably one of my biggest challenges at the grocery store is not going overboard when I'm planning something special. Instead of just getting a few special things, I blow the budget and get lots of things.

  173. My biggest grocery store challenge is that I love to make new things, so stocking the pantry/refrigerator tends to result in wasted food. I haven't figured out a way to cook the way I want at a price we can afford. And, who knows, maybe it's not really possible. πŸ™‚

  174. my grocery challenge is to make tasty meals that are healthy and frugal. We are a family of 5 on one income. My kids are 6, 4, and 1 and my husband grew up eating only fast food. He craves unhealthy things (he works out of town 3-4 days a week so the fast food is still a mainstay of his diet). I struggle with family friendly recipes that are wholesome.

  175. faithplusnothing says:

    My biggest challenge is to stay focused. It takes a lot of time and energy for me to get my coupons in order. I just can't focus like i used to. It's easy for me to get flustered and discouraged. And then to plan meals, oh my! That just adds to the stress on top of working and doing other household duties! I could go on but I won't lol!

  176. I am a subscriber and a follower on Twitter. Love your blog!

  177. Our biggest challenge is buying ingredients for dinner.

  178. My biggest grocery store challenge is getting through with my almost 2 year old son in tow. The free cookie at the deli helps. Not forgetting something that is ON my list is usually the other one.

  179. My biggest challenge is motivation! I do well for a while, then I get lazy with coupons and updating the pricebook, etc. Thanks for this giveaway!

  180. faithplusnothing says:
  181. faithplusnothing says:

    I already subscribe to your email and follow you on twitter

  182. My biggest grocery challenge is trying to get in on EVERY deal. I have to remind myself that it's okay if I miss out on a deal here and there!
    Would love to win this give away..sounds like a great book!!

  183. My biggest challenge is just having money to shop! We budget $200/month for our family of four, but that is only if hubby gets enough OT. This month between sick days and snow days we have $0 to spend. Creativity with what we have is key and hopefully Mary's book will help me with that.

  184. chompermom says:

    My biggest challenge is often that I have exactly 50 Euros, or 30 Euros or whatever in cash. No more, no less, no extra change. And I am ALWAYS going over by 25 cents or something. Then you have to ask the cashier to take something off, or have the kid run to the car to dig around for pennies. πŸ™‚ Very embarrassing, especially when you have to use your bad French and there are 50 people in line behind you.

  185. My biggest challenge is not so much the big twice-a-month grocery trips but the middle we-need-milk trips. My teens seem to think that the milk runs should also include anything else we've run out of and/or they "can't live without." I'm trying to get them more involved in budgeting, shopping and cooking partly as life skills and partly so they'll understand why I do what I do! Thanks for the giveaway. I actually have this book out from our library right now and would love my own copy.

  186. I follow via feed.

  187. I feel pretty good about my current grocery situation but I'm always looking for ways to do better without sacrificing quality or good taste. Thanks for a chance to win!

  188. I subscribe to your blog in my Bloglines!

  189. I subscribe with Google Reader.

  190. My biggest grocery challenge:

    Hmmm… I guess money saving in general. I'm good about making a list and sticking to it, but I don't often do my homework before the list. For instance, I made a lovely chicken cacciatore (sp?), which called for dried porcini mushrooms. Well, those mushrooms were like $7 for an OUNCE! I didn't even look!

    Since I am going to start staying home next month, I have to do better about money saving.

  191. Also, I am a subscriber to your RSS feed!

  192. I have heard such good things about this book, would love to get to read it for myself!

  193. My biggest challenge is planning ahead for the little things. I do very well on budgeting and planning meals, but forget that we're out of something important, but usually small, and end up sending the hubby to pick up one or two things. He always comes home with very little, but has spent A LOT! πŸ™

  194. I subscribe to your blog!

  195. I'd have to say that my biggest grocery challenge would be sticking to purchasing just whats on the list. It's hard not to walk out with any impulse buys.

  196. My biggest challenge is not going overboard on big sales when I've already maxxed out my budget πŸ™‚

  197. My grocery challenge is my husband. We typically grocery shop together and he thinks it's just fine to throw full price items into the cart "as a treat". It drives me up a wall.

  198. I subscribe in a reader.

  199. Sort of Fairytale Mom says:

    I follow you on Twitter, and Facebook, and read your 'blog everyday. Yeah, please don't get a restraining order on me. πŸ™‚

  200. I love to try to recipes, so I always seem to need ingredients that I don't already have on hand, rather than the "use what I have" method. Thanks!

  201. I subscribe

  202. Feeding a family of 6 healthy foods that kids love! It is a challenge. I would love this book!

  203. My biggest grocery challenge is impulse buying! I always go grocery shopping with a list, but I always find something else that I just have to have or find some great deal on meat or something.

  204. I'm a feed subscriber and I follow you on Twitter…

  205. I subscribe through a reader.

  206. Shaybplus3 says:

    My biggest grocery challenge is my husband is a meat and potatoes man. He likes his meals hearty and robust. This can be expensive not to mention hard to do as my children and I aren't huge meat eaters. This book could serioulsy help me out!

    Thanks so much for the chance

  207. My biggest struggle is trying to eat healthy without spending so much…produce is so expensive…so are leaner meats, etc. It is so much cheaper to eat unhealthy!

  208. My biggest grocery store challenge is sticking to the list….I hope this book can help!


  209. My biggest grocery store challenge is getting out of there without buying extra stuff.

    carlamo (at) ymail (dot) com

  210. I am a follower with Blogger.

    carlamo (at) ymail (dot) com

  211. My biggest Grocery Store challenge, beyond the amount of $$ it takes to feed these kids, is sticking to the list. I always find things that we "need" even though they're not on the list.

  212. I subscribe in reader.

  213. I need to get more organized in what I have already so I don't overbuy thigns I dont use. Also meal planning.

  214. I'm trying to feed my family healthier. My biggest challenge is trying to stay within our budget while buying locally grown, organic, and/or allergen-free foods.

  215. Alaina Gray says:

    My biggest grocery store challenge is keeping my grocery list simple so I can shop at one store. I like to try unusual recipes, but I don't want to make an extra trip to a specialty grocery store.

  216. I'd love to have a copy of this book for my daughter! My biggest grocery store challenge is maintaining a reasonable budget when we have a "special diet" elderly person living in our home. He is on a renal diet: no bananas, no tomato based dishes, no frugal foods like beans, no nuts. High protein all the way, and eggs get dull after too many mornings!

  217. The Grahams says:

    My biggest challenge is finding healthy foods, cheaply, for several picky eaters.

  218. 1HomeschoolMommy says:

    My problem is feeding 7 on $80 a week while trying to make it tasty AND healthy. Mac-N-Cheese is really cheap but not that healthy. I also need to add variety. I make the sames things over and over again!! I would love this !!

  219. My greatest challenge is remembering to plan meals before I shop!

  220. I've been preparing for 8 months to be a SAHM with our 3rd child coming any day now. I've learned to freezer cook,stockpile,use coupons and shop the ads. I've had the extra income still coming in while learning. My challenge now is to make sure it all works!

  221. buckeyemommy says:

    My challenge is to set and stick to a budget. I do great at using my coupons, but haven't taken the time to figure out exactly what I should spend each week. Which in the long run would probably save me even more money!

  222. Jenn Jones says:

    my biggest challenge is impulse buying at the grocery store…i love to go and walk down every aisle…which is dangerous!

  223. Jenn Jones says:

    i also subscribe thru google reader!

  224. I subscribe in a reader


  225. I'm now a Twitter follower

  226. Finding fresh produce for cheap is my biggest hurdle. Whole wheat flour seems to be super expensive too! Everything else gets mark-downs or coupons it seems!

  227. I follow you on google reader-hope I win:)

  228. I read your blog through google reader.

  229. My biggest challenge is having enough good, healthy, affordable snacks to last through the next trip, whether homemade (and planning/shopping to make them) or store bought.

  230. My challenge is actually getting to the store so we have food and I am not tempted to just go out to eat.

  231. I subscribe.

  232. I already subscribe via email. Thanks for your great blog!

  233. My biggest grocery store challenge? Feeding three teens and keeping groceries in the house longer than 2-3 days….

  234. Pitcher Family says:

    My biggest challenge is that I love a good sale/bargain, even if I don't need it!!

  235. Hope I win, I would really like this book!

    My biggest challenge is not stocking up too much on sales and then going over-budget because of it.

  236. ET @ Titus2:3-5 says:

    My biggest grocery store challenge? Eating healthy on a budget. Fresh fruits and veggies cost an arm and a leg, especially up here in Canada. πŸ™‚

  237. UnfinishedMom says:

    My biggest challenge is price tracking. I try to buy only staples, but I have a big list of staples and tracking them all is a bit overwhelming and can be very time consuming – something I don't always have.

  238. UnfinishedMom says:

    Tweeted your giveaway

  239. UnfinishedMom says:

    I already follow you on twitter.

  240. My biggest challenge is getting the most for my money. It always seems that others do much better with their coupons than I do. So, I guess, I'd like for my percentage to be better.

  241. I'm pretty good about finding things on sale and matching coupons…it's the menu planning and creativity in the kitchen that get me. I end up staring at my well-stocked pantry and fridge thinking, "Oh, what am I going to make for dinner tonight?" Then in spite of all the food I have on hand, we end up ordering pizza!

  242. I subscribe via Google reader.

  243. I subscribed via e-mail

  244. Biggest grocery store challenge – finding the items I want a price I can pay. No foreign products, if I can.

  245. If I shop with kids or hubs I spend way too much.

  246. I think that my biggest grocery store challenge, is truly knowing what I need (quantity) so that I don't have to make several trips. I've been doing much better, once a week shopping….but I'd love to do every other week, or once a month would be even better!!
    This books looks wonderful! -thanks for the chance to win. πŸ™‚


  247. My biggest challenge is to find healthy foods that are not expensive.
    pkildow at gmail dot com

  248. My biggest challenge is shopping with the kids. They're always trying to sneak high priced sweets into the cart.

  249. I subscribe to your blog :O)

  250. My grocery challenge is just not spending a lot of money. It's just two of us but I still feel like we spend tons on food and I hate that.

  251. Jackie Blue says:

    My biggest challenge is having a large family with opposite tastes…never can I remember making a meal that everyone likes….someone is always making chicken fingers…lol


  252. Jackie Blue says:

    following you on twitter


  253. Biggest grocery challenge is to flip through the loss leader ads. I HATE the grocery store. I already shop at Trader Joes, Costco, and the local middleastern grocery (I typically pick up 4 BIG bags of produce plus other goodies for about $25!) so going to 1 or 2 other stores is just NOT FUN!
    P.S. I am curious exactly how you got the carton of apples? We go through DOZENS of apples each month. My middle son practically lives off them. Thanks!

  254. Frugal Friend says:

    i would love to get this book! I also like the recipes from Everything Meals on a Budget.

  255. My biggest challenge is trying to plan out a menu for the whole week. I often make several trips to several stores throughout the week, either for poor planning or forgotten items.

  256. I subscribe through Google Reader.

  257. SavannahsSmiles says:

    My biggest challenge is buying things I don't need when I shop.

  258. the biggest issue I have is not only cooking healthy meals on a budget for my family of 5 (soon to be 6), but in developing kid friendly meals without getting stuck in a rut! The hubs and I need some variety! πŸ™‚

  259. I just subscribed

  260. My biggest grocery challenge is finding foods that my 3 year old will eat! I have been eyeing this book recently- would love to win it!

  261. This family of 6 goes thru 7 gallons of milk a week. Should probly invest in a cow.


  262. I have been really focused on trying to shop smart, but have never tracked what I do. I am sure there is much I can learn from this book.

  263. My biggest grocery store challenge is to buy and cook all unprocessed foods. My children are allergic to gluten, eggs,dairy, and peanuts! We have found amazing recipes and i have learned to cook and buy within our budget but it is a challenge.

  264. My biggest challenge right now is that I started a full time (outside the home) job, after staying at home with my kids for 2 yrs. I'm struggling with getting back into the "groove" of buying groceries with cash, and cooking more often.

  265. And I subscribe in a reader.

  266. My biggest grocery store challenge is shopping with my 5 month old! I have all my coupons organized & great plans to buy all the sale items at stores- then we go shopping and she fusses the entire trip. I end up rushing through forgetting to use my coupons & missing out on sales. πŸ™‚ All I want is to grab the necessities and go home!

  267. I am an email subscriber.

  268. I've had my eye on this book for awhile, so this is a great giveaway! My biggest grocery store challenge is sticking to a budget. We just started doing this, and I think keeping a price book would be really helpful!

  269. My biggest challenge is also my husband. I hate when he goes shopping with me, as he has me spending more money on things that we don't need.

  270. My biggest challenge is finding coupons and deals on items we can eat with all our allergies. We have egg, dairy, all nuts, red dye, wheat, banana, corn, oats, seafood, citrus fruits, and many food allergies. We also have to eat gluten-free. Thanks! Merry Christmas!


  271. My biggest challenge at the grocery store is staying focused and sticking to my list. I am very easily side-tracked and tempted to buy LOTS of other things!

  272. I also subscribe to your blog, and I love it!

  273. I would love to win! My biggest problem is keeping up with couponing and getting the best deals. When I have time to spend on it I really can save a lot, but I burn out after a few months of doing it.

  274. Innocent Observer says:

    My biggest grocery challenge is to STOP shopping. I have two freezers full of food and I keep buying frozen food when it's a killer sale. I had to call home and ask my husband for a "meat intervention" the other night. It was SO inexpensive…I wanted to buy it all.

    I've been wanting to read Mary's book for some time, and it's not available at my library, so PLEASE enter me to win.

  275. Innocent Observer says:

    I subscribe. Thank you for the entry.

  276. Innocent Observer says:

    I follow you. That sounds creepy! πŸ™‚

  277. My biggest grocery store challenge is trying to get everthing in one trip. The extra side trips cost me money as then I always pick up other things. I do make a list and a menu and read the ads, but I have not developed the skill of substituting missing ingredients and it seems there is always something.

  278. My biggest challenge is being on a tight budget with monthly income and having 2 kids on special diets – free of artificial ingredients if possible.

    Some months I don't know how will eat till the next pay day

  279. I subscribed in reader. Excited to check our your blog.

  280. My biggest challenge is my kids! They are 2 and 1, so staying focused and getting the right products that I have coupons for and not forgetting anything is a huge challenge. And checkout time is even harder…for some reason they both throw fits as soon as we get to the checkout!

  281. I also subscribe via Google Reader!

  282. Just subscribed via email! πŸ™‚

  283. Well, my last trip was just me and the babiest girl (of four). A woman on a cell phone had a baby in a carrier (older than my 3 month old), and a little boy struggling to help pick the right can of fruit and dropping it. As I wheeled my cart by, she leaned to peer into my baby's carrier, and said, "awwwww..!" But then… "Why couldn't one of YOU have been a girl?" It was all I could do to not gather up those sweet boys and take them home with me. A challenge, to be sure. πŸ™

  284. My biggest challenge is that I have a child with severe food allergies to milk, beef & peanuts. Some of the things I have to buy for him are much more expensive & I have a hard time finding coupons for many.It is definitely a challenge but I have made huge progress in saving at the grocery store this past year which makes it OK- well at least less painful- when I have to pay $1.20 for 1 cup of dairy free yogurt & things like that!:)

  285. wrknprogres says:

    I'm a subscriber!

  286. wrknprogres says:

    My biggest challenge is being creative on our tight budget. A lot of the time, it seems like we're eating the same thing over and over…

  287. Marla Taviano says:

    Predicting how much fresh stuff to buy without running out or any of it going bad.

  288. My biggest grocery shopping challenge is my husband liking to get snack cakes, frozen pizzas, and other "goodies" that make us look like college students with the munchies.

  289. I subscribe in a reader.

  290. The Reeves Family says:

    My biggest challenge is finding the time to actually file all the coupons I've clipped and then actually be able to use them!

  291. Barley, Bean, and Boo says:

    Hello πŸ™‚ I would say my biggest grocery issue is planning meals in advance, and finding a way to save money as a result. I often use leftovers creatively, but we also have food spoil before I use it. Such a waste. Workin' on it. πŸ˜‰

  292. Genevieve P says:

    My problem is not buying too much of something that's a "good buy" when my monthly budget is already nearly gone…

  293. My biggest grocery store challenge is getting a variety of produce for a reasonable price.

  294. rankin1997 says:

    my biggest challenge right now is finding the time to get to the grocery store and find all the deals.

  295. rankin1997 says:

    I am a subscriber

  296. Christy, the Notable Blogger says:

    I've been wanting this book for ages, and I'm holding out hope that I won't have to just break down and buy it! πŸ˜‰

  297. My biggest grocery store challenge is getting produce in the right quantity: enough so I don't have to run back to the store immediately or too much so that it rots.

  298. Christy, the Notable Blogger says:

    I happily subscribed via email because I do not have the technical savvy to figure out how to work RSS feeders, even though my husband has explained them five times. I am too embarassed to ask him again. I hope my techno handicap doesn't reduce my chances. πŸ˜‰

  299. My biggest challenge is trying to shop frugally using my brain when I have kids with me. I can't think things through very well with my 3 yr old grabbing at everything and my baby whining and crying!

  300. Christy, the Notable Blogger says:

    I am also part of the tweety flock following you on twitter and I tweeted about the book giveaway, thus encouraging more people to sign up, thus reducing my chances. I should just go buy the book, shouldn't I? πŸ˜‰

  301. My biggest challenge is dealing with the rivaling need to save money and desire to buy local and organic foods. They cost so much more, but they taste better and are better for my body and the environment! How does one choose!?!?

  302. I'd say the biggest challenge for me is comparing prices and finding all the right coupons for the right product. It's just a lot of thought energy. πŸ™‚

  303. My biggest grocery store challenge is that there are so few stores around our army base that there is no competition. We have the post commissary, Walmart, and a Market Basket. That's it. They don't honor each other's sales because there is no equivalent competition! Couponing is pretty much a waste of time. Something like THIS may be able to solve my dilemma, or a Permanent Change of Station(PCS)!!

  304. I follow you!

  305. I just subscribed to your blog via email. My biggest grocery challenge is buying produce and keeping my budget in check. I have four boys and you know how they eat!!

  306. phasejumper says:

    My grocery store challenge is that food is my "love language". I always use up what we buy but do a lot of impulse buying too.

  307. My biggest challenge is sticking to my budget!! I don't keep track of what I am spending while I am at the store, so I never know what my total will be – thus, I normally go over. We buy a lot of fresh produce and it's not always what is on sale – it's what my kids eat. That definitely increases my bill a lot but I'm not willing to give it up. I hope this book would help. We are a family of 4 and routinely spend $125-$150 a week. I'd love to get it down to $75 a week – as long as I get to buy fresh fruits and veggies still πŸ™‚

  308. Well, my biggest grocery challenge is finding ENOUGH filling food to satisfy THREE teenaged boys who seem to ALWAYS BE HUNGRY without breaking our budget or having too much junk on hand.

  309. my biggest challenge is that 1) I love food and cooking and so I'm always wanting more from the store and 2) I often economize on ways that don't pan out…i.e. buying in bulk actually saves you money πŸ™‚

  310. My biggest challenge is trying to save money without serving meals that are not healthy. Sure, I save a lot of money by shopping at Aldi's but a lot of the stuff really isn't all that healthy.

  311. Christian Frugal Mama says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! My biggest challenge is not buying stuff I don't need!

  312. mama3davis says:

    Meat & chicken are my biggest challenges. Cheese is another. So expensive and so hard to stop the eating of large chunks in my house.

    mama3davis at gmail dot com

  313. Christian Frugal Mama says:
  314. Christian Frugal Mama says:

    I follow and subscribe!

  315. Impulse buying is always so hard! LOL Especially when it comes to sweets! But it gets easier and easier when I have a strict budget! Thanks Dave Ramsey!

  316. Eric and Laura Rapley says:

    My biggest challenge is not forgetting something, even though I use a list, and having to go back later in the week.

  317. taking the kids is my biggest challenge.

  318. tweeted

  319. following on twitter.

  320. My biggest grocery store challenge is consistency. Some weeks I'm great about lining up the best deals with sales and coupons, but other weeks, I just don't want to deal with it and then pay way too much and regret it all the way home. I would like to be better about sticking to a consistent budget each week and then begin to see the benefits of my stockpile.

  321. I follow you on Google Reader

  322. Family, Money and Stuff says:

    Oh Yeah!! Bring it on! Newly focusing on frugal living, I need all the help I can get! I just started a blog, and have blogged about this contest there. (Entry #1)

    I've commented (Entry #2)

    And, I follow your blog (Entry #3).

    Thank you for this offer, and thank you too, for the great idea. I should look at featuring give aways on my blog too.

    Thanks again, Fish Mama!
    I hope I win too! πŸ™‚

  323. My biggest challenge is going to the grocery store hungry! I've got to stop because it sure leads to lots of impulse buying!!

  324. My husband! Why can't he just buy what is on the list with the coupons I give him???? I love him, but he blows my budget!

  325. The Mangerchine's says:

    my biggest grocery store challenge is figuring out when a sale is really a good deal, or when I can find the product cheaper elsewhere


  326. The Mangerchine's says:

    I subscribe in google reader


  327. simplyserina says:

    my biggest grocery store challenge is maneuvering the aisles with three children outside and one in my belly. πŸ˜‰

  328. My biggest challenge is sticking to our budget – I've been doing the cash envelope thing for a while for groceries, and I can keep under budget if I only go to our local grocery store – it's my monthly trip to Costco that always puts me over πŸ™‚

  329. I'm a subscriber.

  330. says:

    the book sounds great…thanks for the opportunity to win one! as a family of only 2..(plus an adult child who lives with but only sometimes eats with have multiple jobs with erratic schedules, it is a challenge to fix meals at all!! But we're attempting to do the menu planning thing and this book would be a big plus!

  331. says:

    have subscribed to your blog via e-mail using the following address: thanks for the chance to win this book… sounds verrrrry interesting!!

  332. kristy hunter says:

    my biggest challenge is composing my grocery list – meaning, what in the world am I going to cook over the next week!

  333. Looks like a good book, thanks.

  334. I am a subscriber via e-mail.

  335. scramptastic says:

    oh my do I need this book! We have 4 kids 3 of whom are boys that are in the "eat me out of house and home stage". I menu plan and try to shop to the best of my ability but no matter how much I try things do not work as planned. One gets off the bus at 3 starving, so he wants something to eat right then, then the other 2 get home at 4:30 and are starving too. None can wait until dinner around 6. If I have dinner ready when they get home then they are still hungry again at 6 or 7. They can eat when they get home, then at dinner at 6, and then by 9 they want something else to eat before bed. Add onto that a husband that works swing shift and all the food I bought that I think should last the week doesn't so I am running to the store again or even worse to a fast food place or ordering pizza at 9:30 at night!! I need major help!!!

  336. Kim and Ken Carlile says:

    The small, little trips for just one thing that end up cost $15-$20…it just adds up so quick!
    Kim Carlile
    kimisslim at hotmail dot com

  337. My biggest grocery store challenge is my toddler. His favorite foods are fruits, and he is still learning that we cannot eat fruit before we pay for it. Oh, the trials of reasoning with a 20 month old!

  338. My biggest grocery store challenge is finding everything! I always get to the end of the store and realize I forgot to get one random thing that was back in Aisle 1…

  339. My biggest challenge is not buying something just because it is on sale.

  340. my biggest grocery store challenge:
    planning well enough so I don't have to go back to the store all week.

  341. My biggest challenge is never knowing what to buy because I never know what to make. We end up spending a lot of money on a whole lot of nothing & always saying "there's nothing to eat around here".

    dramaqueenjrb (at) yahoo

  342. I'm an email subscriber

    dramaqueenjrb (at) yahoo

  343. lisatolson says:

    My biggest challenge is just being able to buy healthy, natural foods on our very tight budget…how to stay in bugdet and still eat healthy, basically. I would LOVE this book!!

  344. lisatolson says:

    I am going to go become a follower now!

  345. My biggest grocery store challenge:

    I tend to do well putting together a menu/meal plan. But, I forget to check the pantry, cupboard, and spice drawer. So, I either forget that I am out of something or I purchase a duplicate of something I'm not out of yet. Last time my hubby cleaned out the fridge, he found 4 cartons of sour cream…

  346. I subscribe in google reader.

  347. i struggle with getting meat without breaking the bank. at our house we love meat and seafood- neither of which is cheap.

  348. i subscribe in google reader and love it!

  349. Staying organized is my challenge. Thanks to many forums such as Life as a Mom, Hillbilly Housewife, Bargain Babe, Saving with Shellie, I get plenty of ideas. I want this book.

  350. Lisa @ Simply Things Family says:

    My biggest challenge is staying in budget.

  351. Our biggest grocery store challenge is continuing to save more while still eating super healthy. Or perhaps my 1 year old who loves to chuck unexpected items into the cart! πŸ™‚

  352. My grocery challenge involves finding the time to organize and review my coupons on a weekly basis-it is worthwhile when I do-in the past 2 weeks, I have saved 50% on my grocery bill of over $100!

  353. Too much of a good thing…or going overboard when I see a good deal…

  354. My biggest challenge is having a grocery budget. I always find good deals but still manage to spend more… ?

  355. I get daily emails

  356. My biggest grocery store challenge is not to splurge on extras.

  357. How cool! I think this would be a great planning tool.

  358. I love Mary's blog. My biggest grocery challenge is that my son has thyroid problems and cannot have alot of dyes in his food so it becomes very expensive to buy all natural.

  359. inkelywinkely says:

    My biggest challenge is trying to make my shopping atleast partially healthy. I am always wanting to serve healthier foods than I can afford and it bugs me horribly. So, steering clear of the expensive organics and all natural foods and trying to remember that as long as we don't ONLY drink koolaid it will be okay is probably right up there. πŸ™‚

  360. My biggest challenge is getting good food that my teens will both eat, but that my 15yr old son will not eat all at once within 24 hrs of bringing it home. As a single parent who works full time plus, balancing frugal, cooking at home more and food that is good but not "too good" inmy son's eyes is tricky!

  361. Vanessa Washburn says:

    I'm a sucker for impulse buys. Especially anything small and convenient looking.

  362. Biggest challenge is not getting sucked into buying junk food just because it is on sale and I happen to have a coupon!

  363. Alpaca Farmgirl says:

    My biggest grocery store challenge is how to buy snacks the kids like without spending a fortune! katy (at) alpacafarmgirl (dot) com

  364. My biggest grocery store challenge is trying to feed my family of 5 (almost 6) for $50 a week. I would love to bring that price down a bit.

  365. I follow you on twitter: @christinemary .

  366. Moms In Need Of Mercy says:

    Biggest grocery store challenge? Corraling my three little boys while trying to shop!
    When I leave them home, though, my other challenge is to stick to my plan and not overbuy things, I guess. Make a plan and buy only what I need for the plan (especially where produce is concerned). When you stock up when things are at rock-bottom prices, you can keep the items you need to buy to fulfill your plan for the week to a minimum.

  367. I subscribe in a reader!

  368. My biggest challenge is planning healthy meals while staying in budget. It just seems so much more expensive to eat healthy.

  369. MommyDevan says:

    My biggest challenge at the grocery store is trying to make the 3 picky eaters in my house all happy and not spend a fortune at the same time! No easy feat I am still trying to figure out how to master that and I have been trying to learn how to coupon smart and its great blogs like this that help me save the most money for my family, so thank you!

  370. momof2girls says:

    My biggest challenge is buying the fresh fruits and veggies at reasonable prices. It seems that they go up every year and I have no choice but to pay for I really love the taste and texture much more than canned or frozen.

  371. momof2girls says:

    I subscribed to your posts via email.

  372. CountryMama@The Cozy Country Home says:

    My biggest grocery store challenge?? Shopping with the kids and gustapo-like cashiers. They pretend they are the "be-all, and end-all" to coupon use decision making!!

  373. My "grocery struggle" is keeping the end goal of reducing our grocery spending in mind. I have recently gotten good at matching up sales and coupons to get a lot of bang for our buck, but don't feel like it's really reduced our monthly expenses that much… maybe I'm just buying more food than we need at a good price?? Would love to read this book!

  374. I subscribe in google reader!

  375. I need to consistently plan weekly meals. I do great when I do this, but I need to do it more often!

  376. My biggest challenge is just fitting it all into a budget! We go over budget every week because I'm not sure what to cook for less than I normally spend.

  377. Planning ahead- I'll do ok for awhile and then lose inspiration.

  378. I'm a twitter follower

  379. The Rev's Wife says:

    I struggle to avoid the junk food! It always seem to leap into my cart!

  380. little bird says:

    my biggest grocery store challenge is that I always buy the same old stuff and cook the same old stuff….

  381. little bird says:

    following you on twitter @deefna

  382. I think my biggest struggle is not just throwing things in at the end of a hectic shopping trip with 5 little ones. (Especially when my newborn starts thinking he is hungry!) πŸ™‚

  383. My biggest struggle is meal planning in advance so I know which ingredients I need so when I go to the store – or even look for sales/coupons, I can make the meals that are most cost efficient for that week. It takes time to shop sales, cut organize coupons, and make meal plans. I just get discouraged!

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