Revisiting Your Goals Mid-Year

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This weekend we made the rather spontaneous decision to head north to spend the holiday weekend with family. I got a chance to have coffee on Tuesday morning with my kid sister — just us, no children. It was really fun to sit and sip a cuppa and talk about the coming months.

Janel and her husband are packing up this month and heading East. They’re swapping one coast for another as they relocate to Williamsburg, VA where my brother-in-law will attend law school. I’m gonna miss  ‘Nel terribly. But, I know that she’s gonna rock it when it comes to finding new digs, getting acclimated, and learning to thrive in a new climate and culture.

Needless to say, much of our girl talk was about goals and being intentional as wives and moms and women. And while I was giving her 52 kinds of unsolicited advice, I felt re-energized to assess my own trajectory and how I’m spending my days.

Revisit your goals mid-year.

Member about six months ago when we sat down with paper in hand and jotted down some goals for the new year? The year is half over, and now that the fireworks have fizzled, this is a great time to reexamine where you are, assess your trajectory, and realign what you’re doing with where you want to be.

Now that The Cookbook is off to get marked up with a red pen, I’m personally in search of the New Normal — for me and for my family. And there are so many things that I want to pile on our plates!

School starts back up in a couple months, including at-home high school, and I want the year to be fabulous. We’re starting some new sports, and the non-athletic person in me has a lot to learn. We’re looking at our home and trying to stage it for living; some dejunking is in order.

There are so many wonderful choices out there as concerns how you can grow as a woman, wife, and mom. And there are a great many habits and lifestyle adjustments that you can add to family life so that you can enjoy each other more.

As I am brewing about all these ideas, I thought I would throw some questions your way:

  • What thing can you do or change to simplify your “life as mom”?
  • What passions are you itching to pursue?
  • What “stuff” can you jet from your home, your calendar, your life in order to enjoy your family more?

We’ll be talking about it more next week. But, I invite you to reflect on your days and think about what direction you want to go in as we walk through the second half of the year. For extra help, download this free planning sheet for goal setting.

Where are YOU going this year?

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  1. Love your post. I think spending time with family over the Holiday has many reflecting. I know I did and I also blogged about it tonight. I can’t wait to check off more items on my goal sheet for the rest of the year. Blessings.

  2. I must admit that my goals for the year have been tossed out the window. When I discovered that I was expecting, and more importantly, while I was feeling so lousy with “morning” sickness, I felt I had no choice but to let them go. Now that we’re in the middle of a move, I still don’t feel like I can get back to them. Maybe after we move, but then the baby will be coming soon. We’ll see, and I’m just not going to worry about it!

    1. @Nikki, it’s hard when you’re in a “holding pattern,” but really, you’ve just got different goals = healthy baby, a successful move, etc. Best to you!

      1. @Jessica Fisher, Yes! Thank you for the encouragement! Lately I’m feeling like, “What goals?” I feel successful when I just make it through the day these days.

  3. You just motivated me to re-read our 2011 goals, which are posted on the kitchen cabinet but I don’t always “see” them anymore. Some I can check off, some we are still working on – good to reassess! I’ve been thinking about the goals I set for the summer lately. I want to make sure I’m working on them before the summer passes me by.

  4. I finally launched my blog that I’ve been thinking about for quite some time. But, I’m learning very fast that if you wait until the circumstances are perfect to do everything, nothing will get done. So, I just did it! I learn everyday and improve everyday. Just like being a mom, a wife, and a budding-cook. Thanks for providing a great place to support all of those hats.

  5. Love the staging article! I feel like I’m doing that this summer with my Zero Waste project. We’re done with the baby season, though it’s hard for me to let go of the clothes. Too many memories, though I took a lot of pictures when the kids were wearing the outfits. I also let go of my home-based business for a time; I’m going to wait at least a year before I pick it up again.

    I feel like I’ve been running, running since March and I haven’t had time to look at my personal goals again. Thanks for the reminder to do that. I’ve got it scheduled for this weekend though I may have to leave home for a little while to actually focus on my personal review. 🙂

  6. Your comment form on the kebab post is closed, so I’ll jump down here and chime in that grilled asparagus is yummy, too. We have been skipping the kebab because the kids here would rather pick through a bowl to find their favorites than eat off a stick. I drizzle a little olive oil in the bottom of a large flat-bottomed container (tupperware, cookie sheet, baking pan, whatever), start dumping in the veggies like asparagus, long strips of squash and zucchini, peppers, and circles of onion; then season and toss everything around so it all has a little oil on it. We prep the grill with a strip of foil on one side, spray it with non-stick spray, and place all the vegetables on it to grill alongside whatever meat we are grilling.

  7. I never really sat down and wrote out my goals for the entire year — I had some short term ones — paying off credit cards, putting more $ towards Princess Penelope’s college fund, etc. I’ve met the goal of paying off at least 1 of those cards, and I’ve increased the monthy amount into the college fund — I think I may sit down this evening and right down the goals — AND a plan for achieving them! Thanks for the inspiration!