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FishPapa grew up in Santa Barbara, CA. I went to college there. We met and married there. First baby? Yep, he was born there, too.

Pop over to Mom’s Travel Tales and read all about this wonderful, beautiful city on the California Riviera.

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  1. The hubs and I both went to college in SB, met there after college, got married there, taught high school together there, and now we have dreams of retiring there. SB has a very special place in our hearts as well! Just wish it wasn’t so darn expensive to live there.

  2. We both taught at Bishop Diego HIgh School. The small Catholic High School in SB. The hubs was the math teacher and I was the science teacher. We joke that we went to prom together, we were 25 but it was still prom :-)! (at the bacarra no less :-))

  3. Santa Barbara truly is an amazing and beautiful place.

    AND what a small world!! My husband grew up there and I went to college there:)