Grocery Geek Rides Again!

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You know that I love to save money on groceries by using coupons. And after six weeks of subsistence grocery shopping, I’m getting back in the saddle again. I haven’t really clipped a coupon or snagged a major grocery deal since before Christmas! What’s going on here?

Well, we ate from the pantry in January and then I cooked a bunch of freezer meal components before I went to Nashville. But since the fam was stranded at home while I was gone — due to car trouble — it seems that the cupboard is bare! It could be, too, that my four boys are each starting to eat a lot more. Time to get back at it and work to build my pantry stores back up.

Here’s how I plan to do it:

  1. Gather a new collection of coupons. In case you didn’t know, you can print a ton of great coupons from as well as get a head’s up on Sunday’s newspaper coupons by checking out the Sunday Coupon Preview. You can also sign up with several manufacturers, like HomeMadeSimple (Swiffer, Cascade, Dawn) and VocalPoint, to receive coupons
  2. Keep my coupon bag up to date. I relocated my coupon collection to an old purse. Ain’t she purty? My wallet even fits inside and no one’s the wiser that I have 100’s of dollars of money-saving devices right at my fingertips.
  3. Start scanning the ads for loss leaders and other great coupon match-ups. I am going to count on my coupon buddy (hint, hint) to help me get back in the swing of things, too.
  4. Try not to get carried away. I really thought that I could lower our grocery bill to $400 this month. But, with being out of town and having company early in the month, it’s not going to happen. I also want to keep in mind our food goals for the year. So, putting a curb on my shopping will be absolutely necessary, but I need to loosen the belt a little on that $400. I’ve got four growing boys!

Do YOU coupon? Why or why not?

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  1. I do coupon 🙂 I don’t clip every week, though. I’m an insert-filer and use The Grocery Game. Why do I coupon? Because we can’t afford not to! We live on one income (DH’s) and I’m a SAHM (well, almost! Baby is due anytime.). We’re getting ready to cash-flow an addition, then our next “baby step” will be to pay off the home mortgage (our only debt), so every single penny counts!!

  2. First time it was a challenge(to see how much “bang I could get for my buck”), then it became a neccessity for suvival( a work accident, with COs don’t how to do math nor what to do, guess they learned from my case, cause ppl after had less problems), now it’s to suvive with all the saved going to becme debt fee and learned to love my money to maybe make my dreams come true…….living the simple live but happy life, with lil more land…but debt fee!
    I’ll do every week, lucky that I can get free papers that have inserts, plus buy 1 local and one 1 bigger city news paper.

  3. I casted the Sunshine Award on you!

    And yes I use coupons all the time! I get a sense of excitement when I snag an awesome deal that I’d otherwise would have paid too much for!

  4. I love the “money-saving high” from doing this- I knew that with 4 boys we’d fall into Old Mother Hubbard syndrome and never come out of it!

  5. I try to coupon! Where I live P&G do not offer coupons, and we only have one insert in our Sunday paper which is Smartsource. I do go onto and try to find other coupons when possible. Lately, I think I have been unmotivated to clip because it is difficult to find good coupons here. Blessings!

  6. I do coupon! I have reduced our grocery trips by $50 a week!!

  7. That’s alot of pressure on your coupon buddy. What if she didn’t even get the mailers this week!? ::snerk::

  8. I coupon and I love it! I used to clip every single coupon with the thought, “If I could get this product for free because of a deal strategy I find online, then I’ll get it.” However, I got pregnant and got new priorities! I started focusing only on the products that I truly expected to buy. Honestly, I love that feeling of walking out of a store and knowing that you just kicked some major coupon butt! 🙂

  9. That purse idea is a smart one!! 🙂 I just might need to steal it. The thought of carrying some gigantic coupon binder (like the one lady I saw yesterday) AND my purse just doesn’t sit well with me. 🙂

  10. Well, yes and no. I think I discovered Money Saving Mom and the world of coupons almost the same day you did. That was funny! I did the coupon thing solid for a year. Then we moved (away from being walking distance to stores), found out about allergies that our girls have, and joined a natural health food co-op. So now I only use coupons for cloths at Kohls and things like that. It’s been about a year since I used coupons (or even really shopped at the grocery store). Our family does spend more money, but we are eating healthier, feeling better and allergies have all but cleared up. You can’t put a price that!

    But, I’m so glad that I did the coupon thing. I still don’t have to buy cleaning supplies or tampons. I think I finally ran out of toothpaste. It was great during the whole move to not have to worry about all those supplies. I had them at my fingertips. There has been such a learning curve for us with eating. Now as I run out of cleaning supplies, I can figure out how “green” I want or need to go and purchace it through our co-op.

    And I’m no longer afraid to take people up on coupon offers. This Christmas I got a $25 coupon for a jewlery store here in town. I went in and found Amy a horse charm that cost $29 and I didn’t feel bad at all about not spending much money. In the past before couponing days, I would have!

  11. I just started couponing a couple of weeks ago and love it!

  12. I have been couponing for years. There was a time when I could go into Kroger during their Triples and walk out with over $200 worth in groceries and they literally would pay me because of the overage the coupons created. That just isn’t the case anymore. I still coupon but it is not quiet the same since stores changed their policies and coupon values have also changed.

    A couple years ago I thought about a way to get my stockpile back without having to use coupons. I wish I had acted on it BACK THEN instead of waiting till this pass year. Anyway, I started a group and have a bunch of wonderful ladies involved and they are watching their stockpiles build by using my $10 a week idea. Last week, IGA had their Pillsbury cake mix on sale for .58 cents a box. For 20 boxes you spending just over $10.00 – Then this coming week another item will be on sale and I will stockpile 10 or more of them (not exceeding my $1 per item) and within just 8 weeks I have 8 different items stockpiled really well. I have three growing boys (15, 13 and 11) and keeping a well stocked pantry & freezer is a MUST. This method does work. You blow $10 somewhere every week anyway – why not spend it wisely and stockpile food.

    The goal is to spend $10 (less than $1 per item) a week on a loss leader. Therefore you end up with an item stocked each week.

    Coupons make the sale even sweeter of course. For example, currently Food Lion has their Kelloggs Frosted Flakes on sale for $3.89 B1G1F. Then has the coupon for $1.50 off of one. You can print ONE of these coupons per computer. I was able to print 3 and a friend has printed me 2 more that I will use tomorrow. The total of (4) 17 oz boxes of Kelloggs Frosted Flakes is just $4.92 – equaling $1.20 a box. THEN there is a promotion right now and when you buy 4 boxes in one shopping order you get a $3 coupon off of your next shopping order. So in the end you only spend $1.92 (.48 cents a box) They also have the Frosted Mini Wheats on sale and with the $2/2 or $1/1 coupon you end up with a box for $1 each BUT there is no promotion for these so no coupon off of your next shopping order. Still, $1 a box isn’t a bad deal with as expensive as Cereal has become.

  13. Between this lovely site and a few others, I’m learning many things. The grocery challenges have been a great adventure. I used to be good at this in the past, but you’re helping me shine. Someday, I’ll be at the ‘less than $10 for a counterful’. Last week for the weekly shop, I spent $33 and saved $38 according to the receipt. Too bad I no longer live in an area with double coupons, trade-off was that the overall cost of living is lower where we live now.
    I’m trying to pay it forward and teach/inspire my friends.

  14. I love using coupons! It has helped my family save so much money! We are lucky and have a Giant Eagle very close to our house where I can routinely get items free or very cheap. Those items can’t make up our entire diet but it really helps offset the costs. We’re also very fortunate that we have friends and family members that give us their coupon inserts.

  15. I have 3 stores that I shop: 1 that I cherry-pick, 1 for non-food items and a 3rd for the bulk of our food. The main store that I shop at has a customer appreciation program and I do take advantage of the coupons that they send. I will coupon when it’s convenient but I don’t put a lot of time or effort into it.
    In late December we switched to a cash only grocery budget. It’s done wonders for us! I allot $225 every 2 weeks on payday. We’ve managed to have money leftover at the end of every 2 weeks. Right now we’ve got $116 to get us through the 22nd and I did grocery shopping yesterday so it shouldn’t be a problem. I’m convinced that I’ve become a smarter shopper knowing I don’t have a checkbook at the register…makes me think through my purchases.

  16. I’m just starting my coupon adventure and have no clue where to start..I feel overwhelmed when I think about it and put it off for the next trip. I really need to buckle down and just do it.

    Any ideas?

  17. I rarely use coupons. Mostly because I buy organic products and rarely find coupons for them. Also, because I try to buy fresh and not processed. I’m hoping some day the coupons will reflect my buying habits. Until then, I have to remind myself the cheap or free isn’t good if it’s full of preservatives and other ingredients not part of our diet.

    Also, we’ve never had double or triple coupons here, not in the 30 years I’ve been shopping. Always a little envious of those of you who do!


  18. Wendy says

    I try and use as many coupons as I can.I really need to stop doing the oh I just need this.I did this today all I wanted was salad,cranberries and sunflower seeds.I love my salads.Well I walked out not only with my salads but $120 of groceries.I have $200 food budget for the rest of the month so I really need to stop going to the store for this or that and just use whats in pantry and deep freeze.I am not good at taking the time to go online and find the deals then purchase the sunday newspaper.I do not have printer ATM so I can’t just print things and I really wish I did have one.

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