Save Money with Amazon Pre-Order

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Save money with Amazon‘s Pre-order Policy and get the guaranteed lowest price on the product between now and when it releases.

As an Amazon affiliate, I am paid a small advertising fee when folks buy something that I link to. However, I would sing Amazon’s praises and those of those products even if that were not the case.

Amazon is a fabulous money-saving resource.

First there were low prices and free shipping. Then there was Amazon Prime with free 2-day shipping. Then there was Amazon Prime with free shipping, free streaming videos, and a free lending library. There’s Amazon Mom and Amazon Student that offer similar benefits.

These are awesome ways to save money on things you would buy anyway — all from the comfort of your home.

(Plus if you use Swagbucks, you can redeem them for Amazon giftcards, saving even more money.)

Save Money with Amazon Pre-Order

Another way to save with Amazon is their preorder policy. I didn’t really explore this until last Christmas season when I had my eye on a DVD to buy for the family. Previously, I would put an item in my cart and check periodically to see how the price fluctuated.

Frequent Amazon shoppers know that prices can change in the blink of an eye, often bobbing up and down for weeks. The same is true for new releases.

Well, I sweated up a storm last summer waiting for the release of The Lord of the Rings extended edition to come out on Blu-Ray. I gave it to FishPapa for Father’s Day and got a great deal. But, I had to check often and take my chances when it hit a low point.

Silly me. If only I had preordered it….

You see if you preorder something on Amazon (like this cookbook, for example, ahem) then Amazon guarantees you the lowest price between now and when the item is released. This means that you don’t have to watch and wait and take your chances. You’re guaranteed the best deal possible.

(Some restrictions do apply to Amazon Preorder and obviously, it doesn’t work on items that have already been released.)

I tested this out when ordering Kung Fu Panda 2 last winter. Instead of sweating it, I preordered. I wasn’t charged until it shipped. And I was even refunded some money after it shipped because they shipped it prior to the release date and the price went down after the movie was loaded on the truck. Cool!

Is it saving you money?

One caveat: It’s not “saving money” if you don’t have it to spend in the first place. And if you weren’t going to buy the thing until you heard there was a “deal,” that’s probably not saving money, either.

But, if it’s something you were planning to purchase, Amazon pre-order is a great way to save money.

Today’s Frugal Friday!

Time to swap ideas and inspiration for saving money.

How do YOU save money?

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  2. No giveaways or deals posts.
  3. Recipes are allowed, but you must explain how it saves people money.
  4. Please include a link back to Life as MOM.

Disclosure: If you make a purchase through any Amazon links up there, I do receive a small percentage of the sale. And yes, yes, I did write that cookbook. 🙂

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  1. OK, good to know. I just pre-ordered your book. 🙂 I’ve pre-ordered before, but I didn’t realize they give you the lowest price when you do that. Thanks.

  2. Do you pre-order the items through your own Amazon Affiliate site? I’m asking because we have several Subscribe and Saves set up, but not through my Amazon Affiliate link. Setting it up through my own link would increase my income, and since I’m spending the money anyway, why not?

  3. LOVE preorder! Ive got my son a video game on preorder now(Halo 4, release Nov 6, just in time for christmas, it’s going to go fast!) and now your book(which, btw, is coming up 9.43 now :))

    I also love amazon…ive been a member forever and just got prime a few months ago, which is so nice because i dotn have to get the minimum $25 order for free shipping and stuff gets here faster 🙂

  4. I just love Amazon!! It’s one of the best ways to shop online – but I had no idea about this feature. Thanks for sharing!!

    I’ve linked up a post about buying a new car to get better gas mileage. Does it make “cents?”
    -Buying a Car for Better Fuel Economy

  5. I’ve only used pre-orde a couple of times, and I did it to save brain space and not necessarily to save money. I didn’t realize it was a frugal practice, too–score!

    I’m so excited for you and your book that’s available for pre-order 🙂

  6. The price dropped by a couple bucks I think. It was enough to make me pre-order. I have a feeling I might use this book a bunch!!

  7. With Amazon, don’t forget about Subscribe and Save too, mixed with Amazon Mom, it’s a great way to save on diapers and have them delivered right to your door, and with Amazon Prime the shipping is Free!!

  8. Great info – I did not know exactly how Pre-order worked. Another reason to appreciate Amazon!

    I pre-ordered your cookbook, and will probably pre-order more for Christmas gifts. Wowza, am I really Christmas shopping in April??

  9. I got hooked on Amazon this past Christmas. I ordered all the books and toys for the kids in our family to save time and hassle (and gas money!) I messed up and ordered books 1 and 3 in a series. I went to return book 3 and Amazon gave me a refund but told me to keep the book! It was a small amount of money, so I guess it wasn’t worth it for them to deal with the hassle of taking it back. I can’t tell you how happy this made me. I ended up buying book 2 locally and giving all three books as the gift.

    Now I just constantly keep a cart going for random household stuff (light bulbs, water filters, a meat thermometer, etc.) and when I hit the free shipping threshold, I click submit.

    So glad to know about this pre-order feature. Sounds like it works best for books and dvds. Anyone use it for other items?

    1. I think books, movies, and music would probably be the only “pre-release” items available.

  10. So is there someplace on Amazon that lists what items are available for preorder? It would probably save me money if I don’t have a list like that to view LOL … but just wondering how you find about the deals?

    1. I don’t think they would have a list. You don’t need it anyway. 😉

  11. I use amazon subscribe and save for things ALL the time.
    Last year I bought high quality flax seed meal and wheat germ, honey, super high quality chocolate on a killer deal, just to name a few.
    Just this week I ordered a few vanilla beans for just around $5 – the seller had great reviews too! I’m going to make my own vanilla extract , as I’m SO finished with the fake stuff.
    I also ordered tea tree oil and real peppermint oil through amazon. Real peppermint oil is a million times better than the extract. Mmmmm.
    I strongly recommend checking out amazon for the more unique groceries you buy and comparing prices carefully.

  12. I just pre-ordered your cookbook and I wish I didn’t have to wait for it until November! I’m really excited to try out the recipes you have in it. Congratulations, Jessica. You are an inspiration to me.

    1. It should be sooner than November. Amazon gives a generous window.