Save Money with Freezer Cooking (& Share Your Own Ideas)

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Freezer cooking is one great way to save on food costs. Not only are you buying in bulk and cooking multiple batches at one time to conserve energy costs, but having a freezer full of food to draw from keeps you out of the grocery store where you might be tempted to buy things that you don’t need.

Do you need to be convinced that Freezer Cooking can save you money? Check out these past posts:

Have you been cooking up a storm?

Share your recent freezer cooking adventures with us! Leave your link or simply tell the tale of your latest round of power cooking in the comments section.

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  1. Sharon says

    I did my major freezer cooking about 2 weeks ago, because i needed to get it done before Hubby was on vacation. I made: 2 batches of muffins, 2 batches baked oatmeal, 1 batch of breakfast burritos. I also cooked up 2 chuck roasts for shredded beef filling, and 2 large packs of chicken breasts for various items including: Chicken Taco Burritos, Asian Chicken Salad Wraps, and 3 pans of Mexican Pasta. I cut up 2 big packs of boneless skinless breasts for fajitas, stir fry and chicken nuggets as well. I still have a few more odds and ends that I’ll make this week to round things out, but I’m pretty satisfied. Breakfast is always the big deal for me ’cause I’m not awake enough in the morning to cook anything competently 🙂

  2. We’re currently eating through what we have since we’re moving next week. I do lots of cooking extra when I’m making dinner or freezing leftovers, especially of things my girls aren’t crazy about. I’m hoping to be able to purchase a small chest freezer soon so I can make better use of sales and when I do have time to feed my freezer!

  3. Freezer cooking and meal planning have changed our lives… and we just really started this year! I did some big cooking a few weeks back… here’s the direct link to our menu plan for this week, along with all of our recipes and tips:

  4. I love that it saves both money and time. It also makes meal planning so much easier. Here’s what I added to the freezer this month.

    I’ll be forever grateful for the inspiration I found here to give freezer cooking a try.

  5. I wasn’t able to get a cooking day in this week, but managed to do bulk batches as I went and added things to my freezer anyway! I don’t always do full meals, but more the parts of a meal that will allow me to make 10 minute dinners and quick breakfasts through the week.

  6. Here is my wrap up. Surprisingly, it was one of my smoothest, most efficient freezer cooking sessions. (Those don’t happen very often!)

  7. I’ve found that freezing bread is a great way to make sure that none of my homemade loaves go to waste. One of my favorites:

  8. I did my freezer cooking on Saturday…well, some of it. I’m sure I’ll do more as the month goes on. I never do it in huge portions!
    Here is a link to my post:

  9. jamie says

    One of my favorite freezer meals to make is meat loaf. I put all the ingredients inside a gallon freezer bag, squish it to mix it up, and then seal it up and freeze it flat. Thaw and put into loaf pan and bake as normal. No mess.

  10. Sara @ Mom Endeavors says

    I like doing freezer cooking in small batches often. I try pick one bulk item & do a bunch of different things with it. So, I might do a bunch of ground beef..or chicken…or pasta etc.
    I’ve even done an apple freezer cooking session 🙂

  11. I have been Freezer Cooking for several years. I love it! It is more relaxing at pre-dinner time! Here is my link to see what I cooked up-

  12. I didn’t have a lot of time to do a big freezer cooking over a day or two because we also moved in Feb and we’ve been busy unpacking. My freezers were pretty empty in February, though, so I made a big effort one week to double or triple our dinners at the end of the month. I now have components for several dinners and am so glad to have them in my freezer! Earlier in February I also baked and froze a lot of bread and made multiple scone packets. It makes meal prep time so much easier. Thanks for your great blog! Here is one of my wrap ups.

  13. We are 2 weeks away from our due date and this month’s freezer cooking focused on preparing meals before our due date and after. It was my goal to have approx. 3 meals/meal components that I could pull from the freezer per week for the next 10 weeks (I was 36 weeks pregnant when we cooked—so that would give us meals for 6 weeks after baby was born as well!) That meant more preparation of cooking and seasoning meats, grating cheese, etc. We also cooked up pancakes for quick breakfast meals & pizza pockets and burritos for quick weekend lunches–all in all we ended up with somewhere around 44 meals worth of items!

  14. I double and freeze as I do my every day cooking. And I cook and freeze using batch cooking when the item goes on sale. i.e. I’ll bake an entire bag of potatoes, make twice baked potatoes and potato skins from the leftover tops (both go in the freezer). Sometimes, I make potato soup and hashbrowns. Once the potatoes are cooked, they’re all freezer friendly. We eat it for dinner too. I don’t make things harder than necessary

  15. I personally have never done the freezer thing w/ meals. It seems too stressful for me. I do, however, back almost EVERYTHING in bulk. I used to do all my baking in batches of 8 and then would freeze whatever was leftover :-). I always cook extras for meals and we dine on leftovers for days after the first meal sometimes. It really helps w/ prep time and clean up! And I still feel like I am in the kitchen all the time! I guess that’s the life of a real foodist with kids. 🙂

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