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Save Money with Kindle Matchbook - Kindle will sell you a digital copy of a book you've bought in print at a deep discount.

Hubs and I have been buying books via Amazon for at least fifteen years, since back in the days when we connected via squirrel cage dial-up. It’s proven to be a great way to find books at prices we could afford.

A month or two ago, I stumbled on the Kindle Matchbook program. This program allows you to buy the Kindle edition of books you buy in print for less than $3!

I checked our account and was immediately able to grab some of our favorites like Love Does and A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. I’ve found that they continue to add books to my options file, books like the Bob Books and The Child’s Story Bible and tons of books that I’ve purchased for school. There are even books that I no longer have in my hot little hands, either lost or given away.

What a fun way to add to your library for just a few dollars!

Plus, by buying the kindle edition for cheap, you can free up space on your bookshelves.

Remember that you don’t have to own a Kindle device to read Kindle books. There are a number of free reading apps you can download to your computer, iPad, phone, or other device.

Get my freezer cookbook for less than $3.

Save Money with Kindle Matchbook - Kindle will sell you a digital copy of a book you've bought in print at a deep discount.

Speaking of great Kindle deals…. The Kindle version of my freezer cookbook is now on sale for $2.99. This is basically the lowest price I’ve ever seen on this book. So, get it while you can.

Some readers have said they are buying them as gifts. Yes, you can gift a kindle purchase; they give you a gift certificate to print or email to the recipient.

Others have said they are buying the digital copy so that they can access it via phone from the grocery store. I say, “Work it, baby.” Wondering how this book can save you money? Check out this post on how to fill the freezer to save money.

Save Money with Kindle Matchbook - Kindle will sell you a digital copy of a book you've bought in print at a deep discount.

This is Frugal Friday. In an effort to make these weekly financial discussions more interactive, I’m no longer posting a link-up. Feel free to leave a link in the comments. But better yet, chat with us on today’s topic.

What’s a way that you save money on fun things?

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  1. I purchased the Kindle edition of your cookbook last night. Woo-hoo! Looking forward to reading some of it this evening.

  2. Just purchased your cookbook and look forward to using it for your yummy recipes soon.

    Some other great e-books for the Kindle that are geared toward kids are the CritterKin books. The first one Poco a Poco is free and the others are under $5. They have super cute illustrations and teach wonderful lessons about both the responsibilities and joys of pet ownership to kids.

    The CritterKin folks do some really great outreach things including going to schools to give readings with a therapy dog. I understand they’ve been thinking of doing similar events with homeschooling groups, so I thought you and your readers might be interested.

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