Save Time with a Clean Fridge

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Keep your fridge clean to save time.

Save Time with a Clean Fridge | Life as MOMSometimes we have to spend time to save time. Sounds a little contradictory, but if you invest in something now, you can reap a time savings later. Freezer cooking is like that. So is making your own custom spice blends. Those activities take some time, but you get that time back, plus some later on.

Cleaning the fridge is one of those things.

Yes, really. How many times have you dug around in your fridge, sure that you had the ingredient you were looking for, but it was elusive, hiding behind last week’s leftovers. Or how about the times you’ve had to make an extra trip to the store because stuff went bad because you didn’t see it to use it.

If the fridge is tidy and organized a number of things can happen, you can find the ingredients you need right away, making your time in the kitchen quick and easy. A clean fridge promises that you’ll find what you need instead of heading out to buy more or spending precious minutes digging for the things that you need.

Cleaning out your fridge on a regular basis will save you time and frustration. And if you really do do it on a regular basis, there probably won’t be much to do. You’ll be using leftovers and ingredients in good time.

Looking for a little help in cleaning out the refrigerator? Go here. Want to know how a clean fridge can save you money, head here.

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  1. i’ve been cleaning out my fridge slowly over the past couple of weeks! one shelf at a time. now that it’s all clean, i don’t want to use it! silly woman!

  2. I clean my fridge every Saturday morning before grocery shopping. My secret weapon is Saran Press N Seal wrap. Clean your shelves sparkly clean then press a sheet of press and seal to it and remove when it gets too funky. Some sheets I remove weekly and some monthly. But because of them I only have to deep clean my fridge MAYBE three times a year