Saving Money on Auto Service and Repair

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A few weeks ago, FishPapa got new tires for his truck. I know, everyone has an opinion about tires. Believe me, we heard a lot of them while we were tire shopping. Yes, I even made some calls and learned a world of information about tires. We shopped around for Michelins, knowing that they are a reputable company, making a great tire that lasts a long time. Were they a little more expensive than other brands? Yes, but the fact that they are such a long-lasting, quality tire made it worth the extra expense. And, we found that Evans Tire had our size for a good $100 less than other companies.

This particular tire shop had a great deal on tires and installation, but they were not necessarily the bargain place for the other services that a new set of tires necessitates. Maybe you knew this already, but I was unaware that it’s recommended to replace the shocks and serpentine belt at about the same time you replace your tires. The shop quoted FishPapa $525.00 for both of these services.

But, savvy man that he is, he knew that he could replace those parts himself. But, rather than just run to the auto parts store and pick up parts, he came home and hopped on the web. And his google searching was not in vain. In fact, not only did he confirm that the procedure was one he could pull off, but he also found front and rear shocks on Amazon for an amazing deal! This week we’re ordering 2 front shocks, two rear shocks and a serpentine belt for  $166 total! With free shipping! And to make the deal even sweeter, we’re using mostly Swagbucks to buy them. So, for a little web searching and a little monkey grease, my sweet hubby is saving us $359 on service and maintenance on his truck.

Didn’t I tell you he was a fine man? I never would have thought of ordering auto parts on Amazon. But, I’m so glad that he did.

To see how other people are saving money this week, pop over to Super Savings Saturday.

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  1. For two years, my husband has searched and searched for the warming plug for his F250 because EVERY diesel comes with one, right? Except in 2006, Ford decided that people who lived in warmer climates didn’t have to have one so they stopped putting them in. ARG! We have cold weather too! I finally found that fact online, despite our dealer insisting it was in there somewhere. Then when we called back, he was all, “oh, well I can put it on for $80.” $80! For a chopped off extension cord??

    Hubs got online and looked around for instructions and priced it out. Then he called the automotive store and they got him one for $30. He and I installed it in about 30 minutes! Saved us $50!

    Love me some internet!

  2. It’s awesome if you have someone in your life that can perform those tasks! My brother will work for beer so, we utilize his talents often:-)

  3. I wanted to let you know that I’ve given you the Sunshine Award. Thanks for your honesty and for your assistance in helping me live a more frugal life! You can see the award by visiting my blog post:


  4. We have had good luck ordering car parts off of Amazon too. You can really save some money doing it.

  5. My husband does almost all of our car repairs himself. And for the repairs that need an extra pair of hands or a bit more experience or knowledge, he has a couple friends that he can call for help or advice. These friends work for free, because when they have a household/wookworking project where they need an extra pair of hands or a bit more experience or knowledge, they know that they can call my husband. He has amazing wookworking skills and home maintenance knowledge. My husband has built/finished/refinished probably 90% of the furniture in our home, and people are always shocked when they find out! I’m so thankful for a handy husband and his friends!

  6. My hubby is really handy around the house, but the car is unknown territory for him. When my brake pads started to go, I got a few quotes and was disappointed that such a simple task would cost over over a hundred bucks. So, my hubby started watching a few youtube videos and talked to the guy at the local auto parts shop to see if he could do it himself. He saved us over a hundred bucks with just a little determination and the wonders of the internet!

  7. anne marie says

    Amanda my hubby did the exact same thing for my minivan! Needed new rotors too, he replaced both for a fraction of what it would have cost anywhere else. When our central air went out last year he researched it on the internet too, ordered the part and repaired it – saved us thousands on that since we were told we’d probably have to replace it!

  8. I would never have thought of auto parts either!! Thanks for the tip!

  9. Jessika says

    Yes, Fishpapa is a great guy 🙂

  10. It’s also a good idea to find a repair shop before you need them that you trust and feel comfortable with. Fortunately for us my friend Mary’s husband has a repair shop. They are awesome and will even answer questions over the phone. If Bear is unable to do the repair then we take it to our trusted repair shop. Start by asking friends, neighbors and colleagues where they take their vehicles. Check them out – go in and introduce yourself and let them know that you are looking for a repair shop and ask questions. Do your homework! Just because it is a big commercial repair shop does not mean they are the best or most reasonable. They charge higher prices because of the overhead they have to carry. Thanks for posting this – great article!

  11. I love saving money! I wish i had always known that you CAN save money everywhere!!!

  12. Isn’t it GREAT to have a husband that can take care of such things?! My husband fixes our cars, and even renovated our new house without paying a single contractor! Remember to say an extra Thank You to all the husbands out there today-they deserve it!

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