Seed-starting Greenhouse Giveaway from Burpee

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Several years and four children ago, we lived in a more rural community on a two-acre parcel of weeds land. We did our best to “take dominion” of that land, and I had a great time learning to garden. Wow! That was fun! Then life got busy and then busier still. With a baby or toddler constantly in tow, my dreams of a vegetable garden have often sat on the shelf. I’m hoping that this year is our year to get our green thumbs back.

If you’re itching to plant something, want to grow your own food, or simply want to teach your children about nature, cultivating a home garden is a very fine thing.

The folks at Burpee are offering five LifeasMOM readers an Eco-Friendly Seed Starting Kit:

Kit includes:
• Fiber Planting Cells- Compostable
• Bamboo Watering Tray- 6 month Compostable
• 25- Sustainable Burpee Super Growing Pellets
• Biodegradable germination sheet
• 6 Wooden Plant Labels
• 1 oz. package of Espoma organic fertilizer

Gardening is a great opportunity to get back to nature and dig in the dirt with your children!

To enter this giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post, telling us a gardening memory you have or one that you hope to create with your children. Please leave an email contact so that I can find you if you win. Contest will be open until Sunday night at 8 pm, PST at which time the comments will be closed and winners announced shortly after that.

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  1. I personaly do not have any gardening memories growing up, but my daughters are 3 and 3 months soon and this spring we are going to start a compost and grow some vegetables! I want to teach my children responsibilty and eat from the earth! Im hoping they will love to eat fresh vegetables as they get older too!

  2. I remember we had a church community garden growing up. Me and my brothers and sisters would go work in the garden every Saturday during the summer. It was hard work but the yummy rewards were great! I guess it was a little character building too. 🙂

  3. This year will be my first attempt at growing a vegetable garden! I’m really excited because my hope is to make my own baby food! I’m due in May so hopefully I be able to have a good freezer stock by the time she’s ready to switch to solids. Good luck on your gardening this year! Keep us updated on your progress.

  4. I remember a couple. Going to Grandma W.’s and picking peas and eating them fresh out of the pod… YUM!

    I also helped my mother tend to our backyard garden. I LOVED fresh red potatoes and sweet tomatoes off the vine. My mom passed away 4 months ago. Thank you for giving me a chance of this sweet memory! ~Lanie J.

  5. I didn’t do much gardening as a kid besides grow some sunflowers and a few sweet potatoes. I do remember having an amazing neighbor who literally had a “Southern Living” garden. My husband and I have been planting a vegetable garden every year and our hopes for our children are to appreciate the effort that it takes to grow your own food. My son is already excited to eat what he grows!

    Chickfilamom AT comcast DOT net

  6. I remember helping my mom with the rose garden growing up, so much fun. I am definitely looking forward to starting a vegetable garden this year!

  7. I have never had a garden before but we are moving to some ‘land’ and are going to plant one. I look forward to having my own fruits and veggies and knowing where they came from and what was used to grow them.

  8. My grandma was an avid gardener when I was a child. I can remember every spring helping her plant all of her flowers and vegetables. After we spent the day gardening, my grandpa would take us to get ice cream soda’s….Its my favorite memory of my grandparents.

  9. I love gardening with my husband. I remember the first year we did it and being able to pick and eat food that we grew. Vegetables had never tasted so good.

  10. I live out in the stix as well. We have a good size garden that we like to add to every year. I am homeschooling my 3 kids this year, so I would like to have some early planting supplies to use with them. My email address is mylamar at fidmail dot com.

  11. Some of my fondest memories of my childhood are gardening with my mother. So, with each of my children, I had alone time in the garden with them when they were little. Now, they still join me, not necessarily to help, but at least to pick the bounty and visit.

  12. We started our gardening a couple of years ago and love it. Thereis nothing like going out to pick green beans and cooking them for dinner or picking a tomato and then slicing for a sandwich! We are anxious to start the garden this year and just waiting for the weather to warm up!

  13. I’ve never had a garden before, but I really want to start one. I think it will encourage my husband and me to eat more veggies and be a good role model for our young daughter.

  14. I planted my first garden two years ago with the help of my kids (then 5 and 7 years old). We were out one afternoon pulling weeds and picking veggies that were ready, when we came across the ugliest, fattest, nastiest worm on our tomato plants. I FREAKED out, my kids laughed at me and to this day, they won’t let me forget it. 🙂

  15. This year I hope to have an area for the kids so they can pick some things out for their garden. We moved in last year so we’re just getting an area established!

  16. For the past few years I have planted a garden in our backyard with a pretty big variety of vegetables and fruits. Each year, however, all my kids care about is the corn. We take the time each week to measure the corn to see just how fast it is growing. The kids are ecstatic when they see the corn is taller than they are!

  17. We are planning to plant our first big garden this year. I have a dear friend who is helping me plan it all out and I have four boys that are looking forward to it as well. I can’t wait to get started! So count me in for this!

  18. I love the taste of freshly picked veggies and can’t wait to start some seeds this year. We still have lots of snow on the ground and it’s fun to think about gardening. 🙂

  19. My parents always had a huge garden while I was growing up. It allowed them to stretch their grocery dollars & feed their five kids. We ate lots of fresh veggies in season; canned tomatoes, pickles & jelly; and blanched & froze the other veggies for the long winter ahead. My husband & I are now planning a garden with our own children.

  20. this is a great giveaway. Thanks for the chance. We have always had a small garden with peas, corn and tomatoes. This year we hope to add some square foot gardens for the smaller crops. My kids are excited to grow their own crops. Molly

  21. I’ve never had a garden but I am determined to do it this year and every year from now on. I think my 3 year old is at the perfect age to help me.

  22. We got a new sandbox and repurposed the old one as our garden. Last year we had one very prolific zucchini plant (is there any other kind?!) and some peppers and tomatoes. I made better use of the garden the year before though. It looked like I was born with a green thumb!

  23. Growing up I loved gardening with my mom. I live in a town home now with a small patio so I have only been able to do container gardening. I would love to expand on that and my oldest (3 1/2 years) is already talking about gardening even though we are still below freezing and covered with snow. I am expecting baby #3 in May, so I will be lucky if I do much this summer. I would love to win, I need all the help I can get 🙂

  24. We are planting our first gardent this year, we had a container garden last year since we had a 1 and 2 year old. This year I’m hoping to teach them about why we weed, water and care for the garden. I’m excited to see their reactions to growing foods they like to eat in our yard and realize they come from somewhere other than the grocery store!

  25. Gardening for me has always been associated with my grandfather. When I was younger, I took for granted the bounty of his gardens and hated helping him shell peas or pull weeds or whatever task he asked us to help with. Now, I treasure those memories and recognize the hard work and love he has put into his garden for more years than I’ve been alive. And now we also draw on his many years of wisdom when preparing our own garden. After 50 or 60 years of gardening, I imagine there’s little that you can’t handle. This will be our garden’s second year, and I can’t wait to share it with my son again.

  26. I have no idea how to even begin gardening with my children. I would love to show them, hand -on, what it means to grow vegetables and fruit, but I’m not even sure where to begin. Thanks for opening up this give-away. The kit looks simple enough that even a “brown-thumb” like me could try it!

  27. rhonda smith says:

    At our home gardening is a family affair. Every year all 6 of us plant, pull weeds, and go out to check our “harvest!” We enjoy the time together and my children love to watch the fruits of their labor!!

  28. rebekah riehle says:

    I’ve always wanted to have my own garden, unfortunately I think I have a black thumb! I grew up with a grandmother who farmed and I helped her, my mom and my aunts harvest those veggies every year. I have some very fond memories of that time in my life and I hope that someday my thumb will turn from black to green so I can share that joy with my kids!


  29. My daughter was only old enough to make a mess in the garden last year. I’m sure she’ll still make a mess this year but I’m really looking forward to her playing a more active role this year even though we’ll have a small garden, likely all in containers.

  30. I remember the smell of freshly picked tomatoes from my grandfather’s garden. I don’t like to eat tomatoes but I grow them every year because that smell takes me back to my childhood.

  31. I remember growing up having not one, but two gardens. The ‘north’ garden had sweet corn and tomatoes and peas and beans, and the ‘south’ garden had potatoes and carrots and other root vegetables. My favorite memory was of my sister and me sitting in the garden and shelling the peas right into our mouths. Our mom would get so mad! We were spoiling our dinner with veggies!!

  32. This year we hope to create a garden memory much better than last year! We just kept it simple with trying to grow tomatoes, but that didn’t quite work out as expected. They only reached the size of cherry tomatoes even though they were supposed to be regular and the kids kept saying that the birds were pecking at them. Lol! Maybe this year….

  33. One of my fondest childhood memories is picking veggies in my grandparents garden. My husband and I have grown a small veggie garden every year the past 5 years. This year we are branching out and planting raised beds. I can’t wait to get started!

  34. I remember so many summer evenings of walking over to the garden with my dad to see what was ready. At the time, Mom and Dad owned 40 acres (now 60), and the best spot for the gardens (yes, two and sometimes three!), was about a city block away from the house on the other side of the pond. I can still feel the squishy dirt between my toes!

  35. Oh my DH and I tried a garden for the first time last year, all I can say is my soil needs much improving which we attempted to do this winter and yes I plan to try again this year.

  36. As a missionary kid, we usually didn’t live anywhere long enough to plant a garden or where we lived wasn’t conducive to gardening. I am hoping though to have at least some potted plants and a couple raised beds since my husband and I are now in a house and I am not hugely pregnant like I was when we moved in last spring!! I want my little boy to experience the wonder of growing things as he grows up.

  37. We have been slowly adding more and more veggies to our “flower bed” garden every year…I am addicted. 🙂 I have a 4 yr old daughter, and she loves to help us pick cherry and grape tomatoes in the summer. She has been doing this since she could walk…it is so fun to watch her fill up her little beach bucket. I also take her to the strawberry patch each year and last yr was my favorite – because she was down on her hands and knees eating straight from the strawberry plants. LOL

  38. My favorite gardening memories are of gardening with my grandfather, who somehow managed to squeeze 3 fruit trees and a large vegetable garden onto his tiny Los Angeles-area property. My little sis and I loved shelling peas and eating plums and apricots straight off the trees. Grandpa was a good cook on all counts, but the jams and preserves he made from his fruit were to die for!
    I’m hoping to plant a veggie garden for the first time this year and can’t wait to make memories with my 4-year-old!

  39. Last year, my son and I planted seeds as part of our “science” lessons. He was four. 🙂 He was delighted to see them grow, and I know he’d love this seed starter kit this year. My two-year-old will get into the action this year too!

  40. What a great giveaway! My favorite gardening memories are helping my grandma pick peas, cucumbers and green beans out of her garden when I would visit in the summers. We even made pickles out of some of those cucumbers! I have a small garden now where I grow many of those same veggies!

  41. My dad planted a garden each year when I was younger. I loved the smell of the tomato plants – and still do! We have been planting a garden now for the past 10 years. Some years things go well, and sometimes they don’t, but the kids love it. Their favorites are the strawberries and sugar snap peas!

  42. I am looking forward to trying out the square foot gardening method this summer, and using my harvest to feed my little boy homemade baby food. I have high hopes that he and I can “work” in the garden together and that it will instill a lifelong love of healthy eating in him at an early age.

  43. We have a small garden in our yard. We saved seeds from our Halloween pumpkins last year. The kids are excited to try growing our own this season.

  44. Starting our first garden this year! Hoping it will be a great family activity that will get my 2 year old interested in veggies:)

  45. I would love to be able to have my girls pick food and prepare a meal with the fresh ingredients. Life is always so busy, but it will only stop when they are gone and it is too late to make those memories.


    richshelpmate @ yahoo dot com

  46. Susan Jacobs says:

    I remember helping my aunts and uncles in their gardens. I would love to be able to make some of the same memories with my girls.

  47. I have never grown anything and I would really love to try it with my boys…
    Thank you,

  48. Julie Gillen says:

    We are hoping to do a garden this year – so this would be great!

  49. Denise Schultz says:

    This will be my first year planting a garden, outside of using just small containers on the patio. I am hoping to build a raised bed, and as many vegetables as possible in my patch! My son and daughter are excited to learn how to garden, and already picking out seeds to plant. I just wish I knew where to start or what to do! This looks like a great set to start with!

  50. I fondly recall the artichokes from my father’s vegetable garden. We’d have them at so many meals during my childhood. But if you ask my father to recall a garden memory, he’ll remember the year he planted the hot peppers by the broccoli. The spiciness of the peppers somehow got integrated into the broccoli plant, making the broccoli so spicy it was inedible!

    I’ve been doing windowsill gardening for years now, but I swear this will be the year where I finally make a raised bed in my backyard.

  51. My husband’s Valentine’s Day gift to me is that he is building me a “square-foot” garden in the backyard, so we can share gardening and nature with our toddlers! I’ve wanted one for a few years, but have been so busy with twin babies, I didn’t think I could dedicate the time to it. Now they are a little older (toddlers) and the perfect time!! This would be FANTASTIC! I can’t wait to teach my kids about natural/organic foods and about growing food in general.

    Some of my favorite childhood memories with my grandfather are in his massive garden, picking things we were going to eat for dinner. Vegetables, salad “fixin’s”, etc., and just waching and learning. Whenever I am in a garden, I think of him and always go back to those shared moments with him in the garden – that’s even how I still picture him 25 years later- back to a specific moment watching him in his garden through a window when I woke up from a nap. Just being so happy to see Grandpa in the garden and ready to go out and ‘help’ him. 🙂

    I can’t wait to create and share those types of memories with my babies! This Eco-Friendly Seed Starting Kit would be FANTASTIC way to start to my new garden!!! What an awesome giveaway! THANK YOU!!

  52. I dont’ have kids but I have them at my house all the time. My favorite thing to do is let the kids make their own stepping stones using marbles, rocks, gravel, broken pottery, glass blobs, etc. They love having something they make to take or home or to see when they are at my house and we visit the garden.

    My favorite in garden memory is with my friend’s 3 year old Ava. Ava was afraid of worms but when I told her they were ok, she said they would bite. It took awhile to get her to touch them but soon she was taking them from me and even picking them up herself. She collected 25 or so and when her mom got there to pick her up, she ran to the car and said, “they don’t bite!” as she help up her cup of worms.

  53. When I was a kid, my cousin and I would sneak over to my grandma’s house on our bikes and take cherry tomatoes off of her vines. She had a small city garden. One time she caught us and we thought that we were in trouble! LOL Anyhow for my kids we plant 6 cherry/grape tomato plants every year. We are always looking for different types to plant. They are their so my kids and their friends know to eat straight from the vine!

  54. I remember watering my dad’s tomatoes as a kid, and running through the freshly cut grass back to the house.

  55. I am really hoping to build some great vegetable garden memories with my 3 boys. We just bought a new house last summer and this spring, we’re digging up a vegetable garden and planting raspberry bushes. We are SO excited. I can’t wait to share memories with my boys picking our own carrots and making salsa from our own tomatoes.

  56. Forgot to leave my email addy! arteachersusan at gmail dot com for the above comment! Thanks

  57. I was put on a completely gluten free diet in April of last year and we are continuously trying to find ways to be frugal and eat good-for-us gluten free foods. One of these ways includes planting a garden. My mom and I get together and can vegetables each year, and this year I am hoping to expand our canning experience and stock my pantry with unquestionably gluten free staples–for much less than the store-bought versions. (And much healthier, too!)

  58. My husband and middle son (13) have been wanting to start a garden for a couple of years. Every year come time to get started, something has happened and prevented them from getting the new project underway.

    I am sure the kit would get them inspired and moving toward starting our own garden this year. Our family of five could really benefit from our own garden and I hope that we do get it underway this year.

  59. My daughter and I have had a garden for the past couple of years. Each year the amount of produce has decreased as our trees have grown taller and the available sun becomes less and less. We are now restrategizing our garden plans to containers on our deck, which still receives adequate sunlight. My daughter (11) has been checking out library books by the armfull researching container gardening. This starter kit give a way would be a great blessing. Thanks. Carrie

  60. I would love to have my children remember gathering food from the garden for dinner instead of watching mom crank open a can! We are so excited to finally have a bit of land to actually garden in!

  61. I love working in the garden with my son. He’ll only be 2 this year but I already got him his own set of garden tools! I hope he has a lot of great gardening memories when he grows up!

  62. I grew up on a farm & have so many memories of growing our own food. One of the most vivid was letting the chickens pick the worms off the corn as we were shucking it. And yes, we still ate it! (after washing, of course) I just started gardening with my children last year & while I haven’t gotten them to eat any fresh produce yet, they enjoy the process! And this year, we’ve added chickens, too!

  63. I grew up in rural SC where my parents grew a huge garden every year. I was always involved, but I will NEVER forget them making us spend a Saturday in our neighbors cow pasture shoveling manure for our garden.

    Needless to say, I no longer deal with cow poo unless it comes in a bag, but we did start a little 4×4 raised bed last year and it was great. Can’t wait to start it again!

  64. This is so exciting, I was just on Burpee’s website yesterday trying to pick out which seeds to plant this year for my very first vegetable garden. My favorite memories were helping my grandpa with his garden every year. It seemed like digging up the potatoes was magic and eating strawberries right of the plant couldn’t taste any more delicious!

  65. We always had a garden growing up and got to help pick what we should plant each year. Now that baby is on the way and we’re looking for our first house, having garden space is essential!

  66. I would love to have a small garden with my kids. I want them to know where our food comes from. Of course it would be a learning experience for us all. Partly b/c I have never had any type of garden and b/c we have a mole problem. It might mean a container garden but it is worth a shot.

  67. i remember daddy plowing up the potatoes and we walked behind in the cool soil in our bare feet picking them up….such a warm late summer memory!

    ~eunice b
    rsmile2u @dejazzd. com

  68. Two years ago, we started our first garden and LOVED it! Hubby has the green thumb, but last year I thought I would take the initiative to plan it….Um, shoulda left it up to him 🙁 All we had for our labor was a few zucchini and wasted money on organic seeds. I think I will leave the planning to hubby and I’ll just pull weeds LOL

  69. When I was little, my parents would always let us play in the garden when it was empty (before they planted or after they harvested). We loved digging trenches to hide in or creating bumps and holes for a bike obstacle course! And I’d spend hours making roads and building mud houses for my Matchbox cars (yep, I was a tomboy).

    Now I love taking my kids to the all-organic community garden we have. They all love picking the fresh strawberries or veggies, rinsing them with the hose and eating them right there.

    I can’t wait until spring to started again!

  70. I grew up on an acreage and it cultivated my love of plants, gardening and the outdoors in general. I love working in the yard.
    As a kid we spent hours outdoors. We grew most of our food and due to the nature of my father’s job, mom was often left for the entire growing season on her own with us kids. There were always weeds to pick, grass to mow, veggies and fruit to pick, tomatoes to can, etc. From the time we were little we had to pick a pail of weeds every day before we could go play…the size of the pail was relative to our age. Picking weeds was the least favourite task as we would rather play (ie mow grass, pick veggies, explore the orchard, etc). By the time we were old enough to get the big pail — we came up with a “fix” to the problem — we simply went to the compost pile and grabbed some old weeds to put at the bottom of the pail, meaning we only had to pick half a pail. For some reason my mother (who could never be fooled), NEVER caught on. When we were talking about this a few years ago, my mom’s reaction was “You kids owe me a lot of pails of weeds!” We always thought she knew what we did… anyhow anything with plants has fond memories for me.

  71. This will be year 2 for our family garden. Its really my husband’s project. Our son, now age 6, was quite the helper. What I love about gardens is never are kids more open to trying new veggies than when they get to pick them from the garden. I remember his excitment when he first got to pick veggies last summer – he gobbled up zucchini blossoms, peas, radishes and carrots, without even waiting to wash off the dirt. We’re already making plans for expanding the garden this year. And I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

  72. When I was a child, my parents leased land for gardening from an old German farmer. Of course we all had to help, but our favorite time was walking up to the old farmhouse he shared with his sister Daisy for a treat and then head home to shell what seemed like endless baskets of peas. We complained, but we had some good times competing against each other to see who’d finish first!

  73. I can’t wait to plant something this year with my almost 3 yr old. He’s so excited about planting “corn on the cob” in his garden!

  74. My parents had a large garden when I was younger, which I didn’t like going to, but I really want to get my dear children interested in gardening. I’m hoping they’ll be more willing to eat food that they grow.

  75. my grandmothers (both!) were amazing gardeners. they both were into flower gardening, and when i was 6 my grandma got me my very own purple hoe! when i am at my parents’ now i see that hoe in the garage and think of her, even though she is no longer with us. i am excited for one day in the future when we have kids to introduce them to gardening and my grandma.

  76. My grandfather spent all of his free time in his beautiful garden. It was mostly time spent with himself. One year he asked me to help him harvest the potatoes. I was so amazed to be digging the potatoes up from the earth. At that young age I had no idea they grew underground. It was like a treasure hunt.

  77. I loved my garden but found when my daughter was a baby and with an ill mom living with me, it became impossible to maintain. I would love to start one again and have it be a family project to bring us all together.

  78. I remember growing strawberries when our oldest daughter was two she would eat the strawberries right out of the bed and then started on the greenish berries and then the very green berries.
    We started gardening more this past year and will do so again this year. I can’t wait to get started. The greenhouse will greatly help us get started.

  79. I have fond memories of my mom’s garden growing up. She always had a ton of flowers and some yummy veggies such as tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, and cucumbers. I loved to walk around it and stare at all the beautiful colors! I would love to have a garden to also create some of those memories for my own children. I just haven’t quite gotten there yet 🙂

  80. This is the first year that we plan to start a garden with our four year old. I am so excited to get started and have her check on the seeds’ progress each day.

  81. We just built some raised beds and I would love for my children to get involved with filling it with seedlings. I remember planting enormous gardens as a child. We spent all fall canning the yummy produce from the garden.

  82. I remember snapping beans with my great grandmother at her kitchen table and her telling stories of what it was like as she was growing up. We would pick the garden and then go in and she would pull out two ice-cold bottles of Pepsi – it would taste so good. I miss those days…..I miss my great grandmother who passed away at the age of 105 years young. I learned so much from her. Would love to win this great giveaway!

  83. My husband and I tried our hand at growing some plants by seed last year. It was a fun activity to do together and watch our little seedlings grow into big plants. Then eat the food :).

  84. I love having a small vegetable garden in my yard. I hope my granddaughters will remember being able to go pick a tomato or a pepper and bringing it in to eat for dinner.

  85. We love small backyard gardening… and have taken out all of our shrubbery around the back of the house to do it. There is nothing better than a tomato right out of the garden!! My grandmother used to pick them and eat them right out in the garden row. This giveaway has me wanting to try to start my own plants. That will be a new experience.

  86. I remember adoring the Sunflowers in our garden as a kid. I just loved that there were flowers that grew taller than me!

  87. I plan on starting a garden with my 15 month old son this year…if $ allows as it didn’t last year 🙁

  88. I remember going to my Grandmother’s house & helping her in the garden. She always grew the most beautiful plants. She also had tons of grapes which I love. I would love to start a garden with my four boys & hopefully they will have fond memories when they are my age.

  89. A favorite gardening memory:

    I was an army brat and moved around a lot with my family, but used to spend a few weeks here and there with my grandparents. I loved to eat watermelon, so my grandmother took a few of the seeds and helped me plant them in her garden. After I left for home, she would send me a picture of my watermelon every couple of weeks so I could check on its progress. For a seven year-old, this was pretty awesome–and she also sent me a picture of my grandfather eventually eating a piece of it!

  90. We started involving my 3 year old son last year in our garden and he loved it. Best part was when I had to pick things I could stand in the garden and hand them over the fence to him and he would put them in the bowl, best helper ever!!

  91. My favorite garden thing is ‘making’ the kids go outside barefoot. I have them go into the garden barefoot at lunch time, choose a tomato and eat it standing in the sun. It’s such a sensory experience and screams summer.

    My kids’ favorite garden memory is swimming at Grandma’s, hopping out and going to the garden for a handful of fresh blackberries for a snack, then back into the pool to wash off.

  92. I grew up in Minnesota where everyone had big gardens complete with scarecrows. All five of us had jobs planting, weeking, and picking the garden goodies. Such good eating. We literally lived on fresh tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, radishes etc. all summer long and in the fall we had squash, pumpking, and potatoes galore! Such great memories.

  93. We always have a garden, but this year our son has asked to grow pumpkins, so thats what we’re going to do together. We’re both excited to add this to our garden plot.

  94. Debbie Jackson says:

    I remember when we planted carrots and potatoes the kids couldn’t wait to “pick” them.

  95. Hauling two tons of dirt across the backyard with the children, a wagon and a toy truck named Muck. It was a lot of work but I couldn’t believe how long the kids stuck to it. It was for our first raised garden beds.

  96. For just the past 2 years, we’ve been able to have our kids outside with us to plant our small garden, give it daily waterings, and even though our gardening season is short here in Wyoming, we have been able to pick some of our small harvest. The kids love to water the plants and then watch the growths. This year, we’re moving to a place with much more land and our garden will be much bigger. I’m very excited to be out with the kids and hubby planting our garden and watching what God provides grow. 🙂

  97. This will be our first year attempting to grow ANYTHING! We’re using containers since we live in a 2nd floor condo and the only outdoor space we have is our balcony. Thanks!

  98. My favorite gardening memory is of My grandfather planting a garden at our house every summer. He would plant a lot of veggies and melons and I loved watching him cultivate the garden and then eat the food at the end of the summer.

  99. My grandfather always had an amazing garden, from which he largly fed his family. I have never been a good gardner myself, but I love the memories I have with my grandfather, and I would like to pass memories like that down to my daughter. I know I need to have a garden, but I keep making excuses. Thanks for the giveaway – it might just be the encouragment I need.

  100. Last year we gave it our first try at gardening (albeit in containers) and had a blast, we hope to do better and more things this year!

  101. I loved seeing my daughter look with excitement each morning to see how the seeds were growing.

  102. last year my daughter and i did our first big (non-container) garden. this year i hope to do it again, on an even more beneficial scale, replanting what worked for us and adding some different plants. we also plan to do some canning! i can’t wait!

    eckelly at liberty dot edu

  103. I remember as a very little kid, helping my Grandpa plant our garden each year. He passed away very young, so these memories are very precious to me.

  104. We always had a huge garden, it was probably a little over an acre., growing up. I have many memories of the smells of dirt and the feel of dirt and potatoes on my hands when we dug out the “taters”, one of the many vegetables and fruits we grew. My dad would be up very early, plowing and working the soil, it’s like yesterday I see him and my little brother in the garden, the clear blue sky in the background. We have a garden here now, I have 3 girls, and they hoe and help plant. My littlest is learning, my older ones have got a good grasp on the differences in weeds and veggies lol. Would love to win this.

  105. I started gardening with my sons last summer. It was so much fun watching them wake up every morning to see if the seeds had started to sprout. They loved helping me in our garden.

  106. While I don’t have the greenest of thumbs, my Dad definitely does. For years he has had both Spring and Fall gardens that produce a bounty of fresh veggies. My favorite memory is going with him into the garden, bucket in hand, to pick the veggies when I was a little girl. He would always take the cucumbers and rub off the little prickly things with his calloused hands before he handed them to me to put in the bucket.

    This year I will attempt my first vegetable garden. My little one is just 5 months old, but I want to start this tradition now so he’ll be sure to have the same kind of wonderful memories that I have.

  107. I have a few but two that stand out are the year we first grew cantaloups and they were beautiful. Proudly bringing them to the table for dinner and my husband saying they were bad..too ripe. He made us throw them all away: and my girls took a bite out of each one before they threw them in the compost. Husband raised in the city and had never had a really fresh cantaloup before.

    My next is my grandson came to help me harvest in the garden. When he got to the cucumbers he asked what they were bacause they had prickles…the tiny spines that only a fresh cucumber will have..he never liked the store ones but loves our fresh grown ones.

  108. One of my all-time favorite childhood meals was veggie soup Mom and Grandma canned out of tomatoes, green beans, and corn from our garden. Husband and I may not have five acres to plant, but my goal is to maximize a garden plot with our girls this year. Just-picked tomatoes, here we come!!

  109. When our boys were young, we had a garden with strawberries and blueberries. One day I looked out the window to see my son sitting in the middle of the strawberry patch joyfully eating all the berries. Another time we had sugar snap peas growing on a fence, my daughter was standing there eating them off the plant, not picking them.

  110. We love to garden and recently moved into a home with lots of land. This year I’m really hoping that we’ll be able to have our daughter (3) work in the garden beside us. I remember working in our tiny garden with my mother, in the afternoons. It’s one of my favorite memories!

  111. I love gardening. Both my grandparents had gardens, I gardened with my kids and now would like to pass it on to my granddaughter.

  112. My husband built me a garden a few years ago in our yard. Each year I’ve experimented with different veggies and “wild flowers”. This year my boys collected the seeds from their pumpkins with the intention of planting them in the garden. This is the first time they’ve shown any interest and I’m looking forward to the gardening time as family time. I hope to show them that we can help feed ourselves with a little hard work and sweat. My dream is that our garden grows as they boys do, trying different veggies and herbs just as they boys will try different things in life – sports, schools, friends, etc.


  113. Okay, my funniest memory of gardening. Even though I grew up in “the big city”, Mom always had a garden. On thing that she grew was red chili peppers, since my dad really like them. One day, I was so surprised to walk out and see my little brother, still in diapers, sitting under the pepper tree, pulling those peppers off and eating them like they were candy!! We have a picture (sorry, it’s a paper one) and it is so funny.

    He still loves those little red chili peppers and now grows his own, along with a lot of other yummies!

  114. I remember my 1 year olds son smiling so big as he carried around the first squash from the garden he & I planted together one summer…he was so proud. We continue to do a garden every year.

  115. I remember going out back and picking a fresh tomato for a snack in the afternoons during the summer.
    My mom has taught me a lot about gardening and I would love to start my own this year.

  116. I am weighting for my husband to build me a raised garden. I know my children would love to help with it and just maybe they would try more veggies.

  117. What a great prize!!

  118. My memories are of my children sitting on the front porch eating a big juicy tomato that they just picked from the garden. They still love veggies and helping out in the garden.

  119. I remember growing radishes (yum) and green peppers in our backyard as a kid. It was fun to snack on fresh veggies right out of the backyard. My dad has always grown raspberries and I have many memories of picking them with him and getting to spend some sweet time in conversation. I’m looking forward to planting some things in our backyard with my little girl this year.

  120. We’ve had our own veggie garden for a few years now. My favorite memory is just a couple years ago. My youngest was born in September and I came home from the hospital with all sorts of vegetables waiting for me from my own garden!

  121. My boys and I will be attempting to grow our own little garden this year. Since they don’t really care for veggies I am really hoping that seeing the process from start to finish they will get excited about veggies and start eating more of them.

  122. Growing up, we had this huge veggie garden at the end of our yard, and my sister and I would spend hours playing in it. I remember building entire cities out of mud when the garden was watered, but my most vivid memory is staining a beautiful white dress with strawberries! For some reason, my six-year-old brain thought that picking strawberries in a white dress–and gathering them in my skirt–would be the perfect afternoon activity. Can’t say that my mother agreed!

    I have so many garden memories, and I am planning on starting a garden with my two kids this summer so that they can have good memories, too.

  123. We are going to plant our first veggie garden this spring. I can’t wait to eat what we’ve grown ourselves. I’m super excited to get started and our grandkids want to help. Sure do hope we have a green thumb!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  124. I remember eating peas fresh from my grandparents garden. Yum!

  125. We have grown tomatoes together as a family for 5 years. This year we are excited about starting a larger garden. Fan 4 may @ aol dot com.

  126. I have the best memories of gardening with my grandmother when I was a kid. She is no longer able to garden and her mind is slipping. I love getting my hands dirty and looking at stepping stones she gave me when I was a kid. The smell of soil makes me think of her and all the things she taught me. This inspired me to pursue a career in agriculture education. So since I do not have any kiddies of my own, I feel like I can share some knowledge about the earth with my 60 + students; somewhat like my grandma did with me!

  127. I can remember the taste of the fresh tomatoes right off the vine like it was yesterday. Now my children help me garden like I did with my mom. My daughter loves to take pictures to document the growth during the season.

  128. We’ve had a couple of 4×4 square foot garden plots for the past two years now, and I just love having my young girls help me pull weeds and watch each day as new things appear and grow in our garden. Thanks for the chance to win one of these great seed starting sets!

  129. I have fond memories of gardening with my dad. We used to think it was so cool to pull a carrot, wash it and eat it with the leaves on it like bugs bunny. As soon as I moved out, I started a garden on my own. Last year my 2 year old really loved it. She’d dig for worms while I worked on the garden

  130. I would love to win this. My daughters are almost 4 and 2 and this will be the first year we are going to start a garden. I have it all setup and ready to go!! My favorite memory was being at my Grandfathers eating his homegrown tomatoes. They were SO good!!!

  131. Christina Burrell says:

    My mom helped me plant a flower garden for 4-H and I won a Blue Ribbon.

  132. One of my sons loves to garden, he’s only 11 but he’s grown potatoes and pumpkins all on his own. I would love to have this for him to get a head start on his garden this year. He wants to expand and grow new veggies and I want to encourage him.

  133. My favorite garden memory is of picking strawberries out of my grandma’s backdoor patch. I was about 3-4 years old. I can still smell them!

  134. I have such great memories of going to visit my grandmother in the summers and picking vegetables from her garden and most importantly eating greenbeans straight off the plants. We’ve tried the last couple years to grow a little garden with our boys and hopefully we’ll continue to learn and actually grow something,lol!

  135. Last year my dreams of creating memories gardening with my then 3 year old and 9 month old were dashed when nothing we planted grew. This year I am going to try again and hope to create many fond memories for my children, now ages 4 and 20 months. I think it is so important teach them the responsibility or taking care of our earth and benefiting from the many wonderful things it gives us.

  136. I’ve been gardening with my three children since they were very little. We have lots of great memories – from my son eating dirt (as a one-year old) to my daughter grabbing tomatoes every time we headed to the car past the garden on the way to the garage. This year we are looking forward to raspberries we planted last year and expanding our garden now that we have more sun since a tree has been cut down. Happy Spring!

  137. I posted about it here

    This year has been so much fun with teh children and gardening. They helped till the soil and they are watching the seedlings come up. Its kind of like watching your children. They also need some constant TLC to grow strong and productive.

  138. anna christensen says:

    I was gone all summer but was dying to have a garden. My husband went home a bit before me, and when I arrived, he had a fall garden planted. 🙂

  139. My oldest memory is pulling crab grass out of the garden. But the most powerful memory was from last spring. I had cut a bowl of salad greens, and I went to wash them and 4 slugs floated to the top of the water. FOUR! It didn’t hurt that I was pregnant and nauseous anyway. Our neighbors got lots of salad from us last year.

  140. I remember picking strawberries with my Mom when I was a little girl. They were so yummy right out of the garden.

  141. I grew up in downtown Moscow but my parents had a small plot of farmland in the country. We used to go every weekend to garden and swim at the lake. My dad set up a little piece of land and I would plant one of everything that they would. So one tomato, one cucumber one strawberry bush…My son is now three and I would love to show him how things grow.

  142. I have wonderful memories gardening with my grandparents. I would help them pick beans, radishes, tomatoes. I loved it!

  143. I am so excited about starting a garden this year with my children. I am hoping for a chance to teach them about God’s beauty and filling my table with lots of nutritious foods for my family. I admit I am a little nervous but hopeful that it will be a success!

  144. We gave my 3 yr old gardening tools for Easter — she LOVED to garden w/ her daddy & then eat what we’s such a great daddy/daughter bonding thing!

  145. My husband and our 2 boys planted their first garden last spring. We live in a townhouse and don’t have a yard like most of the boys’ friends do, just have a small patch of land out front. Might as well make the best of it, right? Our boys enjoyed their garden so much. Only the parsley and basil really took–the corn was a joke and the rabbits got most of the tomatoes–but we all got hours and hours of enjoyment and outdoor fun out of it. Can’t wait to do some more planting with them this year! Hopefully, we’ll have more luck the second time around.

  146. My great grandfather had a huge garden and I remember helping him pick strawberries and corn.

  147. I loved gardening with my parents. Working hard, enjoying the fruits of our labors…it was wonderful. Hoping my kids can enjoy it too. Thanks.

  148. I grew up with two sets of gardening grandparents, so my memories of their gardens abound, but probably my best memory is the first “garden” of my own.

    I had never shown a lot of inclination to that point for doing outdoor things, so when I declared to my parents that I was going to make my own garden in our back yard, they just laughed…That is until I spent an entire morning turning over terrible Kansas clay with only a shovel. After that, my dad felt bad for not taking me more seriously and kindly helped me finish making two little beds. I didn’t get much out of that garden, but I was hooked!

  149. Jan Tremaine says:

    We’re tried a garden the past few years. Each child has their own raised box. It starts out really fun, but by the end of summer things start to slide (just as we start to get LOTS of vegetables!). I’m hoping that this year we can stick it through successfully!

  150. Hi, oh, this would be great!!!!

  151. Sorry, forgot my memory. When I was a little girl, I would take a salt shaker to our garden, plop down and eat cherry tomatoes, mustard greens, you name it!

    Since moving from CO back to WA State, we are so excited to once again have another garden. My kids are already trying to decide what they want to grow. We have less sun here, but that’s okay. It will still be fun.

    jada @

  152. My family would plant at a community garden and give the produce to a food bank. If I got this it would make a great start for organic produce for my little ones food.

  153. My sweet husband built me a garden box on our porch for Mother’s Day last year. My children and I bought worms to nurture the soil and planted tomatoes, lettuce, strawberries, squash, basil and parsley. It turned out to be too much for the little box so we didn’t get to enjoy all of it. We learned a lot and watching our garden grow. My children looked forward to seeing what was growing each day. It was wonderful and we’re looking forward to planting it again this year. We only wish it was bigger!

  154. We always had a big garden when I was growing up. I remember being assigned my rows to weed and pick. I didn’t always enjoy it then but now I am looking forward to assigning each of my own children a row! 🙂

  155. Shelly Shown says:

    We had a strawberry patch at our old house. I made it a tradition to take a picture of my oldest son holding our first bowl each season. It is so fun to look back at the pictures. We planted strawberries at our new house last year… we’ll see what happens come spring! I hope they grow!

  156. My 3 year old loved watering the garden everyday with me. She even liked to help weed. I can’t wait to start my garden at our new house

  157. I have just always loved growing things from seed that can later be eaten. My first experimenting that I remember was planting an herb garden when I was maybe 16 or 17, even before I really started cooking just because I loved the idea of growing something from seed that can be eaten 🙂

  158. I remember planting corn with my folks growing up when I was very young and eating watermelon fresh out of the garden. Now I remember the other year spreading duck manure around in the garden and having a blast with my kids and thinking how strange it is to have so much fun throwing ‘crap’ around as a family!!! My kids love to help in the garden!

  159. Karin Alvarado says:

    I always played in my grandparents garden. I used to work it with my grandfather. I can remember hulling purple hull peas on the front porch and my fingers turning purple. I remember shucking corn on the front porch and those nasty little worms that would take up residence in a few. I tried a garden when we first got married but that didn’t work well. I will be trying again this year and teaching my 6 year old twin girls to garden as well. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

  160. I unfortunately dont’ have any land on which I plant, but I have been utilizing my deck to do container gardening for the last 3 years. Last year was my first year growing my plants by seed and I was so excited that I would have a 1 year old to have out on the deck with me while I watered and harvested. I remember in late August I was out picking some ripe tomatos when I looked behind me and my son had picked his own tomato and had taken a big bite out of it. He still loves tomatos and I am really excited to get him out there this year where he will understand more and hopefully try some new vegetables. He is definetly not afraid to dirt! 🙂

  161. We have a garden every summer. My kids love helping out with everything from planting to harvesting. It’s something I treasure as well. We always have lots of spaghetti sauce in the winter from our summer tomatoes.

  162. I still remember the huge garden in our backyard – the smell of the tomato plants, and filling a bowl full of raspberries. I hope to give my children some of the same sorts of memories.

  163. I Would really enjoy do this with my Kids as part of our daily schooling. How much fun that would be!
    Thanks!!! <

  164. Would love to win that!!! We are so excited about our garden plans for this spring/summer. It will be our first real garden. We had only tomatoes last year…and loved the whole process.

    Growing up, my family had a garden….wonderful memories! Hope my 5 and 3 1/2 year old feel the same way some day.

    Love your blog!

  165. i really need to start gardening but have no confidence, and i hate dirt and worms. i grew up harvesting the summer garden with my grandparents, putting away corn, okra, pickles, green beans and gobbling up cantaloupe from the voluntary vines. i would love to grow food and stash it in the freezer for my kiddos. awesome giveaway!

  166. My 3yo daughter LOVES to dig in the dirt. We had a garden last year, but I was so sick with morning sickness, my husband did most of the work – this year I hope the two of us can work in the garden together!

  167. I fondly remember gardening with my Granny when I was younger and helping her snap freshly picked green beans. My sons and I had a potted garden last year and will start our garden for this year soon! 🙂

  168. One of my favorite gardening memories is with my grandfather, who passed away at Thanksgiving this past year. We did not have a garden at my house, but at my grandfather’s house, he grew wild blackberries (which we loved to devour with a bowl of milk & sugar), tomatoes, green peppers, watermelons, cucumbers (with which he made his famous cucumber salad) and anything else he could coax from the ground. Now that I have a home and family of my own, we usually grow tomatoes in the summer, but I’d love to create some of the same memories with my son that my grandfather made with me.

  169. Our little plot of dirt is ready and awaiting spring….Can’t wait!!

  170. Ahh, pretty much all my “garden memories” from childhood involve the dreaded weed pulling process. What kid wants to spend their days pulling weeds?? 😛 I’m sure it’s a memory that will be created with my kids as well 😉

    On a “funner” note, shelling peas was fun… trying to see who could get their bowl full the fastest 🙂

  171. Ooh! I’d love to win this!

    My fave gardening memory is with my Grandma. They planted a fairly large garden every year and I always helped. I occasionally helped with picking beans, tomatoes, etc. But mostly I helped with the canning and prep. I’ve always been much better in the kitchen than the outdoors. 🙂 I truly was *married* before I knew you could by sweet potatoes in a can on the grocery store shelf!

    This looks great! I’d love for my kiddos to really understand that food comes from the ground or an animal – not the Kroger.


  172. I always gardened with my grandmother. I remember she used to let me dig in the soft wet dirt as long as I wanted too. Something my mother would never let me do…I mean let her daughter get way! Now my nana is gone but I finally started back planting a garden last year and plan to again this year and as my hands turn black and smell like earth I remember her and it feels like she is beside me.

  173. I remember being a child eating snap peas fresh out of my grandma’s garden. Yum!

  174. My favorite memory so far is having both girls out there…ummm…helping. We have a 4 and a half year old and an 18 month old.

    The youngest was fascinated by the oranges on the fruit trees and tries to pick the flowers off the strawberry plants!

    My oldest loves everything we grow, even though it is not too much in our little Southern CA yard. She says it all tastes better because it is homemade. I remember two summers ago I was never sure how many blueberries we got because Daddy and his girl were eating them off the tree as soon as they were ready…same with the cherry tomatoes.

  175. Well I don’t actually have any children, yet, but hopefully that will change soon. When it does happen, I look forward to teaching them the benefits of a “grow your own food” mentality. Better tasting food grown more sustainably, and a while lot more fun than buying processed foods at a grocery store.

  176. I’m sad to say I wasn’t allowed to do much in my mother’s gardens as a child. She was a bit of a perfectionist, so she preferred to do it all herself. Come to think of it, I guess that’s why I never really had much hands on experience in learning how to clean house either! So my favorite memories have been with my own two boys. I’ve had to bite my tongue many times when I felt they weren’t “doing things right”, but it has been worth it. Now, this year my 12 year old would like to have a friendly veggie garden competition with me! I couldn’t be happier, either way we both win!

  177. Every year as a child I would help to plant seeds and watch them grow. I especially loved trying to grow the largest pumpkin! Now I am trying to carry on that tradition with my children and my daughter especially loves being able to help!

  178. I remember growing up we tried to grow watermelon in our garden. They didn’t get very big and my brother and I were so disappointed. Thankfully, they tasted good! 😉

  179. We have a small garden every year. Two of my favorite gardening memories are the first scarecrow the girls made for the garden and the way my middle girl would eat the strawberries off the plants. I don’t think any made it into the house!

  180. I remember my family growing brussel sprouts. They are so good fresh from the garden! I also remember my mom filling paper bags with vegetables from the garden to give to neighbors. We were to leave it on their doorstep if they weren’t home. LOL Yes, it usually included lots of zucchini!

  181. I tried growing green beans last year and failed miserably. I’m ready for the challenge again this year, and hopefully my 7-year-old will be more willing to help 🙂

  182. We lived in the middle of the suburbs. Actually I think it was several communities of duplexes for soldiers or airport workers prior to it becoming the ‘burbs.

    My dad had a garden every summer on our tiny plot of land.
    And every other summer he would get a load of manure to build up the soil. My maiden name was “Bull.”

    The teasing from the kids in the neighborhood was merciless! But I remember him growing celery and tomatoes and cucumbers and green peppers and even corn. You would think it was big – but it really was tiny!! But he grew it all to teach us how.

  183. We recently ripped out our entire side “landscaping” in hopes of producing a huge bounty from the yard. We don’t have much of it but we want LOTS of veggies! Two years ago my autistic foodie son wanted to grow artichokes (his favorite vegetable). Well, we grew them along with THOUSANDS of ear wigs. . . not so successful. Then we started a grape vine – did pretty good last year. That was the beginning of the gardening bug. We added tomatoes and lettuce and THIS year we want to go BIG! My son helped dig out a ginormous bouganvellea (sp?) and we are planning on raspberries, a lemon tree (grown from a seed from a juiced lemon) and a veritable variety of veggies – all from seed! We’d love to win!

  184. My family usually had a garden of some type, but one of my favorite garden memories happened the first year that my husband and I tried to grow tomatoes on our back porch. We planted grape and roma plants, but they must have cross-germinated because we ended up with huge grape tomatoes and little roma tomatoes. They still tasted good, nonetheless!

  185. I didn’t grow up gardening, and hadn’t ever successfully gardened. But when our oldest son was just five, we decided to homeschool and I thought growing a garden would be one of our main projects. Every time I looked at a gardening book, my eyes glazed over at the soil discussions. Finally I found my ideal book–the Klutz Kids Gardening Book. Completely basic, nothing confusing! My skill level! Well, the good news is that together little Michael and I grew the most beautiful tomatoes, zucchini, and cucumbers! It worked!!!

  186. I remember raiding unattended gardens on lots where people had not yet built homes when I grew up… carrots pulled fresh from the earth…. and zucchinis(sp) growing HUGE under the leaves in our own garden as a child… now I pluck them tender and young and stir fry them!

  187. This would be a wonderful addition to my spring fever! My favorite memory of gardening is watching my kids have free reign with the tomatoes. I usually plant twice as much so they can snack right from the garden.

  188. I desperately want to win this;). I remember picking carrots and eating them right out of the ground with my great-grandpa. I remember growing a garden with my step dad and that was something we bonded over.
    My kids really want to grow a garden and I want to make those memories with them!

  189. spending summer in the gardens with my babies is the very best memory for me – this year, i’ll have two toddlers in the garden with me and a starter kit would be oh so helpful! fingers crossed!!!

  190. Debbie in PA says:

    I love to garden, although I am not particularly good at it! We have heavy clay soil here, and although I have tried amending it, it seems like an uphill battle. However, that does not diminish my enthusiasm for trying! Last year my husband fenced in our little garden–the year before we had been watching the veggies sprout and grow taller, only to be mowed down one night by bunnies!

    The best part is harveting…so much fun to gather with our basket!

  191. Crystal Hankey says:

    My favorite memory as a kid was helping mom with the vegetable garden. (and eating veggies right out of the garden) Although I didn’t like it when we occasionaly ran across a baby snake hiding in between the lettuce leaves. I moved into a old country style house 6 months ago and have been planning my first garden (for the last 6 months – I’m not excited or anything lol) since I was a grown up. I look forward to happy times in our own little veggie patch. Ahh…. Good memories.

  192. I can’t wait to start a vegetable garden this year – especially after all of this snow we’ve been having on the East Coast. Spring, where are you?

  193. I love the exitement my children showed last year when we was getting things out of the garden.Of course with a 1&3 year old things got picked that was not ripe yet.My 18&8 year old really enjoyed it too.

  194. I love to garden with my children and can’t wait until spring. The look on their faces when they pop a ripe tomato off the the vine and into their mouths–priceless. Thanks for the giveaway.

  195. I don’t know if this counts as “gardening” but when I was little, we had a few peach trees and my mom would ask my brother and sister and me to go pick up the rotten ones from the ground beneath the trees. We all hated that job – holding rotten peaches – yuck! But one day my brother picked up a particularly yucky one and as soon as he did, he threw up. I know. Gross story. Sorry, but my sister and I just thought it was hilarious and still bring it up to him today, 20 years later! Hopefully, we’ll be making some much less yucky memories with our 3 little girls this year as we start our first ever veggie garden! Thanks for the giveaway!

  196. dWe put in our first major garden last year. My 5 year old loves tomatoes and she sang to them last summer – “Grow tomatoes, grow grow grow, grow grow grow grow grow. Grow tomatoes grow grow grow so we can eat you up.” Must have worked as the plants were 6+ ft tall.

  197. We plant veggies around our house instead of flowers w/our kids!

  198. Elizabeth Hall says:

    I don’t have any garden memories, other than the evidence of my black thumb and I’d prefer to forget those! 🙂

    Last fall we had the benefit of being able to borrow a bobcat for the day and cleared a huge plot of land to put a garden in this spring. I can’t wait to (Lord-willing) instill some gardening skill in my children, while I learn them myself!

  199. I remember picking cucumbers with my grandpa when I was little. He always grew a ton of them every year because the whole family loved them.
    ssovrnej (at)

  200. I’m NOT a great gardener, but I have so many fun memories of gardening with my girls.

    Last year, we painted “buckets” to grow strawberries in. We didn’t get any strawberries, but the buckets are still there, and we will be planting something in them again this year!

    My oldest daughter LOVES doing the actual planting, and insists on doing it “herself.” She helped me plant tons of flowers two years ago, never once complaining about the dirt, and spent her time making sure everything looked “just right.”

    I cannot wait to see how my youngest (currently 18 months) will react to our family gardening time this year, as it will be her first to actually get to help!

  201. Growing up we always had a garden. I remember helping start the plants inside, then helping to plant them after the last frost and of course taking care of the plants and harvesting. I think having a garden instilled healthy eating (still love my fruits & veggies). My husband and I now have a toddler with whom we want to instill healthy eating habits and what better way than our own garden.
    We can not wait to get outside and plant our garden; we’ve already started the paper plan!

  202. We moved to the country last year and started a big garden. This year it’ll be even bigger. My youngest likes to sneak snap peas off the vines. My son loves to peel a cucumber and eat the whole thing. My daughter loves a fresh garden carrot. They’re all learning to eat and love fresh veggies!

  203. I’d not only like my kids to have fun gardening, but also enjoying the bounty from the garden. I’d love to freeze/can more this year!

  204. We’ll be homeschooling next year and we plan to put in a fall container garden together…. I’m really looking forward to it! We have a long growing season here in Florida!

  205. I”m really looking forward to planting my first garden with my 4 year old. We are planning on growing edamame, peas, carrots, tomatoes and her favorite yellow bell peppers!

  206. I remember not being able to grow good cucumbers. My then 5 year old daughter said she wanted to plant and take care of them one year. We had the best cucumbers ever and to this day she reminds me of it!

  207. We are going to do some gardening for the veggies and the homeschool learning too! I can’t wait to get started.

  208. stephanie h says:

    We have a family garden. Everyone helps with it. Even the little ones help. Even though there might be a dump truck or 2 in the way. It all starts around Winter time when we decide what we want to plant and try new. And it doesn’t stop there we all help can and freeze all that we’ve done. It is a great experience for grandparents, parent, aunts, uncles and kids!!!

    We love are Garden!

  209. As a kid, we always had a small garden, and so did both of my grandparents. I can remember digging up potatoes, and picking chives, cucumbers and tomatoes. I don’t have much of a green thumb, but we try to do a veggie garden every year. Last year it was a bust, because the weather was horrible, and one huge storm took out our tree, which when my husband was chopping it down, it fell on my tomatoes. Good bye garden! I’m really hoping for better results this year!
    jennmchenry at verizon dot net

  210. Growing up, my Dad had a huge garden. It was the size of some people’s back yard. I remember being fascinated with the whole process, especially the corn. He didn’t grow it for long, because eventually the trees were too tall and shaded the garden too much. I would love to create some of these same memories for my kids.

  211. I remember eating cantaloupes and watermelons from my mom’s garden in Sacramento. This year for the first time I live in a long-summer area and I bought seeds for both! I’d love to win the Burpee starting set to get those seeds going!

  212. I just started gardening last summer. I want to teach my son (2yo.) to eat healthier by growing our own food. He already loves to water and pick the vegetables even if the’re not ready to be picked. 🙂

  213. When I was little my Dad had 3 acres of a garden, we lived very close to a river, and everything grew like weeds. Then my Mom would can everything. In his obit I wrote he was the greatest gardener.

  214. We love to garden! We have both gardened since we were kids with our families. Since our first daughter was old enough we had her planting and helping out in the garden. The best part to me is eating the fruit of your labor on a hot summer day with the ones you love!

  215. We’ve had a garden for many years. I love those first sort of warm days that I can get the kids out in the dirt planting peas and radishes. It’s fun to see how excited they get then the first signs of green pop up. This is just as true now that they are teens as it was when they were 4!

  216. Gardening is a big part of our lives. I love my garden!

    The last two years, our children have had a teepee in the garden. Made with poles and pole beans growing up them! This year I think I’ll let them both have their own little plot, and move the teepee out into the woods!

  217. Nancy from Mass says:

    My favorite gardening memory is that my dad pretty much took over the yard with our family garden. (there were 8 mouths to feed). He always planted different varieties of radishes just for me. (they were my favorite). Now, I plant a garden in my yard and plant grape tomatoes and peas just for my son (along with other veggies). My garden does not take over my back yard…although I would love for it to be larger. I will be starting some of my seeds indoors in the next few weeks so this would be perfect for me!!!

  218. This will be our third year of having a vegetable garden. I’m hoping the garden will be a great way to teach my daughter about how a seed can become so much more, and also continue her love of vegetables.

  219. Every year my 2 boys have a compition with my husband and I on who can grow the best vegee garden. My 2 sons are 9 and 7 and sometimes my 16 yr old will join in on the fun. Last year my sons won by a land slide I think he will have the green thumb LOL. This year he wants a bigger one. They said he will teach me how to grow my vegee garden and I am so glad they love to have a garden for one it teaches them so many things and this way when I see a worm they can talke over LOL. I hate bugs and they just laugh and tell me what the worms do for the garden.

  220. My kids love picking fresh fruit and veggies out of my father-in-laws garden.

  221. Gardening is such a bittersweet thing for me. Every part of it reminds me of my mom. Through watching and helping her, I learned everything I now know about gardening. I look forward to teaching my one-year-old the same things as she grows!

  222. I have been thinking about starting a square foot garden for the past couple of years. My father is an excellent gardener and I look forward to teaching my son how to garden and for him to snack from the garden during the summers, just like I did growing up!

  223. We planted our first garden last year and boy do we have a lot to learn! Great experience, can’t wait to start again this year….

  224. Julie Young says:

    We planted our first veggie garden last year, and it was great for my kids to see the process of growing your food! Think they always thought food just came from Kroger!!

  225. mollie Lyon says:

    I always had a garden growing up. I will never forget picking the buckets and buckets of green beans with my family on the warm summer evenings and even hotter summer afternoons!
    I live in the city in an apartment right now so I don’t have my own garden yet, but my parents still have one. My three year old daughter loved going out into the garden last summer to check on all the growing fruits and veggies. This year I cannot wait to get everything planted!

  226. We did a full garden for the first time last year as a family, it was awesome for the kids to see things growing in our ground!
    Maggie M.

  227. I am wanting to start a garden this year with my daughter. I don’t have any memories of gardening, but I’d love to make some memories with my daughter.

  228. When my son was little, we had a small garden plot located in view of a kitchen window. Each morning, he would stand on a stool and scope the plants for something “ready” to be picked. Out he would go, often in his diaper, to gather the harvest. That year, we had many “baby” cukes, pepper, tomatoes, and jalepenos!

  229. I have so many memories. My mothers petunia flower beds. She has one of the greenest thumbs that I know of. My grandmother B had the most beautiful day lillies and fig trees. My grandmother E had the veggie and fruits garden. She grew some of the best strawberries that I have ever put in my mouth. Us grandkids on the front porch shelling peas, butterbeans or shucking corn. When we got our own place it is full of petunias , day lillies , strawberries ,fig trees and other veggies that I grow. Their love of growing things rubbed off on me.

  230. My dad had a tomato garden when I was a kid. I loved going out and picking fresh tomatos and eating them like apples! I want to create a garden for my kids to teach them that healthy, fresh fruits and veggies are delicous!

  231. We garden each year, but this year is looking to be the biggest year yet. We love planting, working and pulling from the earth. Knowing that we had a hand in it, in all the veggies and berries we grow, makes a huge difference!

  232. I’ll tell you a gardening experience I hope NOT to repeat. As a grown woman, while helping my mom weed her garden, a garter snake crawled across my bare foot. I waited until it got over and gone before I jumped around freaking out. lol Mom could send me to my room, but she’d have got no more help. lol
    Marj M.

  233. We had a large garden and greenhouse growing up and what I remember most is that all my friends always wanted to go pick, and eat, cherry tomatoes. Warm and right off the vine, nothing is better!

  234. When I was a kid my grandparents had a huge garden and I remember getting all sticky canning corn with her, picking blueberries, checking the tomato vines for ripe tomatoes, and seeing how big the zucchini could get! Now I’m gardening with my two boys, and last year they loved having their own potato plants. We also have enjoyed snacking on grapes or raspberries in the backyard on a sunny day–which is so much better than going to the pantry. It’s that time of year to start planting again, and I have been sick with a head cold all month. I would really love to win that prize and make up for some lost time, planting some things indoors!

  235. We planted our first family garden last year and it was a success. Can’t wait to get started on this one. we hope to get our daughter even more involved this year.

  236. I can’t wait to start on some raised beds in the backyard and let the kids have their first little garden too. They are having fun picking out the different things they want to grow.

  237. I love to garden! I cannot wait to show my son all the wonderful things we can do in our garden. he is only 6 months old right now but i plan on showing him the tricks of the trade very soon!!

  238. We our getting ready to plant a garden in the spring – I’m hoping all of this snow melts soon so that we can start the beds! My youngest daughter – 11 months at the time – had a great time late last summer helping me pick grape tomatoes. I’m really excited about having a full veggie garden this year. Have to get the deer fence first – they love the yummy veggies too!

  239. I am really hoping to start a *small* garden!! My garden memories…well..almost every garden my parents ever tried failed! It was funny, actually.
    However, my husband has quite the green thumb.

  240. I loved picking carrots and radishes from our garden growing up. I loved the artickoke plants too! So beautiful! Last year our veggie garden wilted away in the heat where we live now but are going to try again this year!

  241. When I was growing up my grandparents (both sets) always had vegetable gardens, I used to love to visit and go out with my grandpa and pick fresh corn or green beans for dinner. Nothing compares to eating fresh from the garden!

  242. I can’t wait to garden with my kids, it’s something I enjoy so much. I think it’s really important to teach them how to care for something, to water it and make sure it has sun, so it can grow. It’s a great way to show them how much you care for them, and how much God cares for us. I recently found your blog and I love it, thank you!

  243. We have a small garden plot at our new house and are looking forward to planting for the first time in years.

  244. Last year was my (my family’s) first garden ever! We LOVED it! Our fondest memory was watching our girls (6 and 4) start their own sunflowers from seeds and chart the growth day by day! Our 6year old was soo happy when her sunflower was the biggest (over 9ft tall!). I can’t wait to see what fun this years garden will bring!!

  245. We would love our children to enjoy the wonder of growing their own food.

  246. Lea Stormhammer says:

    Oh my! Oh my!

    This has me SO excited! We’ve had a little garden plot – tomatoes and peppers – for several years now. A couple years ago we added herbs. Last year the kids wanted squash, I wanted lettuce, and hubby wanted grapes. I am hoping to add peas and beans.

    I grew up with a quarter acre garden and didn’t eat store-bought veggies until I was on my own. That was a bit of a shock! Nothing beats home grown – even if I didn’t like picking what seemed like a million tomatoes at the time! 🙂

    I now love watching my kids get all excited about how things are growing. Last year they ‘fought’ over who would pick the squash and my son was the ‘master water-er’. Soooo much fun!

    Thanks for hosting this!

  247. As a young child I spent so much time in the garden with my parents, planting, weeding, picking beans, eating strawberries, pulling up carrots. Can’t wait to get started with my own girls.

  248. My daughter is old enough to “help” with the garden this year. I can’t wait to teach her about planting seeds and watching them grow! 🙂

  249. I dabbled in seed starting last year and will be going all out this year. Can’t wait and this would surely help.

  250. Deborah Lewis says:

    We tried a raised garden last year but worms go our cucumbers and the weather did not cooperate too much either! We did have some nice tomatoes though! This year we are putting in an Aquaponics system where you have a closed system with fish in a tub and plants in the other tubs. The water and waste from the fish nourish the plants and we feed the fish. My husband is more up on all the details but I am excited to do this and have our 4 boys involved!! I will love being able to go to the back yard for fresh produce and occassionally some fish!!

  251. i grew up in a rural area and gardening was just part of our life. i recall when i was very young, 4 or 5 my mom and grandmother got tired of me pilfering all the ripe tomatoes so from that point forward i had to grow my own tomato plants in a separate section of the garden. they were mine to care for from seed to harvest and i was welcome to sit among the plants and eat them to my hearts content, but i was NOT allowed to eat the tomatoes from the main garden 🙂

  252. When I was around 7 or 8 my grandparents let me plant my own garden at their house. They always had a garden, but it was so fun to help take care of my own garden. It would be fun to do that with my kids now.

    I hadn’t thought about this memory in years.


  253. My grandpa always grew a huge garden and my grandma put up all kinds of things by preserving or canning. I want to start the same things with my family.

  254. When I was a child I remember growing corn in our back yard & how sometimes bugs would get to them. Yuck!

  255. I have never really gardened, but last year I built a DIY tomato planter that was a huge success. The kids actually ate a few, which is saying a lot since neither of them like tomatoes!

  256. Last summer my two year old couldn’t keep her hands off of the strawberries, even though they weren’t ripe yet. She was constantly touching them and saying, “This one’s ready.” We did manage to get a few ripe strawberries!

  257. Heather Abbott says:

    My father passed away almost 15 years ago and one of the fondest memories I have of him is the time he spent in our garden. I can picture him pulling up potatoes and lining them on our picnic table or taking me with a salt shaker directly to our tomatoes and picky a juicy red tomato for me to enjoy. My mouth waters just remmbering that memory! We’ve planted a garden with our two boys for the past two years – tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers and even strawberries – I hope to continue the love of gardening and happy memories in our family!

  258. I don’t really have any memories of gardening because we never did it when I was growing up, but I would love to give it a try!!

  259. My parents actually ran a greenhouse while I was growing up so we always had loads of garden food. Buying a potato or onion at the store was a foreign concept to me. Unfortunately, that meant I’d never started anything on my own or been without a heated greenhouse to do it. My first garden on my own was a rude awakening.

    We have over 20 different food allergies among our 3 children so organic, homegrown, unprocessed food is a top priority. I think my favorite memories are of the kids and I waiting and watching while food grows, ripens, and then is finally ready to be eaten, especially strawberries (flower, tiny green berry growing, then red.) Another good memory is all the kids bringing their construction toys to where Daddy has just tilled and watching them move the soft dirt to their hearts content.


  260. My family always had a huge garden and I have to admit I wasn’t very interested in vegetables at the time, but I developed a love of flower gardening from my mother. I’m not very good, but it’s fun to try. My daughter already loves to grow flowers in her own bed and as soon as she saw seeds in the store she was ready to start them!

  261. I would love to win this! My favorite gardening memory is my daughter at 8 months picking and eating red cherry tomatoes off of the potted plant on our patio. According to my mother, my own first sentence was “Me go garden!”

  262. I’m hoping to start a very small garden this year. Thanks for the offer to “help”. 🙂

  263. We’re looking forward to having a garden this year, but last year we were a bit tight on space. Instead of gardening in the ground, we installed rows of rain gutters on our backyard fence and planted baby spinach and lettuce greens. They did amazingly well and we enjoyed healthy homegrown greens all summer long! 🙂

  264. The first year my husband and I started gardening, he ended up mowing the entire thing down. Later, my grandmother told us that the first garden is always mainly for learning. Our son will definitely be helping us out this year.

  265. My dad was always a big gardener and I especially remember how huge the corn seemed and getting to help him pick green beans.

  266. Oh, our family loves to plant edible pea pods which grow wonderfully in a container and our entire family eats these throughout the spring and summer, right from the vine 🙂 Yum! ~Connie cmhesh at yahoo dot com

  267. My son is 2 and we just moved into a home with a back yard suitable for gardening. I’m hoping this spring we will be able to play in the dirt and learn how to grow veggies together. 🙂 My in-laws have a large garden and can all sorts of stuff. I’m excited to start that tradition with my own little family!

  268. Every winter, the kids and I flip through the seed catalog together to pick out what we are going to grow that year. They love having the chance to get involved and seeing their choice veggie pop up in the garden!

  269. i love fresh herbs and veggies, and i want my kids to experience the joy of growing (and eating!) them as well.

  270. Last year was our first year to have a little garden since having kids. Our little ones (5, 3, and 1) enjoyed the whole process so much! We didn’t get a whole lot of produce, but we are hoping for better results this summer. Thanks for a great giveaway!!

  271. I wish I had some good gardening memories–I am slowly learning and building some memories of not killing my produce. I want my kids to know where their food comes from and help me take care of it. Oh and it tastes so delicious!

  272. It’s amazing that I like gardening. When I was younger, growing up,we had a garden and during the summer whenever we would get in trouble I’d have to weed the garden. My mom came up with this punishment after one day my brother proclaimed it was unfair to punish me by putting me in my room because I liked it there. Truth was I was pretty happy whereever I was put.


  273. I hope to be able to share with my children a love of fresh vegetables and pride in eating the fruits of their labors….but only after I actually successfully grow something myself 🙂

  274. when I was pregnant with my youngest
    i was craving veggies. Un-natural CRAVINGS for crowder peas especially. hey,
    I’m from the south! The morning of my son’s birthday party, hubby decided to cut grass… a little too close to the garden… as in an entire row of PEAS! “They looked like grass.” Waist high? At least my midwife thought it was hillarious ’cause
    i sure didn’t. Now that he works out of state, it may be safe to go back in the garden…

  275. My dad planted a large garden for our large family while I was a child. What I remember most of that large garden is that I dreaded the harvest time which meant many hours of picking, shucking, snapping and so on.
    Now that I’m the parent, I love having the garden and what it provides. Not only nutrition, but the teaching tool for my kids of the plant’s life and food it provides. They love to sow the seeds, watch it grow and produce, pick the food and finally, reap the reward of eating it!
    Instead of dreading the garden, I hope I’m cultivating a love of our garden and the goodness it abounds with!

  276. I started gardening when I was 10….and I’ve hardly missed a summer since. This spring, however, with a date of March 19th and two toddlers besides that, I’m going to need all the help I can get. I probably should also only plant a “manageable” garden. Maybe I’ll just do my favorites…tomatoes, beans, lettuce, and a few others. I’ll leave experiments like okra or beets for another year!

  277. My best memory ever is when my oldest son visited on Mother’s day and whispered to his sister that “Mom should really pull that pricker mess out.” My daughter laughed and said to me, “He wants you to pull all your poppies up!”
    Needless to say, he blushed just a bit.

  278. Last year I planted my first garden. Grace, my DD, was 9 months when I took her out with me weed the garden. I set her down on the ground and within seconds she had a fistful of dirt in her mouth. The look on her face was priceless, but I was of course totally grossed out. I would love to win this giveaway!

  279. My favorite gardening memory was when I was young. Our church had extra acreage, and allowed any of the members to plant vegetables in a specified area. We had potatoes, among other vegetables, and we spent the day helping our parents dig them up, with our hands, I guess. Our hands were stained from the dirt, so my dad offered us turpentine to clean them! My mom was NOT happy, but our hands were no longer stained!
    My husband and I plan on starting a vegetable garden this summer.

  280. My favorite garden memory was last year, being 8 and 9 months pregnant, picking string beans from the garden we proudly cultivated at our new home. I will never forget trying to weed or harvest that garden with my big belly and hopefully I will make new memories this year with my beautiful baby girl!

  281. I remember weeding my mom’s rose garden…. ew… and worms! But I loved the final product and she had great roses that year. 😀

    I hope to instill a green thumb in my boys… I struggle to keep things alive… and hope that they have a better chance and growing and cultivating plants, veggies, and flowers.

  282. I hope to create a habit of eating close to the earth with my little one by involving him in planting and tending for our garden.

  283. My grandfather was amazing with his hands. He could grow or fix anything. When he wasn’t tinkering with something in his outside workshop, he was in his full garden, that he planted himself, from seeds every year. Did I mention that he was in his late 70s at the time?

    I remember many times during the summer months I would spend a week at a time, and many long weekends, up with my grandparents and I loved to help papa pick his tomatoes. I would pick them as soon as they showed up, even though they were not nearly ready and he never got mad. He simply thanked me for helping him.

  284. This would be great for the kids! They are asking us to grow things all the time and we haven’t yet. I remember growing our own watermelons and the chickens eating./pecking at them.

  285. Sarah Thompson says:

    I loved working in the garden when I was little with my dad. I loved the time I got to spend just with him when my mom and sisters would be doing something else! sarahespn at gmail dot com

  286. When I was about 6-7, we lived with my grandparents while our house was being built. They had a large garden and fruit trees, and we used to go out in the morning before school to pick fruit for our lunch!

  287. I love this! I have been thinking about how to garden this year with my five-year-old, three and 1/2 year-old, and toddler. I want them to learn that food is grown! Growing up, we often had a large garden. I love remembering as a preschooler helping my dad to plant seeds. He would let me run barefoot in the cool, wet earth and shovel the dirt onto the seeds with my toes! One summer it was my job to water 100+ tomato plants, but I rarely eat a tomato unless it is seasonal and homegrown! Yum-that is my favorite part!

  288. I can’t wait to start my garden this year!

  289. I am trying my hand at gardening for the first time in many, many years. Although my kids are grown, I hope to still be able to share some yummy veggies with them and also some advice so they will have more success that I did in my early gardening attempts.

  290. My earliest memory is my mom making us get up by 7 am to pick row after row of green beans. Thankfully that hasn’t scrarred me for life and I really enjoy gardening as an adult. We’d love to win this prize, thanks for the chance.

  291. I remember snappin green beans and shelling peas.

  292. We just bought a house with 26 acres and I am dying to teach my girls about gardening! We already have a little garden area marked off. I’m thinking there will be plenty of talk time while we weed!!!

  293. My parents have a picture hanging in their house of all of us (dad, mom, brother, and myself) working in our garden one year that it was especially large and especially bountiful…i was about 9 at the time:-) It is a fond memory for all of us.

  294. I love watching my girls dig in the dirt and how they get excited to see their fruit and vegetables start to sprout.

  295. Kathy Sessums says:

    I’ve been wanting to learn how to garden so when my husband and I are debt free and own a home, I can begin a vegitable garden. This would be a great starting point for me! Thanks for the opportunity.

  296. Mary O'Connor says:

    I can’t wait to start our garden this year. We have had them in the past but have just moved and can’t wait to try our hands at gardening in Southern Georgia. Thanks so much, M-

  297. I hope to get out and garden with my little one (3 months) this summer and continue the tradition yearly with her eventually picking out her own veggies to grow.

  298. I would love to have seed starting stuff. Hope I win!

  299. As a child, my grandfather used to allow my siblings and I to help him in his large garden. We hoed, planted, cultivated and weeded to our hearts delight. He instilled a love of gardening for me that I have never lost. Today I am passing this love onto my son’s classmates by
    heading up the Garden Club at his school.

  300. I remember my Grandparents’ huge garden-the same size as their house. Everything was in nice, neat rows and they grew a little of everything. When we would go visit most weekends, Mom or Grandma would go down to the garden with us to pick the vegetables for lunch and show us what to pick when. I think that’s why I’m so hooked on gardening and am hoping to pass that experience on to my kids!

  301. Some of my favorite childhood memories are gardening with my grandparents and parents. I love how we all worked together enjoying the whole process right through to eating all the healthy and delicious fruits and vegetables we started from seed. I can’t wait until my husband and I start a garden with our 1 year old son this year. Our baby is so curious and it will be great fun to play in the dirt, teach him where food comes from, and watch everything grow! Thanks for this great giveaway!!!

  302. My best memory of gardening is from approximately this time last year when my darling husband built me a raised planting bed in our backyard. It was so satisfying to eat a salad with lettuce pulled from our backyard!

  303. Every spring my dad would help me plant marigold seeds. To this day orange marigolds are my favorite.

  304. Last year we started composting and setting out fruit trees and berry bushes. This winter we have been planning our veggie garden that we want to plant soon. Some seeds were just bought. Now we need to plant them and this would be perfect!!

  305. I remember digging potatoes with my grandpa – rather he dug and I brushed them off! I was so proud of helping him!

    I started my own garden last year on my apartment porch and we transferred it to our rental house. I’m excited to grow a great garden this year!

  306. We didn’t really garden when I was a kid but I love to garden. We have a garden with food for us and a garden for butterflies. One of my favorite memory is a recent one with the kids looking for and finding caterpillars in our butterfly garden.

  307. We have had a garden for the last few years and have really enjoyed the process of planting and growing our own food naturally. Last year my 4 year old made plant markers out of foam sheets and popsicle sticks. He loved cutting out the shapes and placing them in the garden to identify all of his veggies as they began to sprout out of the ground.

  308. My dad always grew the most beautiful and delicious veggies! I started my own small garden last year and had a blast with my childen! We are hoping to grow a huge garden this year!

  309. We would always have a huge garden with all kinds of veggies and I would especially love the strawberries and raspberries. We would go pick and mom would always wonder how come we only would have a few left in the pail I think we may have eaten a few!!

  310. For 3 years now I have grown a garden with my son. We love it although the deer “found” our garden last year. Our most successful plant last year was the sunflower my son gave me for Mother’s Day that grew to 10 feet!

  311. I have allready gotten to enjoy my sons love of gardening and hope too cultivate it even more this year. He love to help his Grammy dig in her garden. Thanks go out to my mom and now I get to carry on this spring.

  312. I really want to grow a garden this year. It’s going to have to be a fairly small one since we don’t have a big yard, but it’s probably best to start small anyway so I don’t overwhelm myself!

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