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This week 19 years ago, my dad dropped me off at college. I was 18 and ready to take the world by storm. Back then I did my writing on a word processor/typewriter and had never heard the word email. I bought my books at a bookstore (remember those?) and mail order was done with a paper catalog. A lot has changed in the last twenty years. Yikes! I feel old.

If you’ve got college students in your family, you may find yourself wanting to help them out, but not sure how. My brothers have clued me in that they buy their books through Amazon. {Gasp.} No long line at the campus book store? Wild.

I love to use Amazon for home purchases. I just never thought about it for college. A gift card to Amazon makes a great Send-Them-Off to School gift. And Amazon is making it easy to do:

1) E-mail a personalized gift card for immediate delivery.

2) Print a personalized gift card on your own printer. (Remember to have your credit card handy when you’re ready to print).

3) Schedule an e-mail gift card up to 12 months in advance.

What in the world will they think up next?

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  1. As a mother of 3 boys and 2 of them in college, I send gifts to my 2 boys all the time. I am thinking of starting a college gifts website, but in the meantime I found some really neat wall art that my 2 sons in college (clemson)
    really enjoyed. Now all their friends are asking for these removable wall decals called
    wallbangers, or wallsmashers or something like that. I cannot remeber the name of the site.
    Anyone have any ideas? Its not fatheads
    its these renderings of college atheletes smashing through a wall with pieces of the wall flying and plaster and what not.

    If anyone has this url please send it to me.