Share Your Freezer Cooking Plan!

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Time to get cooking, friends! I hope you’re game for a little work this weekend and a lot of leisure in the weeks to come.

Freezer cooking is an excellent way to “buy yourself some time.” Watch this freezer cooking vlog to get an idea of what you can accomplish in three hours’ time. You will be amazed at yourself.

If you’re wondering, “What in the WORLD is she talking about?” check out these basics to freezer cooking:

If you’re ready to get cooking, share your plan for this month’s freezer cooking so that others can learn some of your tips and tricks to making this work well.

What’s Your Plan?

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  1. I got all of my groceries last night, so I should be able to throw things together pretty quickly. Thanks for the link up.

  2. Edith says

    I don’t have a blog for this, but I posted a note about what I’m doing on facebook:!/note.php?note_id=395274455204

  3. AllieZirkle says

    Look at you FishMama! SOOOO much more at ease and looking great! I’m so excited for you. It seems as though vlogs are something you’re getting the hang of – and doing great. 🙂

    I’m not freezer cooking this weekend as we’re planning our move “back home” (to Carlsbad)… We have to start living from the pantry! 🙂


    • Jessica Fisher says

      @AllieZirkle, oh, yes, Food Network better watch out, eh? I think I need a new haircut {rolls eyes}.

      Are you really moving back to SD? Let me know, and we’ll meet up for a moms’ night out! Anybody else in San Diego?

      • AllieZirkle says

        @Jessica Fisher, My hubby took a guys trip out to Coronado this week and spent most of the time in Carlsbad/Oceanside. He realized Phx wasn’t really home. (Yippee!) It’ll take some work to get squared away, packed, find housing, etc.

        @nicoleakagidget is local (actually our moms are in a bible study together!) but I don’t know any other readers in SD. I’d love to meetup.

        We’ll be in town July 2-5 for a visit and then again in November for a “housing tour”.

  4. Great job on the vlog! 126 views too! And I didn’t hear even one child whimper in the background. Take care and enjoy those 44 burritoes.

  5. That was a great vlog..very encouraging!

  6. andrea says

    i grow and raise most of our food, i’m going to incorperate everyone’s ideas into my food hoarding habits. I homeschool so i really need to get my meals under control, so i have more “ME” time. i’m hoping ya’ll can help.

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