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Our family’s main Thanksgiving turkey tradition involves food. You might think it would be the actual turkey, but it’s not.

Our menu is more or less the same each year, including foods that we eat only at the holidays, like Pretzel Berry, my favorite Streusel-Topped Pumpkin Pie Recipe and these Turkey Treats.

My kids love the big feast day. But more importantly, they love our turkey tradition. I get up early in the morning to make the dough, or cheat and buy canned biscuit and cinnamon rolls.

The kids get all crazy with the sprinkles, and there’s all kinds of humming* going on at the table. It’s hilarious. (My kids hum when they are enjoying their food.)

Other traditions might including building gingerbread houses, playing card games, watching movies, or taking a neighborhood stroll. But, I don’t think we have an every year ritual — aside from eating.

Do you? I’d love to know and be inspired.

Do you have a turkey tradition?

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  1. These “turkey rolls” are so cute, Jessica. You are a fun Mom! Our Thanksgiving tradition is, of course, having the same delicious food. Also we have what we call a “Turkey Trot!” After the big meal, but before the delicious pies, we all, dogs included, take a mile walk down our country road or through our farmland. It doesn’t matter what the weather is we go and get fresh air and walk off the turkey! The dogs run and jump and love it. It gets us ready for the pies! I wish you and your sweet family a happy Thanksgiving! Happy belated 6th birthday to Fishchick6!
    God bless, Kathy in Illinois

  2. We always have the kids make the Turkey Apple Placeholders that are included in A Simpler Season. My girls look forward to this every year. The “turkeys” also make a healthy snack if the dinner preparation is taking longer than planned.

  3. My whole family including the children go to brother bennos and serve breakfast to those who have less. It reminds us why we must be thankful.

  4. Our family celebrates with a big meal in the late afternoon. During the day we keep all of the Friends Thanksgiving episodes running on TV on a loop……they’re some of my favorite Friends episodes and it really adds something special to our day. On the Friday after Thanksgiving, breakfast is always pie from the day before.

  5. Thanks you for your wonderful book!I’m a french reader of your blog since 2years!!i’m a mum of 2girls and a fashion designer..who works at home…i like to cook and I like to make it easier and faster!
    I like to read all your precious tips of organised mum of 6!!!

  6. LOL – My 4 year old hums when he’s enjoying his food! I thought he was the only one.

    We love to go for a family walk in the morning. We usually hit the local college which is home to a beautiful arboretum. Dh does almost all the cooking; it’s his thing.

  7. Our biggest tradition is a side dish we simply call “noodles”. They are a homemade dumpling like noodle that my Grandmother always made. My sister and cousin do the honors now. They are made a few days ahead and dry for several days before we cook them in broth. We pour them over pretty much everything on our plates instead of gravy! LOL Also, my entire extended family goes “Christmas tree Hunting” the day after Thanksgiving. There are usually around 30 of us traipsing around the Christmas Tree farm in the mud looking for the perfect trees to cut down…so much fun!

  8. We don’t have any traditions on Thanksgiving other than all bets are off. I don’t make official breakfast or lunch, so if the kids want cookies for breakfast – I say yes. We enjoy the day, the smells and try to relax as much as possible.

  9. We always break the wishbone and make a wish. Everybody gets to put in a request through the week for different dishes with the left overs. Turkey Pot Pie and Turkey Tettrazini usually get at least honorable mention. Everybody always requests Cheddar biscuits to go with everything. They’ve never been turned down.They are comfort foods. We watch any Thanksgiving parades on television together .( We usually prepare the food the day before.) That is sometimes followed by an old favorite (movie) or a new rental. We also go around the table and mention at least three things we are thankful for. It’s a good feeling. I wish everybody could feel this good. Happy and safe Thanksgiving everybody!!!!!.